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 boot toj
Those are fucking beautiful, where'd you get 'em from    (and do they have a sz10)
      m.burlon plokhov a1923s
  The @RogerP special
 i know the ma+ boots are nice looking and all but 'reverse pig' is not exactly the sexiest leather name out there
Just curious, when you guys Vibram your boots do you add Vibram on top of the existing heels, or remove a layer of the stacked leather before adding Vibram so they'll maintain their balance?   I had Vibram added on top to the existing heels and now I think the balance is a little bit wonky when I walk
   Quick fit pic with the ISAORA tactical pants I just got in the mail as well.       Compared to their most obvious ripoff homage inspiration, the gold standard CCP tornadoes in bison: The toebox (and overall shape) feels more masculine and substantial, while the paneling really helps give it the extra oomph when viewed from the side. The leather is as thick as the bison, and IMO feels way nicer to the touch - less stiffly structured and 'spongy' feeling.   I got the last...
Just got the A1923 kudu ST2s from P\NP.   First impression: THESE ARE AWESOME   Second impression:THESE ARE REALLY FUCKING AWESOME     Pictures in bad indoor lighting at night don't do it any justice, but these are really killer. Thick, deep shadowy supple black leather.           IIRC kudu is usually from animals hunted in the wild, so it has all the marks, natural scars and striations from the great outdoors. The texture on these is amazing - just...
 Hollowbody? I see the double binding
 They cancelled my order 'due to unforeseen reasons' and now the code won't work. That's kind of a jerk move.
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