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Not sure. Thoughts?  
I wear my rosewood mala (Shakya design) on my right wrist. I need to post some photos. It's quite simple and clean and serves a practical, religious purpose.
Harry Connick Jr. "Occassion" and some Ray Charles from "Genius Loves Company."  
  Good list. Personal experience with any of the brands?
I'd like to start a thread highlighting the best men's fashion that is Made in America. Not interested in flames about why American made is good or bad. Let each SF reader decide for themselves. Instead, let's try to highlight the best America has to offer. We are all familiar with AE and Alden's shoes. What else is out there?
All American Clothing Co., thoughts?
Newbie in denim styling. Thoughts about jeans from All American Clothing Co.?
SOTD: Burberry Brit  
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