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Is this stil for sale?
Thanks for the reply! The hardware is nothing to write home about. But it is solid brass. The leather weight is about 8/7oz-3mm thick and is heavy-oiled/pull-up/latigo cowhide. The wear on the bottom comes from the fact that this is a soft case/messenger and so that point on the bottom hits the ground before the rest of the bag. (If a laptop is put into it the makes the bottom bend downward as there is no hard support holding the bag together.) I believe the wear on the...
Hey guys I had a question about briefcase protection.   I have 2 issues: 1) Wear on bottom of case.   2) Wear on edges of case.     I have been using this case for 1-2 months being VERY careful with it but through regular daily use. I am very careful to never let it drag on the ground when picking it up.   If this level of wear keeps up I am not sure it will last for more than a couple of years...     Has anyone added protective coatings to their...
Cool thanks for the fast reply. I like the super-stretch of the leggings over the "real" jeans that they sell. They both were nice (when I tried them on) but that super stretch was like wearing nothing.
Does anyone know if the: STRETCH SLIM FIT TAPERED COLOR JEANS are the same as the old: MEN LEGGINGS JEANS ?   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-stretch-slim-fit-tapered-color-jeans-128472.html#28|/men/bottoms/jeans/stretch/|   http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-leggings-jeans-088053.html#68   I really loved the legging jeans but I am not sure if they are retired or rebranded? (I am not near a Uniqlo so I can't walk in an test it)   Thanks for the help!
I need help to know if this is real or a fake. Since burberry is like the most counterfeited brand ever I really am wary but I really like how the coat looks. So I may be willing to risk it :) Do you guys see anything wrong with this one? The only thing I noticed that was odd that the Label is the old school burberry and the coat is TOO good condition for being "vintage" Here are some pics:  
Deer bone wont help in the same way it helps with cordovan shoes...With regualr calf skin it will compress the fibers and slick the edges of the cut making it less deep and possibly even closing it up a but. (You do not need an acutal dear bone to do this any flat hard surface works fine with a bit of water on the leather that you are slicking.  )
Not sure. But maybe.The key with most condioners is that they darken the leather color so if you darken one spot you may end up having to darken the whole case.Conditioner = oiloil+skin = darker + healthier skinHealthy skin will not crack Lexol is one of the one of the least darkening conditioners. They actually say it does not darken (once it is dry) which i find is true in most cases.  If you live in the states I would buy a liter of lexol for future use its like 12$ and...
Conditioner will help like lexol.Wax polish can actually fill deep gouges and make them disappear but is not great for the leather as it cannot breath as much I would just condition the whole case and let it be.
There are pleaty of fashion forward shoes that are cemeted and are usually under a 100 usd that look decent for 1-2 seasons of wear (Cemeted construction)   Just look around at the mall/clarks/Aldo   Also if you buy leather shoes that are sub 100 dollars you can almost be sure that no cows were really killed for those shoes... They are usually really crappy bonded leather made up of powered leather and glue. Essetially scraps from what the rest of us our buying and it...
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