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Just thought I'd post a headsup that I'm flogging another 626 if anyone's interested. :3   My Context CXL 113 just came in the other day, sick ass d-pocket natural horse. I'll get some shots up soonish
Outlier definitely. Even their non-ultralight stuff is worth checking out.
Derivatives (tm)
Anyone else an Outlier sock devotee? I know they're kind of plain but honestly I think they're one of the best products they make. 
  Horsehide SDs are finally here! Ain't 100% perfect, but who is?
PRICE INCLUDES CONUS SHIPPING. If you're in Singapore, local pickup is swell, too. Buzz me.     This is the absolute cheapest price you're going to find a black 626 in such good condition (especially with Schott's latest price increase), so get it here! If this doesn't sell fast, I might even have to jack it up to compete with them.   The iconic badass biker jacket. Mint condition, worn like once at a party (no nasty drink spills or anything) and a few times walking...
I wouldn't be trying to sell these but I just made a killer impulse purchase so things have to go.   Viberg for Leffot 66 Hikers in really thick Vintage Tan calfskin - barely worn at all, but some small indents and creases in the leather from improper storage and one tiny patch of leather rubbed raw on the inner right heel from overzealously trying to get what appeared to be a grease stain out. It's not a big issue unless you're OCD like me, because hey, these boots are...
TOTAL FUCKING IMPULSE BUY, the context x schott 113 is on the way  
Joking, joking.
  Nick's Boots thread: F.Y.I.
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