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Its the same one, terrible photo though! What date is it? 
Not sure how old this jacket actually was.... was one of my uncles from the 60's, a scandinavian brand called Sandpa, a good quality cotton. Wore it from 77 to around 84. This in Heroes in Chelmsford 1981, John Jacobs , Tony 'Panther'Cummins and me. 
Number 7 is early 1978, Shoreditch by the Crown and Shuttle.
we swapped fashion tips........
Bela Hope this helps on the haircuts!    In the Bali Hai, Margate, early 1979, waiting for the Teds..... Old Street, 1978
The Animal Lane, Sclater Street, around 1970....from Dave Fleming
 Kate, she used to go out with Ginger Nick. Tony Barker and some of the Tilbury. Around 1978ish
Clouseau, Think your referring to Donald, well known from the days of punk and later, still about I understand. On the cover of Clint Eastwood lp,by the Upsetters
Dave is an excellent source of photos, a very well dressed bloke, friends with Tottenham Sean and Arfur - of SDF and Live Injection. Always a good night out when your next over Tom
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