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Quote: Originally Posted by Fuuma You. +1 logic fail buddy dl
spot dl
Sounds like you and Sperry topsiders werent meant to be buddy! Sorree DL
My interest in watches has carried over to my desire to become a moderately competent watchmaker (in my free time, certainly not a career change). I'm planning on taking some classes at a local watchmakers school and have already spent a cool G on only the most basic tools to get me started (tools are very expensive). My interest was piqued by strolling through local antique marts and finding beautiful turn of the century pocketwatches that were not running being sold for...
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS As a watch person ... I often notice what watch a person is wearing. If it's a Rolex, I usually assume that the person is new to watches or is one who doesn't really care (or know much) about watches. Probably true for many rolex owners but certainly not all. Someone posted on TZ a while back about a customer returning to the store to complain that his submariner stops running from time to time and demanding a...
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 YOU reported that?? THIS IS WHY WE CANT HAVE NICE THINGS. You dumbass. Thanks alot. The damage was already done, the dude got called out by the girls friend. You can at least let us have some enjoyment and laughs at the expense of oman. +1 douche 4 reporting. get a hobby dl
connez the resident ghey. Welcome aboard dl
Word at Basel is that the GS will be released internationally next year. dl
Its probably all singles in the middle dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Well, I finally got around to buying a harp. Lee Oskar Major in C. Good move dude, this should def help u get laid. dl
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