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Does sf have an omerta policy on grilled or something
The 10.5s were sold out the instant I added them to my cart within like 2-3 seconds.   Certainly hope nobody botted these
How do the chromepaks sell out in two seconds wtf
This is a really, really useful thread.   Any experience with Randolph Engineering and Serengeti?
I highly recommend Outlier merino wool socks.   Smartwools are great too if you like something thicker.
Looks like Visvim Virgils / 7holes, maybe.  
Was taking pics of my current collection for evaluating-downsizing purposes and I figured I'd post 'em up. Keep in mind I go through the damn things like crazy (my girlfriend complains I basically run an import-export business) so some of these might not even last the next few months.     Crockett & Jones Islay - Brown Scotch Grain       Carmina x Epaulet Greeleys - Saddle Shell Cordovan         Carmina x Skoaktiebolaget Frankenstitch Jumper - Burgundy...
 Cheaper than denimio? They've kind of got the market cornered there.
In the two years I've been creeping this forum I've gone from:   - Wolverine 744s, Red Wings, Oak Street/Yuketen moc boots, - to shell Aldens, Tricker's wingtip/longwing boots, C&J Islays, - to Vibergs, shell Carminas, White's / Guidi horsehides, - and now I'm finally midway between there and the EG Galway, Vass/Bonafe MTO, A1923/CCP baller boot holy grail'd tier.   You guys are horrible, horrible enablers.
Asianland. That's really lame if they do region-specific because the webpage is still /en-us/ and the prices are still in USD
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