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I read a lot of people saying it runs TTS so I got an 11. How's the 10.5 fit on you?
It really pains me to do this but I'm downsizing my wardrobe so I've gotta let these go to a good home. One of C&J's signature boots - high-shaft scotch grain wingtips with a storm welt and Dainite sole. Famously worn by Daniel Craig while gunning down people in the English countryside. These are hard to find in stores and tend to sell out quick, so get and don't regret! Bought new and lightly worn, always taken good care of and stored with shoe trees (not included)....
 Got the white ones after seeing this. Only white sneakers I've seen that spoke to me. 
Does sf have an omerta policy on grilled or something
The 10.5s were sold out the instant I added them to my cart within like 2-3 seconds.   Certainly hope nobody botted these
How do the chromepaks sell out in two seconds wtf
This is a really, really useful thread.   Any experience with Randolph Engineering and Serengeti?
I highly recommend Outlier merino wool socks.   Smartwools are great too if you like something thicker.
Looks like Visvim Virgils / 7holes, maybe.  
Was taking pics of my current collection for evaluating-downsizing purposes and I figured I'd post 'em up. Keep in mind I go through the damn things like crazy (my girlfriend complains I basically run an import-export business) so some of these might not even last the next few months.     Crockett & Jones Islay - Brown Scotch Grain       Carmina x Epaulet Greeleys - Saddle Shell Cordovan         Carmina x Skoaktiebolaget Frankenstitch Jumper - Burgundy...
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