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based on the interior markings, I'd venture that it was Sargent
Quote: Originally Posted by knittieguy Is this the 46 last? All 4 pair are on the 46, it fits me like a custom last.
Quote: Originally Posted by chorse123 These are some of the nicest shell shoes I've seen. Beautiful. And I'm sure they're mine :-) Along with the pair immediately to the left. Cannot wait to get them!!
Quote: Originally Posted by shoe in a shoebox, in an alley, next to SCP. expanded for clarity
A half size smaller and they'd be gone!!
spell checking with no logic.. gotta love it. Did Microslop acquire the BB software???
I've bought dozens of items from eBay and only had issue with a very few and I was able to recoup my losses rather quickly. I've had great experiences with our regular sellers on the B&S forum and the well known sellers who are members and with most of the forum affiliates (adverts at the top of each page).
There is also the Chawner double monk in tan and the MacCallum chukka boot in dark brown shell. The Benton is also available in dark brown burnished calf and I have 2 Polo analogs of the C&J Onslow in natural and dark brown shell cord, both with dainite soles
Quote: Originally Posted by josepidal Well, what's the difference between a BB or Burberry 100% cotton and 50% polyester coat? 50% of the latter is polyester.
Nordstrom sold Facconable to a family run concern M1 earlier this year. Nordstrom's press release is located here :
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