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If any of you are interested in the MTO below please PM me asap. We are taking orders now.   It will look like this: (with red lining)   Style:                  Suede Adelaide (Similar to 102461 but copper suede and with  peaked heal  counters) Similar to: http://cdn.styleforum.net/d/d4/d43f8168_image.jpeg No. of eyelets:         5 eyelet pairs Last:                   Choice of Olfe or Park Lasting:                Hand lasted Upper Leather:  Copper Suede (LM...
Ok so everyone that I think sent me an email now has gotten an request for this MTO.   If you have not PM me ASAP.   (For those belt people I think you have to assume you are not getting a belt. If you say you would like a belt, if the hides show up in the next few months Pepe may add it to your order at that time.)
Hiro is nearly the same as olfe. So the previous pics are probably fine. But it would be nice to see the direct compaison
Yea, while not technically free. I would be wasting that money if I did not use it.
EVERYONE I GOT SOME INFO ON THE PARK LAST Emailed Pepe and he said: So hopefully that will help both MTO's 
Pepe's Reply:  General Results:- We are going with copper suede.- Park and olfe are the same size.- Belt's I am still confused by. Ill take sizes and ill let pepe decide if he is charing you for them.
Oh nice those look pretty good. But they are still 35% over the meermin price. Plus whatever is the shipping from stockholm to the US (for me). (Meermin I will probably get free shipped since I already have another pair in the works.) Thanks for the link!!!
Could you point me to the model that you say looks similar? I tried looking before but never found one that was an nice suede carmina model. Also meermin vs carmina340EUR - 260EUR = 80EUR = 110 dollars = about 30% more costlyWhere did you find one that was $45 more?Does carmina offer free shipping or something?
Pepe he just replied to me saying that he would get back to me about things.   Hopefully with more info about the park for us :)
BTW for anyone trying to talk to Pepe he just replied to me that he would get back to me about things. So he is around but busy.
New Posts  All Forums: