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Where have I seen a color 8 with antique edge on commando? Did unionmade do a makeup? Does anyone currently?
Those of you with the Unionmade Natural CXL NST, how do you like it after some wear? I love the look (my go-to right now is Epaulet's Innsbruck LWB) and may pull the trigger. How's the flex welt sole on a boot? How's the batch of CXL? Cheers, ww
Just a crappy iphone pic but here are my new Epaulet Innsbruck LWBs. So they're not Cigar, but besides that my dream make up. (CXL on commando, brass eyelets. Barrie last.)
Question regarding cap toe boots (Barrie): if my small toe is in line with where the cap line comes across the boot, is my foot too far forward in the shoe? Sincere thanks in advance for any and all input.
 Cool, thanks. This at least makes me think it's not a BS exclusive. Just weird no other pics are available anywhere online. Love the idea of the boot; hoping the utica leather confirms that. Cheers mate.
Hey Duck. Just one more quick question, hope you don't mind. This trunk show - was it Ben Silver specific or just for Alden? I'm trying to figure out if these are Ben Silver exclusives or not. They don't have any other photos available, according to the SA, and I'd like to see more before buying. 360 degree welt and "tan" stitching on the moc toe is what I've been told. Thanks much!!
Cheers thanks. I'll email them for some additional pictures. Exciting make-up, assuming I can get the Van last right. I'll post some pics if & when. Thanks again! Great to hear it's a new model.
Cheers guys. Thanks. Anyone have additional pictures of this Alden Michigan boot? The SA at Ben Silver I spoke with said it's an Alden stock model but I can't find anything on it anywhere. Maybe it's new?
Consensus on Van last sizing? Searching the forum it seems people go with their Barrie size but that perhaps the Van is slightly closer to TTS? My Barrie 10.5 is perfect width with ample toe room (could even stand a bit less) - seems like 10.5 Van should work for me then? Thanks all.
Big fan of those Michigan boots as well - too bad there's so few pictures online. 270 degree flat welt, it looks like? And white toe stiching, or perhaps tan?
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