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I hate you all and the f-ing bitching you do. Now I'm off to pick up another pair of Incotex chinos to fill that empty hanger in my closet.
Quote: Originally Posted by TCN It's embarrassing to Brooks that they employ such a shithead at such an important store. Whatever happened to them saying "I don't know sir, but I will check for you"? The vast majority of Brooks sales associates will spout the same tripe. It is what they are taught by management.
My oldest pair, purchased in 1983, is an A-E MacNeil in Shell which has been recrafted twice and still looks very good. The next two are Edward Green for Cole-Haan, purchased in '86 or '87 have only needed new heels. At this point, I should quite easily never need to purchase another pair and never wear one out... but that just seems like blasphemy to me
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac Haha if you have a "regular salesman" then I'm sure they are going to be nice to you. And do you "favors" like special orders. I on the other hand have a 8 to 1 try/buy ratio, I'm sure it has something to do with it. I'm not complaining, their job is to sell, I'm just saying some are more pleasant than others. my try/buy ratio is about the same, and I buy only 1-2 pair a year from NM.. whereas I buy 5-8...
Unlike Tarmac, I've had nothing but exceptional service in NM SF, Roger Baurmann is my regular salesman and he has done special orders, obtained stock from other stores and notified me of sale shoes in my size that he knows meet my purchasing preferences. I've had more hit or miss success with Wilkes or Saks, but there is a young lady at Saks whose name escapes me at the moment who has been very helpful. I have had the worst experiences in Alden and Brooks Bros in SF....
With my navy overcoat I wear several shades of grey, burgundy, tan and pink scarves in both solids and patterns. With my charcol overcoatd I add navy to the mix.. and with the tan overcoat I only remove the solid tan scarf. Wear whatever color/colors fit in with the dress of the day, there are too many options and scarves are relatively cheap accessories and should be possessed in abundance, much like ties and pocket squares.
I haven't experienced this will JLP, but I have with both AE and EG and both either repaired (AE) or replaced (EG) the shoes. I would expect the same of JLP
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt ... but I am thankful for all of the drama as SF gets pretty boring without it. Amen brother. And that is exactly why an occassional stirring of the pot is so interesting Futhermore, to be perfect honest with myself and the board, were I 20 years younger, 6 inches shorter, possessed of a full head of hair and a size 36-38 chest, I'd probably take a much harder look at TB and BF... but I'm not any of those...
I think the reality is Bennie's has sold out so quickly in most sizes ( within hours) at $250 that they are rightfully seeing what the market will bear. I will pay $350 for som e GMP shoes.. not so much for others. If they don't sell at that price point, they will be marked down. It's simple supply and demand in my opinion. Having said that, I liked em a whole lot better at $250
Love all three, own all three. Great choices
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