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How is Indochino on their remake policy? I ordered the essential navy suit and the pants were very very tight around my thigh. The tailor I took them to said she could fix them, however they are still super tight. Am I SOL on having indochino do a remake for free?
The tags says machine wash warm, tumble dry medium.   I always wash cold, tumble dry low.   Even my Dockers D3 pants shrunk from 34 to 32.5. Thats 1.5 inches, and they are a cotton/poly blend.
What is your strategy in purchasing items that will shrink? I ordered 4 pairs of chinos for business casual from lands end. The 34.25 inch inseam turned into 32 and now I look like an 8 year old. I have the same trouble with jeans as well... 34 shrunk too short, I bought 36 and now those are still way too long. I can't win. Do most people need alterations for fitting clothes? For wool slacks, 34 is perfect because it stays at 34.
I like those bread bowls with dip. Maybe a cheese/grape/sausage platter those are great.
I don't short specific bonds, I put some money into bearish bond ETFs or funds with high duration. It is definitely worth the fee to have the asset manager do the custodial work in this :)   However long it takes the US to reach 6.5% unemployment and for rates to spike.
Becks Sapphire is a great drink. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good beer.
To lose that last 10 pounds that are hiding your washboard abs? Either will work, those last 10 pounds are lost in the kitchen. That said, I am a big fan of Insanity Asylum.
  You are correct, Beta is generally calculated as the variance in returns in relation to a market benchmark (typically the S&P 500 for the US market.)   For example, a stock with a Beta of 1.5 will face a 1.5% gain for every 1% gain in the reference index. Likewise, it will lose 1.5% for every 1% loss in the reference index. This is an estimation of course and actual movements are usually not exactly equal to the Beta.
One of my favorite plays right now is going short long term bonds. Bond holders face to lose 10%-30% with the pending rise in rates. This is a play that will require some guts and patience.   I have completely pulled out of the emerging market and HY bond funds that were previously held in my 401k and it might be a good idea for everyone to discuss this with their investment advisers. You will be happy to to re-purchase your fixed income positions at the much higher...
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