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Deer bone wont help in the same way it helps with cordovan shoes...With regualr calf skin it will compress the fibers and slick the edges of the cut making it less deep and possibly even closing it up a but. (You do not need an acutal dear bone to do this any flat hard surface works fine with a bit of water on the leather that you are slicking.  )
Not sure. But maybe.The key with most condioners is that they darken the leather color so if you darken one spot you may end up having to darken the whole case.Conditioner = oiloil+skin = darker + healthier skinHealthy skin will not crack Lexol is one of the one of the least darkening conditioners. They actually say it does not darken (once it is dry) which i find is true in most cases.  If you live in the states I would buy a liter of lexol for future use its like 12$ and...
Conditioner will help like lexol.Wax polish can actually fill deep gouges and make them disappear but is not great for the leather as it cannot breath as much I would just condition the whole case and let it be.
There are pleaty of fashion forward shoes that are cemeted and are usually under a 100 usd that look decent for 1-2 seasons of wear (Cemeted construction)   Just look around at the mall/clarks/Aldo   Also if you buy leather shoes that are sub 100 dollars you can almost be sure that no cows were really killed for those shoes... They are usually really crappy bonded leather made up of powered leather and glue. Essetially scraps from what the rest of us our buying and it...
I thought lexol was water based. Since it is an mix of water and oil in an emulsion.Oil is always needed at some point to condion. Because water alone has a drying effect on the skin. (Think of you own skin after swimming) Something like neatsfoot oil/coconut oil are true oil based conditioners. Truthfully even just leaving a coupple drops of water sittin on the surface for a couple hours does no soak into the...
I havent taken any new pics but the old ones are pretty representative. (e.g. they are not off by a shade)Dinoffer Bag Review:Good news:The bag itself feels high quality and looks very nice.  Bad News:There was an problem though. When I tried to put lexol on top of the green front panel it just sits ontop of it. Making me think this is just really high quality pleather or vinal top with leather underneath... This was a big bummer as the leather quality is not something I...
Has anyone added metal corners to the bottom of any of their cases?   Something like this: Many more at http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=p2047675.m570.l1313.TR12.TRC2.A0.H0.Xmetal+corner+book&_nkw=metal+corner+book&_sacat=0   Did it work? Or was it a bad idea?   Did it help with wear on the bag?
Because of your recommendation I just got my first real bag (Hell its not even from walmart this time ) Here are some pictures of of the vintage Dinoffer bag, in green and brown.I am not sure how folks here react to green briefcases. They seem to be a rare animal looking at previous pics in this thread. Ill review quality when I get it for anyone else that stumbles onto this one by this old brand. Here are some pics:
Try lexol for conditioning without any waxes. Works better than saphir for just raw conditioning and is dirt cheap so great for large articles.
 Just to take the ridiculousness to the max...I thought it over and realized you could put down two toppies and then re-toppy after you worn though the first toppy.and do that indefinely.  I likely wont do it :P but I wonder if it would work.
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