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Can I have those 3 min of my life back? What a POS. dl
Yep have seen that site. I am actually quite lucky since there is a watchmakers school at the NAWCC HQ in columbia PA and a horological supply shop about 20 min outside of lancaster. Owner is a really nice guy with better prices than most online sites. dl
What do you like for sport watches RSS? particularly in the standard rolex price range 5-7k???? dl
Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 Isn't that more of a Amish country with horses and buggies and stuff? Rednecks? Thats what I thought before I got out here. Plenty of Amish but they are in the surrounding areas. Downtown Lancaster is mostly minorities and there is a lot of crime. There is also nothing to do around here besides shop for antiques and whatnot. People are peculiar as well. dl
Brad said he missed his family and your response was to call him "souless" and "lazy" Thats why everyones ganging up on you. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto I been away from my family for about a year. They must be counting the days til your return dl
When I was 3-4 yo I rolled out of my twin bed onto the floor. I then rolled under the bed later on that night. In the AM my parents saw the empty bed and thought I was kidnapped. I think I also opened the window through the course of the night or something which freaked them out further. I think I woke up an hour later and was like WTF haha Afterwards my father bought hospital bed rails and screwed them to the frame. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Hombre Secreto And what exactly is your purpose? Work? If you're only current purpose of being right now is to work you're pretty much soulless. You can't stand living there because other then income you're too lazy to find a purpose that will help you grow as a person. FIND A PURPOSE! Use the solitude (Lack of family/friend) and learn something. You can also do Self-Retrospection a lot more clearly in this kind of environment....
I get where you are coming from. 2 months after I got married I was summoned to Lancaster PA to do a 15 mo internship for my doctorate. I spent 8 yrs in grad school so I pretty much had to go. Sucks living in the sticks though, alone, in my studio, surrounded by rednecks. 4mo and counting. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by RSS Each to his own ... I can't imagine buying a watch without looking inside. I can't imagine owning a watch for a year before I completely disassemble it and put it back together. I wouldnt think others follow this philosophy but would be interested to know if I am in the minority. Good for you though to be able to do so. I'm just getting stated learning watchmaking as a hobby. Breaking down and...
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