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abbreviations of everything in my boot rack right now that i'm not selling
 if that was the case half this thread would be kenneth coles
 Alden got kinda meh after a while, especially since they use this weird treatment on their #8 shell that I've found flakes away and starts looking really splotchy after a while (and tbh most European makers will blow em away in terms of build quality). Carmina overall is super excellent, especially since they've started using Horween instead of Comipel shell cordovan in their more recent offerings. Gemming's basically where the outsole is stitched to a canvas rib glued to...
It really pains me to do this but I'm downsizing my wardrobe so I've gotta let these go to a good home.   White's Semi-Dress boots in tough but gorgeous black horsehide - this stuff will pretty much survive being beat up to hell and back and still shine up beautifully with barely any lasting damage.   These were custom ordered with all brass eyelets, brogued cap toe, a Vibram 430 standard trim sole, standard height Cuban heel and single celastic toe.   Bought new and...
 Same here - I started off with CM and workboot-y stuff (my first boot purchase was a pair of Red Wing Beckmans) and gradually migrated into SW&D. If you look far enough back in this thread you can find a post from me complaining that all these boots look like the black zip boots I used to wear as an ambulance medic...oh, how tastes change. Unfortunately I work in a white-collar button down job right now so I don't get a chance to break out most of the more avant garde...
Fuck those tornadoes look righteous.Edward Green Galways. One of CM's all-time grail boots(pic shamelessly stolen from @NAMOR)
am i doing it right
 Yeah holger is real weird with shipping. The culatta oil leather's a little bit thinner than the kudu spiral zips, around the same as the dual zips - kinda dry-ish feeling and smudgey, but not exactly papery thin like how you described the oil horse. It scuffs grey pretty easily, probably because of the oil. There's patches of grain scattered around and one boot is heavily sueded on the back while the other is relatively smooth-ish. I gotta break out of the OCD mindset, I...
        'that ratty red shirt you always wear on weekends' outliers attachment / iwc wristwear a1923 dualzips
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