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Just wondering if anyone is currently making bell bottoms that are tight in the waist/through the thigh and start to flare out into a bell at the hem. Not looking for bootcut jeans with a small flare (i.e. Levi's 507) but honest-to-god bell bottoms. My head is in 1970 right now and why shouldn't my jeans be, too. Oh and to be clear, I'm looking for mens jeans. I mean, I wish I could fit into something like this: http://www.tobi.com/product/10425-j-...ou-denim-flare but,...
I know this is a vague question but how heavy would you say the jacket is ? for braving these SF winters
hopefully they expand the color selection on hoodies at some point.. they fit very nicely I might hit you up at some point down the road about the henleys. thanks for doing this!
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