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just posted as Millwall Skinheads circa 1970..... the same group as in the black and white shots awhile back
    Southend, Whitsun 1970
I lived in Shoreditch proper, south of Old Street, as a kid as many others did before Hackney moved us out as part of,the Abercrombie Plan, the same plan that destroyed a number of communities in London. I lived in the south of Pitfield Street and moved back and forwards between there Shoreditch for a couple of years and then stayed in Pitfield Street until 81 when I married and moved out, back to a house we bought in Shoreditch around the corner from Worship Street. Some...
Nah, not in my time, really my youth I suppose 75-81,  no West Ham to speak of them in Hoxton, support was spilt mainly between us and the woolwich mob.... remember a few from Haggerston were also Spurs, Tony L, Steve and Nicky B amongst others around 78-79. I went over West Ham for a few years,79-81 with most of the lot I hung about with. 
small world....from Shoreditch and Hoxton in my youth and a yid
Nah, if you look closely it caused by the legs of the blokes behind wearing dark trousers....if he was,I'd never speak to him again!
its from the early 80's , my mate Paul Hallam is 4th from right in the dark mac looking at the camera
Church Street, Marylebone, around 1970
From 1977 ... Should have posted a photo of me from 84...too much like an extra from the Business!  
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