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He is to Simons right in the Harrington, ith Paul Hallam next to him and then me. Richard Barnes is to Simons left.
Yes, a good bunch, including Paul Hallam, Dave Edwards DJ, Simon Stebbing,and Gary Sparkes of the Purple Hearts, Buddy of the Chords, Terry Hayes of the London Diehards/East End Baddoes....as well as blokes like Well Suspect and Steve Piper....lots of good stories over the course of the night
      Out in Shoreditch the other night with assorted with mates, including bands and djs etc and, following on from the mod discussions on here, Richard Barnes, the author of Mods. Really nice bloke, had a good chat with him and lots of discussions on the original mods and skinheads and the revivals.   
Soul Vision Used to be on that forum a good few years back, it used to be very active but as you say facebook really had an impact Tom
Its the same one, terrible photo though! What date is it? 
Not sure how old this jacket actually was.... was one of my uncles from the 60's, a scandinavian brand called Sandpa, a good quality cotton. Wore it from 77 to around 84. This in Heroes in Chelmsford 1981, John Jacobs , Tony 'Panther'Cummins and me. 
Number 7 is early 1978, Shoreditch by the Crown and Shuttle.
we swapped fashion tips........
Bela Hope this helps on the haircuts!    In the Bali Hai, Margate, early 1979, waiting for the Teds..... Old Street, 1978
The Animal Lane, Sclater Street, around 1970....from Dave Fleming
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