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We need a thread about clothing that looks like vaginas. We got Regis' boots, melon's scarf and this:  
I feel like my iq just dropped 2 points from clicking on that link.
  This, I've lived in CO since '92 and nothing beats a full on Vibram sole for a boot used on anything other than dry pavement and indoors. I ordered the Wolverine 1k Austens when they were $200 on Gilt and they only had a half sole with very shallow lugs, that sole and that boot are not meant for rugged use, they are work boots. Same with the Vibram gumlite sole Chippewa uses on some of their boots, no good in the snow. I have been through a lot of medium/heavy...
Kaenon have the best lenses I've ever used (I like the copper tint) if they have a style you like... 
Yeah, i give up... thought it would make a good layering piece but it's just kinda awkward. Also, the shoulders don't drape well, they bunch up like the model's left shoulder is doing.   Oh well. It's well made and the fabric is nice so I may try lemaire again sometime.
  People who routinely ship items of value rarely use USPS because it's much more difficult to recover funds from them for insured packages. Also, USPS only insures up to $50 and extra insurance is expensive, UPS gives you up to $500 standard. I've shipped many thousands of items over the years and one out of a couple thousand shipments have issues... I do use USPS normal or priority mail for less expensive items. USPS, UPS and Fedex have all been fine.
Synth, making those white boots look good in the last couple fits...
Not sure about keeping the overshirt... it's turning out to be more awkward than cool and doesn't look right with a tee, normal button down, or under a blazer... I think a mandarin collar or deep v-neck so you don't even see the tee works, but the v-neck is not an option for my scarred, hairy chest. It looks ok under a jacket or coat. So the way the corner styled it is the only option I can come up with, IDK... any opinions on how to wear it or should I just return it?  
A couple fabric samples for Zam DNA jeans.   Also I'm now waffling between DNA and J-Jeans.   Comments welcome.   1st is a linen / cotton blend. 2nd is all cotton. Both are 13-14 oz weight.    
My car is worth about as much as the jewelery/watches you guys are talking about but I say go for it... it's much better to spend your money than sit on it and do nothing with it. So I say buy a lot of shit and invest heavily in friends and family's businesses.
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