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One more vote of confidence for the Nomad/OG dryskin fabric durability, I flipped off a bike the other day and landed hard enough to get some pretty nasty scrapes through my leather jacket and the Nomads I was wearing were pretty much undamaged. They're pretty sick. And I think for Outlier, a bit of what you pay for is for EXCELLENT customer service. They're really responsive and will even go out of the way to help you - for 2-3 shirts I had, I had a patch of loosely...
I saw that, but the denim looks awfully dad-jeans. I might have to give it a pass based on that alone.
Still (patiently) waiting on my Black Horsehide medallion toe SDs. White's actually sent them over to Baker Shoe but I asked the guys there to help me inspect and go-over them, and as a result they're trying to send the left boot back for rebuilding as it isn't too up to spec. Really appreciate their customer service!
 I'm the guy he sold the Porter to. Echoing everything he said - it looks great, but it really kills the hell out of our shoulder, and it creaks like you're carrying an accordion. You can beat the living shit out of it with it still looking awesome, though.
Shit if those were boots they'd be in my wardrobe already. GLWS
 Dang. I guess I have one of the older models - picked it up secondhand from the Marketplace, no idea of its actual age.It's ok, I have insoles I can use and shipping back to the US'd be way too expensive to even make it worthwhile, sadly. Just a general gripe about the construction. It's nice to see they made changes, though (although I remember the Maine Guide full-length insoles have the same bunching issue, and they're made in the same factory, IIRC - maybe it's just a...
Slight derail. This is a bit of a complaint about the Hunt Boots, but it probably applies to most of the Highland Shoe moc constructed models (including Yuketen's Maine Guide, which I've had the exact same problem with):   Is it just me, or are the half leather insoles they use the most annoying things ever? The way they're glued on, they always invariably end up coming loose while you walk, bunching up and causing the most uncomfortable sensation ever. I always end up...
You could always just pick up a nice Canali/Oxxford/whatever used suit from eBay for
Ralph Lauren RRL
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