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Hmmm I wonder about their watches. is hautelook the same company as Gilt? dl
Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 Ok... I never said I deserved a high salary or top tier position. I'm just trying to figure out what I want to do with my life before it's too late. I have friends on paths in their careers as cops, accountants, getting PhDs, and I just haven't seemed to figure out what the hell I should be doing. Thank you for all of the solid advice so far. I honestly appreciate it. Ok, thats fair. Take a...
Quote: Originally Posted by pokey07 I'm scared that I'm stuck moving from average job to average job. dude, you just graduated from undergrad. you have no skills and dont deserve a high salary or top teir position. Take your average job and do exemplary work. You will build equity in experience. I've been in grad school for 7 yrs and am (finally) getting paid 12k this year until I get my doctorate this may. Some will surely say that I...
^ did I claim to be funny ass clown? dl
You have a big cranium brotha Can you shop your head to normal size and repoast pics please? Thanks dl
I go directly to the back door thread and fake titty thread when I come on here. Both those threads make the site worth coming to. What bothers me about SF is the utter lack of humor. Its not that people dont try, they just fail miserably. I love dumb humor as much as anyone else, but most posts intended to be funny are just fn stupid. The most recent example is anyone of LK's threads in DT forum. "do you want free AIDS?" Testing! der der der der You...
Stoudts in adamstown, PA
Somewhat belated but I purchased a Rolex GMT Master II a few weeks back dl
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 Can't say I've been so impressed with what I've seen. They've looked kind of shapeless, and the sleeves have always been too long. Centofanti definitely has a "house style" which, if you dont like it, you should probably not have him make you a suit/Sc. I agree with you that his style tends to be relatively shapeless and yes the sleeves are always to long. I prefer John DiPietro anyway. dl
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