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Just an open PSA:   If anyone has any Scout Boots in 10.5 (2030 last) they want to sell, hit the fuck out of me.
 I would recommend sizing down 0.5. I'm a TTS US11D/maybe 11E. The Rui feels quite long - I took a UK10 Rui wingtip boot and my foot (while inside) barely went past the toe cap broguing edge.
Hahaha, you would know 
  Leather laces snapped today so decided to try the normal dress laces again. Seems like I found a way to get them to not dangle too much - what do you guys think of straight bar lacing on Vibergs?
Very disappointed in the pair of Trickers/Herring Froswicks I just received (and I just waxed them up before noticing the messed up defects, so don't know if I can send them back). Horribly misaligned eyelet spacing on the right boot, badly punched eyelets, and messy leather finishing. Am I being too judgmental when I say these shouldn't even have left the factory in the first place?   (This isn't the one I'm selling BTW, this is a 9.5UK one with Dainite sole I got as a...
  More normal picture. Also waiting on some proper two-tone rawhide laces to arrive in the mail.
Am apparently the proud owner of these now. No idea what last they're on still, though. Oddly enough, they appear to fit TTS (with proper boot socks - a lil bit loose with normal socks), and the left boot uses a lot less lace than the right...I've had to swap them to leather laces and cut 'em so they're symmetrical. Looking at the creasing, I guess an ideal fit would've been if the left was a 10.5 and the right an 11, but hey, one-off piece, right?  
Got these and tried to make 'em work, but looks like I need a 9.5UK in these instead as I have a fairly low instep. The 4444 last is very voluminous - these will fit a 11D/E with a high instep and thick socks, or a 11.5D. Beautiful longwing boots (you rarely see those around) in tan calf. Have only been worn twice, so are pretty much in 97-98% condition uppers-wise. Soles have been Vibrammed. Includes box and bags. Price includes shipping to CONUS.
Bought these from fellow SFer Aviv who wore them 4-ish times, wore them about 3 times more before ending up with another pair of killer Vibergs and finding that an 11 fits me better than a 10.5 - so unfortunately, these have to go to make room.   As per his original listing, these were actually size 10s (2030 last) but have been stretched by Viberg to a 10.5 (and an updated leather insole inserted) - since both sizes use the same uppers it's not a substantial change from...
  Breaking in pretty damn well after a few months of weekend wear.    Any tips on the horsehide maintenance? I've just oiled them down so far, was debating sno-sealing 'em.
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