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I'll give you 75$ for all of them. dl
I see you are in Philly musicguy. Try ray custom shirt maker in bala cynwyd (sp). Great place for custom shirting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Back at the office after vacation. I'm wearing about 15 more pounds than is necessary. Conne, why do you always look constipated dude. relax your face muscles. dl
Awesome look. Curious what your students think of your style. They must get a kick out of it, no? What grade do you teach? dl Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Freezing again...just cold enough to watch the US beat Canada at the World Juniors I guess I'm not selling this after all...loving the suit...glad no one bit...will take it off the B&S Market asap. Specifics Turnbull and Asser Tweed Suit Bespoke...
Quote: Originally Posted by Brucky All right, here, since I'm taking shots at you fellas, it's only fair for me to post a pic of myself and you all can do the same to me. Have at it. This is a fairly recent pic of me at the Lincoln's Inn Law Library in London. Go to town. You look like an undertaker in a cheap, ill-fitting suit. This is a fact, not just my opinion BTW
Quote: Originally Posted by tor I guess it's too pleb for some people to talk about the merits of watches that cost less than $600 or the companies that make them in the watch p0rn thread. I missed the part where "watch p0rn thread" is mutually exclusive with talking about watch companies that make watches for people under the age of 35 who don't have the same taste and money of most 60 year olds. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go change my pocket...
I also think its funny how a guy named Chuck Franke came to sell ties under the name "carlo Franco" Can someone make a name generator that produces Italian sounding names from our own? dl
Quote: Originally Posted by m@T The Audrey issue was that she started a 'im here, the world makes sense again' thread, a bunch of upset customer jumped in and said 'where's my tie', and a pile on ensued. Then a couple of 'leave Audrey alone, CF stuff is great and I'm the happiest customer in the world' posts appeared from a brand-spanking-newb, so I used my mod powers and IP checked it and guess what, it was the same IP...
Quote: Originally Posted by shasta could get a hamilton for around 500 with automatic movement +1 several better options at this pricepoint. dl
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