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no ass. would like to see some thong maybe too. dl
refund. the coat is clearly damaged. dl
It's fine the way it is. I wouldn't expect that many come to B&S to look for pants, bowties, shoes or any particular item. They'd end up checking every subforum anyways. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz I am referring to outside use I do however wear them indoors for the whole day which does account for extra wear but I am especially hard on shoes. Usually get at most six months out of a pair. why is that do you think? Do you drag your feet or something? dl
I'm "the condition" dl
Quote: Originally Posted by sq4you what exactly prevents you from wearing the B&R with a suit? Show these two pictures to some random person that has been living in the jungle for the past 100 years and ask him which he thinks is more "showy." Both great watches but neither is appropriate to wear with a suit. dl
Africa and India
Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Actually, if all you out-of-staters would stay the fuck out of our state, we wouldn't have any of these problems. What can I tell you man. I drive from Manhattan to Philly on a regular basis. No choice other than to drive through your POS state. As I said, I try to do so as quick as possible. dl
I'm seriously considering a B&R BR03 94 chrono for my next watch. In particular the stainless case with black face. I want to add some diversity to my collection but am not sure I'll like the watch after owning it for some time as it seems to be an acquired taste. I was even considering ordering an Invicta Homage to try out for a while before springing for the B&R. The BR 03 94 is 42mm across but the square case still sits fairly big. Not looking for advice I guess but...
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