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Broken pocketwatches. I do fix most of them though dl
You friggin suck metro. Douche dl
JLC but for a very arbitrary reason. I just dont like the idea of a "dunhill watch." I can't get into Ralph Lauren watches either even with the beautiful guilloche. dl
Thats great dude. dl
huh. My old neighbor used to complain of my cigarette smoke getting in her apt "through the wall." maybe she wasnt crazy after all dl
Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles Considering switching phones. Wondering if any former iPhone users can recommend a phone that: - Has an excellent touch based Internet GUI similar to iPhone - Has a wide range of apps including Slype and Slingbox, both of which need to support 3g not just wifi. It is fine if this requires a crack to enable. - Strong 3rd party app development scene - ability to crack apps and download them for free (moral...
Fantastic shirt. Sportcoat is a bit willy wonka no? dl
Can I have those 3 min of my life back? What a POS. dl
Yep have seen that site. I am actually quite lucky since there is a watchmakers school at the NAWCC HQ in columbia PA and a horological supply shop about 20 min outside of lancaster. Owner is a really nice guy with better prices than most online sites. dl
What do you like for sport watches RSS? particularly in the standard rolex price range 5-7k???? dl
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