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Guys question on resoling: thinking of having my 975s resoled to mirror the Leffot color 8 LWB. Because I'm a shoe terminology newb, how should I communicate what I want to an Nelson: "resole with Alden like "antique" edge with double leather & Dainite sole." Does that communicate it correctly? (I realize the leffot lwb doesn't have Dainite.) Thanks guys!!!
What do people make of Saphir edge dressing? I have my first pair of shell (975) and want to do some touching up. What a pair of shoes, incidentally. At first I really wanted the antique trim a la Leffot but the black has totally won me over. Wore them last week with a three piece navy suit, this with jeans and an army green wool/cashmere topcoat from JCrew. Unstoppable with almost anything. Cheers, ww
Thanks Mike Mike
MikeMike,Is B Nelson doing this work for you? I'm loving my new-ish 975's but when resole time does come I'm considering going a) antique edge and b) maybe, possibly some brass.Cheers,ww
Thanks as ever, Mike! Have a great weekend.
@Epaulet Hi Mike, I know there are boot and CXL versions around, but any idea if/when you'll run the Alden #8 Alt Wein dress shoe again? Cheers in advance!
Mike,I preordered the CXL LWB - do you expect 8-10 months for this as well? Amy chance it'll be sooner? Thanks!
Where have I seen a color 8 with antique edge on commando? Did unionmade do a makeup? Does anyone currently?
Those of you with the Unionmade Natural CXL NST, how do you like it after some wear? I love the look (my go-to right now is Epaulet's Innsbruck LWB) and may pull the trigger. How's the flex welt sole on a boot? How's the batch of CXL? Cheers, ww
Just a crappy iphone pic but here are my new Epaulet Innsbruck LWBs. So they're not Cigar, but besides that my dream make up. (CXL on commando, brass eyelets. Barrie last.)
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