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"Nobody cares more about the animal than the trainer. It's just hard to fathom that this has happened." Yeah. Killer whales, killing people. Go figure. DL
Dont you live in the northeast dude? Snow storms coming. You wont have class so dont waste time studying. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 So you don't have to wait for her to cash it. Nothing I hate more than douchebags that wait 3 weeks to cash a check. Good point. I gave her the check probably 5 weeks ago and it hasnt been cashed yet. When I first heard about the situation my thoughts were similar to everyones in this thread and essentially havent changed. I suppose I was second guessing myself because of everyone pissing in my ear all day....
Quote: Originally Posted by Jodum5 cancel the check and give her cash though. Why is that? dl
The car in question is a 94 corolla with nearly every panel dented in some area. The car wont be sold as she has said shes just going to scrap it. Should have included that info. Quote: Originally Posted by HomerJ What dilemma? Her car is worth X amount less because you damaged it. You need to compensate her for X. Whether she chooses to repair the car with that money or just drive it or even sell it is her prerogative. If she drives it...
Dude, you are 21 or so, correct? Why do you want to go to a jazz bar? Go to some hole with plastered whores. No wonder you never get laid. dl
damn, boner stabone. Hope he is ok dl
So about a month ago I came out of a meeting that did not go so well, got in my car to leave the office and hit a coworkers car behind me. It was just a small tap, however, the tire that hangs off the back of my SUV lined up perfectly with the top of her trunk and did a decent amount of damage. When I realized whose car I had hit, I apologized immensely and offered to pay any and all damages to the tune of 700$. She told me that the garage where she was having the car...
Quote: Originally Posted by harvey_birdman Yes, but oddly enough goose down is not recommended for smothering because as a natural material it tends to breathe. A cheap, polyester fill pillow works best. I bet those dense memory foam jobs works even better. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn That may be true, but find me one male singer as good as him. I personally can't stand him, but his ego is at least justified. I also respect the fact that he never had to sell out to build his huge fanbase. No, he got that by word of mouth. No Sprite or Best Buy commercials here. Um.....yeah......... Who the hell is "morrissey?" dl
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