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Thank you for the replyFor anyone that sees this they should really check you guys out really high armholes with great hourglass cut
I actually feel they hit their 1 month RTW mark for most customers. Some of the complaints on this thread are from unfortunate folks who really got unlucky
I did not know they are responsive. Ill have to shoot them an email.
It is suppoosed to be 1 month max for their RTW stuff. 
I bought a southwick for carson street clothiers suit in 38R and it is the best fitted suit Ive ever owned.    Does anyone know:   1) if this is a representative fit for southwick?   2) Or was it a one-off item that I will never see the same fit for again? (i.e. specially made for carson street with a fit that does not exist in other southwick items)
http://www.styleforum.net/t/34253/briefcase-porn-thread/1185#post_5986569 I shamelessly stole the above man's case for the example.
Oh I see. I missed that while reading. But sewing in your own zipper section to a regular bag would not be all that hard. Or get an regular laptop bag with no zipper pouch but get a zippable laptop sleeve. That way you can secure the laptop without any problems.  (You may have to attach the sleeve to the bag but that should be as simple as a few drops of barge rubber...
Just buy a flap bag then have someone after market add in the zipper closure aftermarket.If you have 3.5K to spend on a bag you can easily get someone to add a zipper in town for definitely less than that bag.
I have found the olfe to size exactly like  348 in a try on in the C&J store
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