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Quote: Originally Posted by Daytona John What hidden agenda? I was also not made aware of any disclainers - I didn't use the webside PDF form - it was arranged at the factory outlet store and I mailed the shoes to them. Who peed in your Cheerios? Really? If you call the shoe in those after photos "near new" (which is what Allen Edmonds advertises) then perhaps its you who needs thier head extracted from their posterior? You went in,...
I'm not quite 6'1" (or a bit over 6'0") and, depending on the cut, wear either an R or S... average torso, short arms and some 6'4" guys legs. So wear what fits... fully covers the nether regions without too much excess... and never, ever let a salesman tell you that at x height you are a S, R or L. For the average it's true, but very few of us are average
All shoes will crease. Your foot moves and flexes, the leather must move and flex with it. If the creasing is excessive, you likely are wearing the wrong size shoe.
I'm not a big fan of derbies on a good day, but I must say that my heart skipped a beat when I saw these. SWEET
Start with a hidden agenda, add unreasonable expectations and ignore the disclaimers about damaged leather and you'll be unhappy with the outcome. Either you went into this expecting a miracle or with your head up your ass - I'm not sure which one, but you got exactly what A-E advertised. Having said that, the general quality of A-E has declined so much over the past 5-6 years that they are no longer even attractive to me at serious discount. The recrafted shoes look far...
visit your local Nieman Marcus last call store. You can often find very high quality suits in your price range - especially if you have a bit of paitence and wait for additional markdowns or storewide additional discounts. I've picke up Isaia, Oxxford and Belvest for $500 or less at various last call stores.
Quote: Originally Posted by TKDKid I think the 348 looks great, but it doesn't fit me very well as it's a bit loose at the ankle, and I don't think I'm the only one with this problem. I ended up dropping down half a size and it took me quite some time (and quite a lot of pain!) to break into them. 348 vs 337, with the 348 half a size smaller: - 348 looks better but 337 fits much better and, at the end of the day (of walking), I think fit is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Tarmac hmm what does this mean? aren't they half the EG price? The OP stated he was willing to pay $1025 for the 348 vs. 525 for the EG... I was just disagreeing on that point
I love the 348 - no doubt about it being a fine last. I would not pay double the EG price for one though ;-) I love that I can get a shoe on that last for something less than $400 but I still buy EGs as they just fit my foot better and I love the antiquing. But I'll take the 348 over the 337 any day. And the JLP 8000 is truly lovely - just got a pair of Vales in Chestnut Museum on the 8000 and I'm in love.
Thank god someone bought the 10's .. I was fighting the compulsion to buy them all day long. I just can't afford them with the 4 pair of special order cordovan coming down the pike.
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