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if you are serious about the weight loss - buy the 40's... you can have them let out now, and they can be taken in later. A swing of 2" in either direction, assuming the fabric is there, is a very common alteration.
As rarely as possible. never more than once or twice in a calendar year, and often no more than every 2 years or so. I only dry-clean when soiled, an odor develops or 50 wearings or so... of course I have a few dozen suits and nearly twice that number of sports coats, so I can properly air things out between wearings. I go over each garment at the end of the day with a clothes brush and look for evidence of stains or soiling - I spot clean what I can before considering a...
Lovely shoes... I too have a love of the monk strap. I would have picked a color other than black, but that is just my preference.
Quote: Originally Posted by william You can see them in Chestnut Antique here: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...MESE:IT&ih=008 edit: oops...i didn't realize it was you sartort...you've already seen these Quit trying to sell these out from under me. you could have just saved us both the hell of eBay and sold em to me directly... :-)
Looks a bit large on you... and you'll certainly need to take the sleeves up by about 2". But looks good with casual pants and there is room enough to layer a fairly heavy sweater underneath.
Love em.. have a pair from a. testoni that are very much like these and ordered a double monk version in Shell from Martegani via Ron Rider.....
Seems to fit reasonably well. A bit of tailoring should make it perfect. And you could dramatically improve the image quality by just washing the mirror.
Quote: Originally Posted by EL72 I've never heard of Santoni FAM in shell cordovan - much less dark brown SC. Any pics? Your wish is my command. I believe these are likely the same shoes the OP was referring to, except in burgundy - Santoni FAM Wilson in Burgundy Shell, complete with the Horween's tag.... And the other Shell shoes currently in my possession. All are C&J for Polo... 3 are the same mid brown and the pair in the lower...
I'm not terribly fond of the first colour combination, but I'd wear the second all fall and winter.
Far superior to the usual Kenneth Cole/Mark Nason duck-billed monstrosities. But they wouldn't be my choice....
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