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Another shot of Adam's grain saddles. Anonymous socks, JCrew cords. Such a great make-up!
I have no info. except to say that those are absolute stunners.
Can't wait to get mine there^ fantastic
If I buy a pair of shell (that I actually keep) it will be the 990, probably fitted with agatine matched eyelets and a Dainite sole. Great color.First run out of my Adam produced saddles as well today
Sloat PTB from Unionmade. 5th wear. Perfect boot for me.
Yeah I'm blown away by just how comfortable right out the box. First Alden boots I've bought and kept (after buying 3 others and returning for various reasons). TB last is like a glove for my foot. Cheers.
Thanks. I never imagined owning saddles and then saw these and pulled the trigger. Was nervous about the sizing but plaza TTS for me is a great fit. Think at some point I may get these fitted with Dainite soles. Also recently received the Sloat* PTB from Unionmade. Natural CXL is my favorite. Trubalance is so comfortable and I really like the neocork.
From Adam. Alpine/Scotch grain saddles. My first Plaza last. 10.5D Barrie/TB and 11D is a perfect fit. Great service as always.
Apologies if this is the wrong place to post this but I figured I'd give a fellow Alden enthusiast a head's up before the broader Internet. I'm on a preorder for Alden of Carmel's color 8 LWB on commando with antique edges, size 10.5D Barrie last. The shoes are set to arrive next month. I paid a small deposit (like $250) & am having second thoughts. Anyone interested in taking the spot? If not I'll purchase the shoes, reevaluate, and if not for me put up in the sale...
Innsbruck LWBs in black & white.
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