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Manor Park Skins in early 1979, maybe late 78....and yes know S with the badgeTom
Clouseau  Might be of interest https://creaseslikeknives.wordpress.com/2016/08/03/a-skinhead-in-paris-1979-83/ Tom
Happy 4th July to our American cousins on here
just posted as Millwall Skinheads circa 1970..... the same group as in the black and white shots awhile back
    Southend, Whitsun 1970
I lived in Shoreditch proper, south of Old Street, as a kid as many others did before Hackney moved us out as part of,the Abercrombie Plan, the same plan that destroyed a number of communities in London. I lived in the south of Pitfield Street and moved back and forwards between there Shoreditch for a couple of years and then stayed in Pitfield Street until 81 when I married and moved out, back to a house we bought in Shoreditch around the corner from Worship Street. Some...
Nah, not in my time, really my youth I suppose 75-81,  no West Ham to speak of them in Hoxton, support was spilt mainly between us and the woolwich mob.... remember a few from Haggerston were also Spurs, Tony L, Steve and Nicky B amongst others around 78-79. I went over West Ham for a few years,79-81 with most of the lot I hung about with. 
small world....from Shoreditch and Hoxton in my youth and a yid
Nah, if you look closely it caused by the legs of the blokes behind wearing dark trousers....if he was,I'd never speak to him again!
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