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 Yeah, I read that the Mollino especially fits an entire size down so it's more of a 50.  It fits super snug without being really uncomfortable, mainly a bit tighter in the shoulders and chest (esp when the upper part is zipped and it's got those horizontal stretch lines). Just a little worried about the leather as the SS10 oiled calf is a bit thinner than the usual stuff from Schott and Horween that I'm used to in jackets and I don't want it to tear or anything. I do...
I think I'm a bit too fat to wear RO stuff. :( Just picked up a SS10 Mollino in oiled calf. It's an XL and it still fits like a sausage casing on my size 40R-ish self.   Should I just give up, or will it stretch over time?   (pics below - please ignore boxers and home shirt)          
If you're referring to mine, idk. Just told Rezso so likely 7-8 weeks once he gets back to me. I really like the DOak/brown grain combo, but I can't justify paying $1-1.3K for GYW calf boots. Especially when I can get a Vass with some custom tweaks for like $700. - Brown scotchgrain shaft / antic cognac calf front- 360 goyser stitch- Vibram lug sole- F-last
Fuck, I think you and I have really similar boot tastes. Was just corresponding with Reszo about getting a Galway-style, and I have a cigar shell U-cap bal boot in the works (inspired by you again no less). Sadly he just told me they're temporarily suspending any more shell orders right now tho :( Anyone have any feedback about the Haas museum calf? How does durability and all that stack up to the normal Vass calf?
The guidi calf creases quite a lot. I think it's just the character of the leather - it's supposed to look more distressed and patina-y.
 Dunno about previous makeups but comparing to my other pair of Carmina shells the laces feel much more rigid and less floppy. Similar to what Viberg uses for their 10 eyelet boots - I think they wax it? Pretty damn awesome feeling tho.
 http://www.ebay.com/itm/291287576933 Here ya go - looks like it's the Holland & Holland makeup or something similar. Quite stoked to get them. The Carmina burgundy shell is pretty sick yea, it can do brown or even ravello tones in various shades of sunlight. I just noticed there's a tiny bit of the leather lining fraying at the vamp V-shaped cutouts on both boots tho - should I worry much? Looks like it's already quite protected by the stitching so there shouldn't be much...
The natty cxl sold out in record time fuuuuu
UK10 bruh. I already had the Carmina x Epaulet Greeleys in UK10 Forest and the Oscar fits pretty close. Carmina lasts are hella comfortableMy turn for a sizing question: how'd you size your EG Galways in the 64E last, half down or full down from US? I got a size 10.5UK coming in (wanted to get the skoak one, but tropical asian countries aren't nice for shearling linings so found an unlined one on eBay) and really hope they fit.
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