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fit is generally good. Little more break in the pants wouldnt hurt. Otherwise nice look. dl Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Kiton overcoat Brioni scarf Portolano gloves Kiton shirt Tiffany cufflinks Kiton pant Brioni belt PS socks Varvatos cologne Cartier watch
I actually went with a Rolex GMT master II dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Crane's Ummm because some are? +1 wow dude, just, wow Some watches are indeed chronographs In before DT transfer, much potential noted. dl
I'd like some brown horn, 3 large and 10 sleeve. dl
I have these and love em. good price too dl
I didnt try and order any BF stuff but had about ten regular BB items I was interested in for the 50% off sale. Typical for brooks this time of year, not one item was in stock when I tried to order just hours into the sale. What is the purpose of 1) having a sale when you have no merchandise and 2) sending out a catalog for out of stock items. For whatever reason I placed this order via phone so when I asked about a particular item the BB person told me that they not...
Quote: Originally Posted by quevola This thread is about the Sea Shepherd and Japanese whaling. Start a thread about the codfish and the jerkoffs who over-fished them and I'll give you my opinion, if you are interested. Hey quevola, why don't you tone it down a bit partner
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim One would think that a small, light, powerful speedboat would be able to outmaneuver a large lumbering fucking whaling vessel. It likely takes the whaling ship a minute to make a 90 degree turn. ERGO: The people on the anti-whaling vessel are hippie scumbag terrorists who probably deserve to be ice cubes right now for their stupidity. The whalers are probably fishing illegally, but guess what - when I see someone...
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