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I'd like some brown horn, 3 large and 10 sleeve. dl
I have these and love em. good price too dl
I didnt try and order any BF stuff but had about ten regular BB items I was interested in for the 50% off sale. Typical for brooks this time of year, not one item was in stock when I tried to order just hours into the sale. What is the purpose of 1) having a sale when you have no merchandise and 2) sending out a catalog for out of stock items. For whatever reason I placed this order via phone so when I asked about a particular item the BB person told me that they not...
Quote: Originally Posted by quevola This thread is about the Sea Shepherd and Japanese whaling. Start a thread about the codfish and the jerkoffs who over-fished them and I'll give you my opinion, if you are interested. Hey quevola, why don't you tone it down a bit partner
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim One would think that a small, light, powerful speedboat would be able to outmaneuver a large lumbering fucking whaling vessel. It likely takes the whaling ship a minute to make a 90 degree turn. ERGO: The people on the anti-whaling vessel are hippie scumbag terrorists who probably deserve to be ice cubes right now for their stupidity. The whalers are probably fishing illegally, but guess what - when I see someone...
I'll give you 75$ for all of them. dl
I see you are in Philly musicguy. Try ray custom shirt maker in bala cynwyd (sp). Great place for custom shirting.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Back at the office after vacation. I'm wearing about 15 more pounds than is necessary. Conne, why do you always look constipated dude. relax your face muscles. dl
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