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Sorry for the late reply - yup, they are! The toe is a bit narrow though so if you're a wide fitting they might be a bit snug.
Ack! Put the picture of the wrong Carmina shell boots in my listing. :$
Matte black Guidi calf service boots from Notre Shop's second run, with tonal stitchdown thread and Dainite sole. Viberg is transitioning to Goodyear welting on their less heavyweight leathers, so this might be the last run of stitchdown calf boots. Great condition, no damage to the leather and sole has a ton of wear left - worn 5-10 times. Only reason I'm selling is because I have too many Vibergs. Leather has been treated with Saphir Renovateur which decreased the...
These have been a staple of my rotation for a really long time now but I'm selling them to make room on my boot rack. Gorgeous austerity wingtip boots (done for a collaboration with Epaulet NYC). Shell has patina'ed to a nice med brown with lots of character from wear. Soles have recently been re-Vibrammed. These are awesome. Shipping is $35 CONUS.
Reluctantly putting up a great pair of Vass shoes for sale. K-Last oxblood shell cordovan double monks (the RogerP special), ordered with a Dainite sole for all-weather usage. They've been barely worn less than 5-6 times. Will come with lasted shoe trees and everything. Shipping is $35 CONUS.
Queen's Shoe and Key at Far East Plaza. Just make sure you get the younger 30-something tattooed beng that usually mans the store on non-Sundays, and you have to give detailed instructions and remind him to not polish/grind the sides of the sole. He usually does my dress shoes/boots, and he did a great job rebalancing my A1923s so the vibrammed heels and soles are totally flush with the floor on both.
Ah got it, thought you were a local. Singapore doesn't really have much of a craftsmanship culture, there's pretty much no shoe repair shop out here I'd trust to do even a GYW repair
Which cobbler did you go to? If you need a recommendation I can point you towards the guy that did both my A1923s.IIRC they've always manufactured in China? It's quite a small operation though. I used to have a pair of their handsewn lows, wasn't super impressed with the upper leather though but I absolutely swear by their thick ass buffalo leather insoles - just get one a size or two up, wax the underside to prevent squeaking, throw em in any really uncomfortable pair of...
i like music that sounds like a rock band having a seizure
I wish they made the ebony latigo 2030s in half sizes
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