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Ah got it, thought you were a local. Singapore doesn't really have much of a craftsmanship culture, there's pretty much no shoe repair shop out here I'd trust to do even a GYW repair
Which cobbler did you go to? If you need a recommendation I can point you towards the guy that did both my A1923s.IIRC they've always manufactured in China? It's quite a small operation though. I used to have a pair of their handsewn lows, wasn't super impressed with the upper leather though but I absolutely swear by their thick ass buffalo leather insoles - just get one a size or two up, wax the underside to prevent squeaking, throw em in any really uncomfortable pair of...
i like music that sounds like a rock band having a seizure
I wish they made the ebony latigo 2030s in half sizes
are sneakers still allowed here just picked these up, not super enamored with em just yet. thought they were gonna be black but they're actually more super super dark brown with splotchy lighter patches all around. pretty distinctive looking though
Sold, sorry.
I think part of the appeal of Guidi/CCP/A1923 etc. is that they treat and distress their own leather, they don't go off and buy something off-the-shelf from another tannery (at least, afaik). I don't think I'll ever get into m_moria cause well, Horween shell is just Horween shell...
I had the messenger and live in a relatively humid tropical country. Not a fan of the black hardware at all - it seems to be just coated zinc/iron, and the moment the coating wears off (which is pretty damn fast, especially for the bits where the metal parts rub against each other like the strap attachments) they get corroded and develop brown rust. If only they bothered to use brass hardware instead of having this gigantic 'military spec' hard-on their bags would be way...
dude are those butter knives
If you want a sleeker silhouette there's always CCPs
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