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And up the West End in the mid 70s after Cup Finals.....
Cheers, its a proper thick wool Burberry overcoat, ended up getting it reduced from $1300 or so to $80 in the Burberry outlet in Florida.....bargain!It was just a catchup, when you're over give us a shout and we'll all meet up
West Ham, Charlton, Millwall and Spurs
not that dodgy! honest guv!
Botolph   My burberry overcoat   I picked up a few years back, still wearing well, out last night with a few mates up the West End.... and no this couldnt also go with the title of a bunch of herberts, also in a last few posts!   And Tel sends his regards   Tom
The term herbert has been about a good few years, roughly meant you herbert as in you mug or idiot or a bunch of herberts..... its later use around music, god knows, your definition is right, I suppose it must have just sounded right
Old Cockney bollocks.... ! renee is pronounced ree-nee as you say and wasnt about skinhead girls in particular.  Lots of new and reinvented slang and sayings made it into Jaws and then into wider use.....the power of the press eh? As it goes I'm out with Garry and Mickey Geggus this Friday up the West End 
Think you can blame Sounds for that term, renee, becoming popular, as a substitute for bird!, along with a number of other terms. Used by Barney Rubble in 78-79 caught on and used in the mod revival circles and then the Rejects etc....a few words caught on like that ,people used to take Sounds - and Gary Bushells contributions to Jaws - as the Bible. 
He is to Simons right in the Harrington, ith Paul Hallam next to him and then me. Richard Barnes is to Simons left.
Yes, a good bunch, including Paul Hallam, Dave Edwards DJ, Simon Stebbing,and Gary Sparkes of the Purple Hearts, Buddy of the Chords, Terry Hayes of the London Diehards/East End Baddoes....as well as blokes like Well Suspect and Steve Piper....lots of good stories over the course of the night
New Posts  All Forums: