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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles That is exactly why I am not interested in clinical psych. I am cruel in that I don't want to help people as much as I want to understand them. In either case, I don't really believe people can be helped much in this society. Our existence is the conflict, not the individual brain. Interest in neuropsych may appeal to you but what are you going to do with it that pays besides research and teach?...
Why hasn't chuck handled these issues directly? I understand that he is super busy with his "career" but not even a "heysorryifukedyaover" post? dl
I'm finishing my dissertation, currently 6 months shy of my doctorate. I have 2 MS degrees as well. Doing intensive family therapy right now with only some 1:1 outpatient. dl
You guys have been spewing excuses for 2 years now. Who cares that "Audrey" joined the military? I am however, almost inclined to believe that you knew nothing of what was going on as you both seem to be permanently out to lunch. What you should do is send free ties out to those you have wronged and get out of the business for good. I doubt there are few who would actually place orders. Sorry dl
h2 dl
no ass. would like to see some thong maybe too. dl
refund. the coat is clearly damaged. dl
It's fine the way it is. I wouldn't expect that many come to B&S to look for pants, bowties, shoes or any particular item. They'd end up checking every subforum anyways. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz I am referring to outside use I do however wear them indoors for the whole day which does account for extra wear but I am especially hard on shoes. Usually get at most six months out of a pair. why is that do you think? Do you drag your feet or something? dl
I'm "the condition" dl
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