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Barrie last & D width? 10.5
Cheers. Thanks!
Who does #8 LWB with an antique edge - just Leffot? Really want a #8 long wing but only on antique. Thanks!
I am selling a pair of gently worn Alden Natural Chromexcel Plain Toe Bluchers in size 10.5D. These shoes have been worn approx. 20 times, all in the last two months, and have been shoe-treed and brushed between each wearing. They were originally purchased from The Shoe Mart in June for $531. (I am selling because I needed and found an E width). I treated them with Lexol and Venetian Shoe Cream and am selling them in the original box with Alden shoe bags.   Please let me...
Thanks guys!
Out of curiousity, does Alden stamp the inside of each shoe it makes for a given retailer with that stockists name or logo? I've seen it before & just ordered a pair from Alden Madison. Cheers.
Natural light/Chromexcel
Not the best lighting (sorry) but fifth voyage of my Alden SF PTBs in Natural Chromexcel. Starting to develop some nice rolls/pull-up already.  
  Thanks guys. I've been using VSC on my NATCXLPTBs and like the results. Cheers.
Thanks for posting. Is the Mac Method the same for calfskin (CXL in this case) as shell?
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