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Good luck!
Also following BP closely if another dip comes
I'm currently in Honda (HMC) at 32.20 and Himax (HIMX) a day or two ago at 7.12
Who heard that new Ye!?
This is exactly the same way I trade, except a drop doesnt always mean it will go back up. Financials and other factors have to be considered to gauge the actual worth. Have you guys ever read The Intelligent Investor? I think most of you may have. Amazing book
I never realized there was a stock thread here... This is pretty cool. How's everybody doing thus far this year? I learned my lesson playing with penny stocks, I lost about a G. Moral of the story for me is all penny stocks are scams.
Word so you can let that guy walk out his house wearing not one but two different floral prints and tell him he looks ok. To be honest, if I was really attacking you with my true opinion, I would curse every last piece of ugly demented Rick Owens, flowery EG, pretentious Margiela, and whatever else ridiculous things being worn; womens kilts, 100 feet long scarves, open toe sandals, saggy ill fitting pants that look like a slop of feces stuck around the ankles. If your...
Attacking is what nahneun and others are doing to people like T3C and Bene, but that's cool I'll play the villain role well if you want me to
I guess it's very necessary to simplify and repeat for dummies. Going forward ill be sure to begin every reply with "in my opinion" and end with "or don't listen to me"
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