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Dave is an excellent source of photos, a very well dressed bloke, friends with Tottenham Sean and Arfur - of SDF and Live Injection. Always a good night out when your next over Tom
Boreham Wood again, both photos from Dave Fleming, top bloke, just uploaded on Facebook 
Boreham Wood Skinheads 1969
Happy to clarify, although I think this is printed somewhere else on the web, I'll try and dig it out..... I was a skinhead in 77, became a suedehead in early 78 and remained as one until around late 84 and became a casual. On the next wave, yeah there were some things that had crept in, in London, that I didnt like such as the glue sniffers, the facial tattoos, the almost baldheads, the politics and I didnt really like basic skinhead look that had/was developing. Did that...
To be honest thought the documentary was jumbled and got a lot wrong..... We were skinheads in 77 and into 78, by the time the Specials came onto the scene, those of our age group had moved on to mod or the start of casual or if they remained skinheads, didnt really associate with the next wave/s. In roughcut and ready dubbed, theres a clip of skinheads outside the Last Resort slagging us -the Rejects and the road crew as not being skinheads, with both H and Binnsy still...
Tony Cummins, became a singer in my old band. Really nice bloke, always well dressed, unfortunately still a chelsea season ticket holder! Hopefully catching up with him soon There was another panther in a later wave you might be on about?.
Not me, dont think I'm on film until Rough Cut and Ready DubbedTom
At the start of the revival,hair was much more like the original style - my avatar is me in 77. As the time went on the next few years, seemed to go to almost a shaved and stripped down look, obviously a few exceptions. In my opinion/experience, more like a number of different waves, with the look depending on age and year, with us older ones moving on.   and my mate Panther on here at 1:08  
The London Weekend Show, in  February 79, definitely Janet Street Porter, cant recall Elms to be honest. It covered quite a few cults in its time. That episode looked at Sham and the return of skinheads, a focus on the band.  By then most the 77/78 lot  that I knew had moved on to mod and proto casual...or retained the look but didnt associate themselves with the changing look of skinhead. Look at the video at 9.24, in the background are the roadies including Vince Riordan...
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