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Also, if you're talking a system under 6-figures and maybe even closer to the high 4s, then it's hard to beat Omega. Their new RS5 driver is among the best in the world at any price, and I have heard A LOT of very high single drivers like Feastrex and Voxativ... It takes a conventional multi-way speaker in the $10k+ range to compete with it's sound quality. Of course maximum volumes an dynamics are limited, but in my system the RS5 will be augmented with a JBL 15" woofer...
Wilson Alexandria demo was great at RMAF 2013...   But the best system I've ever heard is all TAD. Nothing even comes close.
   The piling on Bene and jameister was epic, congrats. And just goes to show the kind of attitude here is disgusting. There are some good people, but this place is completely fucked up. So yeah, my attitude has changed, and the only reason I'm sticking around is morbid curiosity. This is teaching me a lot but not about clothing anymore as I don't enjoy all but a few folks' fits on here. Basically: FUCK YOU STYLFORUM! I'm out.
  /\  class...
  awesome, thanks.  
  Of course you do.
g trans, yes, I know only wait staff get paid $2, but most of the time wait staff seem to bring me carryouts. Sometime hostesses and I don't mind giving them a small tip either. Tipping is one of those things where an extra dollar can make a big difference so I don't mind spending it...
/\ Yes, they only get paid $2.13 an hour so I leave a small tip for takeouts.
 No, you have that confused with penicillin...
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