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The legs are those of Mickey Geggus of the Rejects, at the Moonlight in West Hampstead. Tom
On Brooks Brothers, heard that the outlet store at Bicester,has some good deals now and then?
Certainly not slim as what sometimes later, those in these photos are some of the     pairs I bought in 77/78 - the old tailors and surplus stores were basically giving them away until a year or two later!
A good place to start is the mod culture site and forumTom
Will finish my book one day!   
Eccles in the Park Lane 1970,I'm told by my mate Panther
Could well be someone having a laugh..its a party, or just liked the look! Around 77/78 always a strange mix in some groups between those trying to dress properly and those with less of a interest in getting it right
A great season that was..... think people forget what ordinary fashion was like then, apart from a couple of donkey jackets, mainly and some of my mates from Hoxton were already skinheads again that season, dressed as per my avater, and stood our like sore thumbs at the time....but there were others some good ones in...
Sean Good idea, personally think the group one is 79/80 and the one of the bloke on his own is much harder to date, wouldnt be suprised if it was from earlier or from the revival period. Actually reminds me of a mate of mine Mark Nelson from Becontree, from 77/78 when we were skinheads and before the mod revival, but cant be sure.Tom
Theres an ongoing debate on facebook at the minute where Dave F posted these, the consensus is swinging that these are both in the revival period......the group one is in Petticoat Lane around the corner from the Last Resort, the building is still there and the girls look is similar to the modrevival look at the time. The other one might be East Ham indoor market but still being debated. Once again, on the revival, different strands to it and not one look, down to age,...
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