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I was wondering if anybody knew around when the next sale would be? Looking to buy a few pairs of Low Straights 34x32. Thank you everyone
Do you know around how much they would cost when they went on sale?  I'll probably ending getting those as there a few more on ebay but the want $125 and up.  Also does anyone know how much it would cost to hem them? I'm out here in Las Vegas, if anybody would recommend a place here it would be great. Thank you RRL CLOTHING for responding. 
Hello Everyone,   I have been trying to find out what color or style the following RRL are, I have seen them on ebay called RRL store in LA and they seem to be bother when I ask if I could send a picture to see if they have this certain color/style.    I will attach the link to ebay.   Ralph Lauren Double...
  How much does your store usually charge for shipping?
Just got this, would it be the same items that were on a few weeks back?
The size is too big :(, can you provide more pictures of those Chalk, my SA seems to not get a good picture of them and cant make my way to LA or Malibu any time soon. 
What style and color are the top left corner? Beige looking ones. what size too if they are for sale.
Does anybody know which ones this are?      They Look like the Chalk Dust on the website but not the pictures from the SA.  Drake on the Right    
Can anybody comment on the Straight Chalk Dust Please.    I am in Las Vegas and can't make a trip to any RRL store, I just don't want to wait until the next sale and be disappointed. Thank you. Just the pictures differ a lot from the website.             
  I Was thinking on getting those but the pictures I received from the SA didn't make me want to get them.    But here they are.       
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