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  Well, I got it today and I am impressed by the leather quality and handcraft. The leather is thick, flexible and rich, probably some of the best leather I have ever seen. I does not feel cheap at all, on the contrary.
A Bill Amberg satchel at 60% discount, measurements h 28 x l 38 x w 10 cm.
With no luck you can get the 10/10 at sale. Problem is Tricker's factory price is a standard sales prices everywhere twice a year.   Take a look at this shoe as an example, left shoe - or on the picture right shoe. No-one wants to pay GBP 265.00 for this. Why even bother standardizing prices on seconds this close to full...
Of course i'm a cheap guy, but does anyone really find the Tricker's factory prices to be an OK level?   GBP 285.00 for boots and GBP 260.00 for derby's, is just GBP 100.00 discount for seconds. At sale twice a year you can find the exact same prices for perfect shoes.
Outside of marriage, haha, joke of the millenium. Seriously.   On the other hand, call me oldskool. I do not get involved with single mothers, and would not even think about bringing up another man's child. That's trouble from start to end. Simple as that.
Remove the moderation on new users earlier. I have posted eight, and have been waiting 12 hrs for approval on two or three others. This makes it impossible to participate in a debate in 2013. A troll will be scared off after even awaiting approval for one post, the fun goes away and so does the troll. I suggest removing the approval after one post.
Great thread, was about to start one myself before I found this one.   I would add Wolsey in your list of heritage brands, and they do have a royal warrant as well. Have recently purchased a waxed jacket, wool blazer, moleskin trousers, checked shirts and knitted jumpers from them.
You seem to have a style of walk wich tears heavily on the toe. Try to be more concious on walking with your heel first.
Hi, does anyone know the reputation of this company and where they produce most of their goods?   Thanks.
In this day and age I would have loved if they went online with this factory sale.
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