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Innsbruck LWBs in black & white.
Thanks, Mike. Always enjoy your posts & of course your insight.ww
Thanks for the feedback on the Indys, guys. I did return them. 9501s with dog
So I just unboxed my Natural CXL Indys from TSM. Great looking pair of boots, except for this. It's a scrape of some kind (discoloration but also a change in texture). Is this the kind of thing some shoe cream and a bit of brushing will take care of, or would it be best to send these back? (My gut says send them back but I'm also impatient). I have no idea why TSM has someone "sign off" on a pair of Aldens before sending only to have them arrive in this condition. Thanks...
Innsbruck LWB in the wild.
Alden X EP Innsbruck LWB in their natural habitat.
Semi off topic but hey: I'm considering a pair of Indy boots (natural CXL) but also see a nice selection of Viberg service boots (2030 last)—brown CXL with a straight cap toe, color 8 CXL with a perforated cap toe and an interesting "iced mocha" CXL, which looks like a darker natural CXL, PTB. All have brass hardware. I work in a business casual environment most days & either boot would be fine with chinos, cords, Oxford shirts, etc. Can anyone weigh the pros and cons of...
I feel like I've read that there might be some Alden Tankers from EP coming down the pipeline. Wondering if anyone has details regarding the leather? (Specifically I'm looking for a natural CXL boot &, before ordering the standard Indys, was curious to see what the EP offerings might be. Thanks in advance!) @epaulet
Spot on fit. Are those the standard CXL Indys? I've been eyeing a pair in Natural CXL to wear with cordouroys, oxfords, etc.
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