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Smeagol, I personally look at dividends as an insurance to not lose money while the stock is down. Growth of PPS is probably where you'll get the most of your money but during a bear market PPS is going down and if you're not getting any dividends your basically losing money, ala time value of money
Anybody who likes to bet on earnings check out SPCB.
Check out HIMX... Down from 8 to 6.80 in 2 days. Strong financials attractive valuation good growth. The only news I'm currently aware of is 2 analyst downgrades.
Wtf shake shack from -10% to +3%
As far as contribute, likely I don't know anything remotely close to what you guys know, so I humbly ask for your advice, but I do know a thing or two about etiquette.
There are ways to say things without being an asshole about it. When you criticize with sarcasm or use methods like FTFY, you sound confrontational and ingenuine and gives your audience the sense that you are doing things with the intention of inflating your ego rather than the intention of helping. It is counter productive to whatever you may intend. But that's fine, I'd rather not argue about this and bring this thread further off topic, I've made my points and whether...
If you can't tell he was being sarcastic I feel sorry for you
BP anyone?
Absolutely nothing pops, it's the Internet. You can go ahead and continue being immature while the rest of us adults have a conversation
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