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My new (used) The Jeffersons that I picked up from ebay for $180 including shipping! The auction said they were preowned but I highly doubt they were used, the soles have absolutely no scratches on them, not even any dirt! Either that or they did an amazing job at cleaning them. The leather feels way better than the leather on my black McAllisters or my walnut Strands. Sooooooooo happy right now!!  6 Allen Edmonds pairs and counting!        
Just checked. They don't have my size
So...should I return my unworn strands to nordstroms and buy them from amazon? It would save me about $50-$60. Hmmm...very tempting.
I sized down from 9.5d on Park Avenue to a 9d McTavish. The 9.5d McTavish felt like really big.
I wear 9.5 Converse Chucks and 9.5D in Allen Edmonds Park Avenues that I believe are made on the same last as the Fith Avenue and I had to go down to a 8.5D on my Iron Rangers 8111 and my Red Wings 9160. I was fitted at a Red Wing store here in L.A. and was amazes at how big they run.
Nordstroms customer service sure leaves a lot to be desired. I went yesterday to get a new pair of Strands and the people helping me were completely uneducated about Allen Edmonds in general. I'm almost convinced that they didn't even know it was an American brand. I also picked up a matching Manistee belt to go with my new Strands and the cashier next to the one ringing me up said "who is buying the cheap ass belt" right in front of me. Now that is customer service!...
I wear a 9.5 in converse also and I just tried on a w1k in a 9 yesterday and it felt ok. A little loose but I think I could make it work with an insole. They didn't have the 8.5 in stock so I'm waiting for those to come in so I can try them on. I just got a pair of Red Wing Iron Rangers in 8.5 and they are a little snug on the sides but they will stretch with wear. I'm mentioning that because I've heard that w1k fit almost the same as Iron Rangers so I'll probably end up...
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