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I've got a DOak Galway and the Bonafe MTO (804 jodhpur in Etrusco calf with a medallion toe and chained norvegese) coming in in Aug - can't wait. It's an addiction for sure
Hey Fok, I think there's a duplicate of the Galway-esque's specs in the first post (prolly because I edited it a bit) - might wanna clean that up. Thanks!
Paging @NAMOR   I wanna see like, all of your 100+ pairs
 So I've realized that these are actually a little bit long for me (I usually take a 10 UK/11D US in most stuff). I got these in a 44 F-last and the length dwarfs my size 10UK Carmina shells. Width-wise they're pretty ok though. I'm planning on reordering the same asskicking bal design in whiskey shell instead and on a P2 last for a more substantial look/higher instep, but plan on sizing down to a 43.5 - any shell goyser experts care to chime in? I hear this should be...
 The main reason I'm avoiding roughout is that it'd be a bit messy with indigo staining.  I think the midsole and leather laces (as well as really tough leather) give it enough of a different vibe from a Galway (spoken as someone who just put down a pre-order for the DOak/Walnut CC one) - I'm a bit weird, though. I think it'd just be a really nice English two-tone take on a Viberg that you don't see very often.
 Sick - I'm thinking of getting a very similar boot on the P2 last (for the more structured toebox compared to the F as you mentioned), although with cognac calf/grain calf and a natural midsole/goyser. Did you size the same for both lasts? Also, did you custom order the number of eyelets? Most of the pics for Osloer boots I see have nine eyelets total...
The Canadian Galway Boot:           Model: Country Derby boot Last: 2030 Leather: Ebony Latigo Leather (tongue): Ebony Latigo Leather (upper shaft): Dark brown bison Eyelets: 7 antique brass Midsole: natural Sole: Dainite Comments: faux toe cap, partially structured toe, pull tab, tonal upper stitching
They're F last. Think I might get a pair of Osloers on the p2 tho because the toebox looks a bit more built up.Glad everybody likes them! I thought of it as a reinforced bal biit, but asskicking works too. Would love to try the silhouette with a wingtip as well.
10-eyelet Viberg Service Boots in a rare, thick unlined burgundy-brownish horsehide. From what I understand this was a one-of-a-kind piece from the sample sale but there aren't any QC issues at all I can see. Has been worn less than 10 times and heel counters are slightly scuffed/scratched, but overall in good condition. Dainite soles and heels have a ton of wear left. I'm not sure what last this is on but it feels like an unstructured 2040/2045. Fits 0.5-1 size bigger...
Rakuten has a brown CXL one with leather sole. Didn't know Viberg made Japan-only makeups.
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