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Just placed mine. Hopefully I get in!
 Get this one! :D It's pretty big for a 44, yo. I can always measure and compare to your existing Vasses if you needa check
Hope Slim Waxed Flesh makes it past the limbo. I really want that thing.
Six months wait time? Is that SOP? My pairs take about six weeks...
Up for sale is a killer pair of Vass brogued U-Cap balmoral boots in Horween Cigar shell cordovan - the design is based on the Old English II boot with an added heel counter, 360 goyser stitching and a double Dainite sole. Unfortunately the F-Last doesn't fit me as well as it should so I'm reordering a similar design in the P2 last. My loss is your gain!   Boots have been worn less than four times. Shell is in great condition, only issue is a small (~5mm) hairline nick...
 AFAIK they only use Horsehide on the SDs. Kyle told me they can't use it on a BH build.
 TBH I'm looking for something more unique to Viberg, which is the appeal of the sleek 2030 last and odd leathers. A wide lasted plain-toe boot on smooth brown leather cuts too similar IMO to something I could just have made from White's or Wesco.  Unfortunately, yes. The size 11 is a bit big even with thick socks - I think it's a 2040 unstructured? I've owned size 10s (stretched to a 10.5) and size 11s in the 2030 last before, and I think 10.5 is just my right size in...
Urg I can't decide between the #11 and the HOF Bison. I wanted to get both but seems like I can only afford one...   I have the roughout Trench Boot and quite a few brown boots (EG DOak/CC Galway and Bonafe jodhpurs on the way, and a C&J Islay) - but no dark brown shitkicker streetwear boots. And for that token, tan boots either... SF peeps, help me decide!
I'd be in if it's sand ripple. Can we confirm?
Will the #11 have rivets?
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