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    Really hoping that more people will support the Canadian Galway - let's use the MTO opportunity to make something distinctive from Viberg's regular makeups or collabs that pays homage in its own way to one of SF's grail boots while having a rugged country shitkicker vibe of its own.   I count about 6-7 people interested so far. I know it's not a lot but I do have the feeling this'll have a pretty good following when/if it goes to production. Any support helps, yo
I count six interested for #8, including me. Also interested in #2, #11, #14 and #21
Gathering more support for the #8 - the Canadian Galway 'Valway' country derby. Let's get this made!I think the 2040/2045 lasts would eat into Viberg's existing makeups in terms of style, unfortunately. The 2030 to me is still hella sleek, and both leathers I've picked are pretty damn hardwearing and low maintenance. My idea behind this is to have a boot that can do almost everything - durable, rugged, weatherproof and just a bit smart casual.
Sorry to bother, but not sure if you managed to see this when I posted it the first couple times. Could you remove #7 from th listing since it's more or less a duplicate? Thanks!
Hi Fok, Just a correction - #7 and #8 are the same boot, my Galway-inspired makeup. Let's make the Valway (can I call it that?) happen too! I think it'd be a really cool country stomper - something of a mid ground between an English and American work boot. Appropriate for Canada!
Anyone seen the ebony latigo hikers coming soon on their instagram? Highly tempted!
I've got a DOak Galway and the Bonafe MTO (804 jodhpur in Etrusco calf with a medallion toe and chained norvegese) coming in in Aug - can't wait. It's an addiction for sure
Hey Fok, I think there's a duplicate of the Galway-esque's specs in the first post (prolly because I edited it a bit) - might wanna clean that up. Thanks!
Paging @NAMOR   I wanna see like, all of your 100+ pairs
 So I've realized that these are actually a little bit long for me (I usually take a 10 UK/11D US in most stuff). I got these in a 44 F-last and the length dwarfs my size 10UK Carmina shells. Width-wise they're pretty ok though. I'm planning on reordering the same asskicking bal design in whiskey shell instead and on a P2 last for a more substantial look/higher instep, but plan on sizing down to a 43.5 - any shell goyser experts care to chime in? I hear this should be...
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