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I have yet to get mine. I will let you guys know when I hear from Pepe that all payments have gone out.
I also had one more request to anyone who might know.  Have any of you heard of anyone here that that has templates for making some of these bags?   I would love make my own bag. I think it would be pretty fun to spend a weekend making my own bag :) 
Does anyone know of a list of good brands to look at when looking for these leather briefcases? (Good quality/thick leather.)   (I have always been a backpack wearer but these look so dammed nice. I am a new to the world of fine bags. I was actually thinking about going to tandy leather and just sewing up my own bag. There are so many stellar examples here to emulate. )
I never saw it listed on their webpage so I assumed.  Since you know more than me terror you may want to link that guy that was asking
Seconded I will be buying 2 bottles 
Meermin does not have resoling. You should go to your local cobbler.I have no idea what you mean by logos. These are shoes beat them up and resole them till they break. I would not be so careful with them. Character has its own beauty.  They are non - lasted trees so yes. You can just some 15$ trees from your local store.  Rui is wider than olfe/hiro.But RUI probably has the same sizing as olfe and Hiro.You will likely wear 9UK in RUI. Flat feet can sometimes be a problem...
He he. I would not get so excited.  Overall this MTO has actually gone MUCH faster than many MTO's in the past so I am happy overall Buying from meemrin is basically playing the long con. :)
The official word from Pepe is (as of TODAY): 
Just keep mailing them over an and over. On the same thread. (I've emailed 10 times with no response once...But once they start taking to you its usually better.) Sadly this is one of the big problems with meermin but since they are overwhelmed with the # of orders it is unlikely to change. If meermin is an shoe that you want keep annoying them till you get it.
For the park last you will have to read a few pages back on what terror squad said.I forget. Similar to ofle but has some diff. instep?He is an known reseller. Seems to have factory seconds. I think people have had transactions with him in the past without fault.
New Posts  All Forums: