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KJ, I think the pants are just new and will settle/stack a lot better after some wears.   An 8" hem usually looks pretty sloppy with stacks but with a lighter silk blend fabric it may work out pretty well after they settle. Might need a hem though, hard to say...   Overall a great fit besides the strange stacking though.
 Now I do. Thanks.   Yes synth, we are done. Glad you made a big fucking deal about it, thanks.
I think where the throat/center hits the vamp looks awkward. I don't like the pull tabs or navy soles either. I just think you could find a cleaner looking boot and it would probably be more versatile without the navy sole. I do like the vamp/toe shape though...
Ok...  I was ribbing shah for meglomania for the post where he posts the "godfather" image + offer that you can't refuse... with himself as the godfather.  The link below is the definition of shah: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shah + the shah's ebay username also has "king of kings" or some shit in it. I know "king of  kings" doesn't sound like a megolomaniac, sure...  ...and the aforementioned godfather pic/reference... no meglomania there either I know... Oh that's...
Don't do it.
 This is spot on... they really don't look the same in person and look much less dramatic and fairly normal when worn, similar to workboot more than anything.
Yeah I do and it's not weird. Maybe to you for whatever reason, but as you said... you have noticed that people framing their opinion in this way is common.
KJ, totally agree.   I think the comments about how people would like their girls to dress as a way of expressing their personal taste. Since we (mostly) don't wear womens' clothes we frame it as what we would prefer our SO to be wearing. I don;t think there's much more to read into it than that.         And fuck you again brad-t. What a horrible, pretentious, condescending post you made!
    Why don't you guys fuck off and stop stalking me? I made a light and rather inoffensive joke about shah, and this is what I get? FUCK YOU and stop responding to me, assholes!
   I know a little more than you might think, asshole. Why do you have to suck so much? Why don't you quit stalking me and just fuck off? Fucking d-bag.
New Posts  All Forums: