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Quote: Originally Posted by MetroStyles I mean basically I have lots of theories about human behavior and I want to test them via experiments...the kind you read about in your psych/sociology classes in college. What is the path to that? Its a hobby. Keep your job in finance. Do some research and i'm sure that your personal theories have already been coined/developed by researchers and their studies duplicated 10x over. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt Honestly, you shouldn't move, and I say this mainly because you seem like a total douchebag, and your type doesn't do so well here. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara Important folks get their own threaks. Their importance is arbitrarily determined by me. Fine but you cant tell me you actually knew who this dude was before he died. dl
Smart move IMO. Nothing wrong with the pics either, not everyone has a light box and fancy camera. I have some vintage watches but rarely wear them because of their size (an issue for some that others have mentioned). They just look and feel like womens watches to me. I do wear them with certain shirts with tighter cuffs that leave little room for a larger watch. DL
If you think NYC is "shitty" I don't know what you are looking for unless you want to live on a farm or some shit. dl
Quote: Originally Posted by FStyles sigh...this is depressing me. My hard earned $2.5k is just a drop in the toilet of shiotty watches No Way dude! Plenty of options in your price range. I have several pricey pieces but one of my favorites is a 500$ Marathon JSAR. You can certainly make out better on the TZ sales corner than buying retail or even grey market but you can get a nice piece with 2k none the less. I really like the Railmaster...
Quote: Originally Posted by Master-Classter ^^ +1, I noticed that too, pretty obvious creases which tells me they got worn either a little by one person or a bit by many. Well DUH. Thats why they are discounted 2k from the MSRP! dl
fit is generally good. Little more break in the pants wouldnt hurt. Otherwise nice look. dl Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni Kiton overcoat Brioni scarf Portolano gloves Kiton shirt Tiffany cufflinks Kiton pant Brioni belt PS socks Varvatos cologne Cartier watch
I actually went with a Rolex GMT master II dl
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