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Thanks! Anyone else care to chime in?
I've been wearing a pair of 10E unlined PTBs from Epaulet. I ordered a couple new pairs - Natural CXL PTB and Unionmade Alpine NST - but I opted for a 10.5D. The width in the heel is better and I think my foot falls more correctly in the shoe. I was just brushing the 10E PTBs and decided to snap a pick of the inside to see my footfall pattern. Pic is below. They're comfortable but from the look of those pics my toes look murdered. Based on this, guesses as to the best...
Ta. Really looking forward to receiving them!
Placed an order for the Alpine Grain NSTs from Unionmade. Like the brass, love the all eyelet. My first Alden boot (to go along with my Natural CXL PTB and unlined brown CXL PTB). How does the alpine grain age? I haven't seen a ton of pictures here or via google. With the commando sole, these should be a great fall/winter boot here in the NE.
Oh Alden sages,   Hoping for some expert advice on various (some might say minute) differences between versions of the Alden 97873 - the LWB in Natural Chromexcel.   I feel in love with the Leffot version, long sold out, pictured here:   I love these and, although they're not available from Leffot, found versions from Alden Madison and elsewhere. That version, however, has a darker (I hope I'm using the correct term here) upper welt.     I realize it's a minor...
Barrie last & D width? 10.5
Cheers. Thanks!
Who does #8 LWB with an antique edge - just Leffot? Really want a #8 long wing but only on antique. Thanks!
I am selling a pair of gently worn Alden Natural Chromexcel Plain Toe Bluchers in size 10.5D. These shoes have been worn approx. 20 times, all in the last two months, and have been shoe-treed and brushed between each wearing. They were originally purchased from The Shoe Mart in June for $531. (I am selling because I needed and found an E width). I treated them with Lexol and Venetian Shoe Cream and am selling them in the original box with Alden shoe bags.   Please let me...
Thanks guys!
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