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This thread is fairly painful but as a psychologist I'll weigh in. The testing is expensive but well worth it as an ADHD dx can be difficult to tease apart from anxiety or various learning disorders. No need to pay thousands of dollars however. Many schools with PhD or PsyD programs have on-site psychological service centers who will do the testing for you on a sliding scale. I've provided dozens of comprehensive assessments for a few hundred bucks as a student under the...
Its not rude to laugh I suppose, however, its not particularly funny either unless you're a dimwitted simpleton. dl
decade of anabolic steroid abuse that ended in my front door being kicked off its hinges and half a police department in my living room. funny part was my roommate had just taken in a stray cat the day before so when they kicked the door in he jumps out of his seat with the cat extended in his hands yelling, "it had no tags I swear." dl
Guys a douche for sure but he's got great watches. Dl
What SG said. The suit is a mess and just doesnt fit you properly anywhere. The pants look like they are pulling on your thighs. The arms are to full and the sleeve and Jacket length is just to long. Save up your bones and go for a better made suit off ebay or salvation army. That guy "the wizard of ahs" seemed popular around here some time ago for having decent wares at a low price point. Never used him myself though. DL
I got my groomsmen small shaving kits from the art of shaving. Several have told me they started buying refills when they ran out. The kits come with a brush and razor handle that they hold on to of course. dl
I got bit in the hamstring by a small pincher last Thursday. Felt like little needles penetrating the skin. Site swelled up quite a bit. fn hurt actually. dl
Interesting post. I drink 2-3 beers a night as part of my unwinding ritual and have, at times, questioned whether it was becoming an issue. There has never been any functional impairment as a result of my drinking and my doctor says it is fine healthwise. Whenever I need to stock-up I tend to drag my feet for whatever reason and see how I feel without drinking for a few days. I never give it a second thought. The only rule I tend to follow for myself is not to consume...
Broken pocketwatches. I do fix most of them though dl
You friggin suck metro. Douche dl
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