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Looking for a RRL Indigo Beach type vest in XL or maybe L.   I think there are two or three models in a darkish indigo but I am especially interested in the herringbone type. But any will do if they have a round collar. Will pay what the product is worth.   Thanks in advance.
Yeah, I actually can't believe we are lucky enough to get the last chance. It probably has to do with  profit though. Rugby is quite a bit more expensive here than in the US and the yen is worth more as well. Plus nothing went below 50% off and spring 2013 is sitting at 30% off and selling strong.
Ahh, didn't check the tags. And now it is all at the tailors.  Cheers!
Hi guys.   Canadian/Australian living in Japan with a huge affinity for Rugby.   About a month prior to the closing of Rugby I was unable to access the American website. It would automatically redirect to the Japanese site so I was unable to keep track of the difference in products at the very end. Interestingly though, our store in Tokyo has just been re-opened briefly to sell a spring 2013 line. It seems to have a few items that were only available in the US...
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