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Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter ^^ +1, I noticed that too, pretty obvious creases which tells me they got worn either a little by one person or a bit by many. Well DUH. Thats why they are discounted 2k from the MSRP! dl
fit is generally good. Little more break in the pants wouldnt hurt. Otherwise nice look. dl Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Kiton overcoat Brioni scarf Portolano gloves Kiton shirt Tiffany cufflinks Kiton pant Brioni belt PS socks Varvatos cologne Cartier watch
I actually went with a Rolex GMT master II dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Ummm because some are? +1 wow dude, just, wow Some watches are indeed chronographs In before DT transfer, much potential noted. dl
Rather listen to Palin than that bull dike Rachel Maddow. She makes me physically ill. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. Seems to me that people gave Reaganatard more than one year. While he was running up record deficits, and increasing, not decreasing, the size of government... And that was the stuff we knew about at the time...All the CIA machinations were well out of the public eye. Would you like some cheese to go with that whine? Maybe Pio could help you with some sausage too. blah, blah, blah who is talking about...
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 If Obama would stop fucking up, maybe things would change. Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. Oh, I dunno. I think we should give a president more than ONE FUCKING YEAR to accomplish his goals. Yeah guys come on! Give the guy a year. By then the national debt with be increased 10 fold at the rate...
I'd like some brown horn, 3 large and 10 sleeve. dl
I have these and love em. good price too dl
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