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My preferences in order are: Side vents - my overwhelming favorite No vent Center vent - deals too good to pass up... the older I get, the more I refuse to buy anything not tailored with side vents.
Quote: If I remember correctly (I could be wrong) HDTV was partially made to enhance the performance of Laserdiscs, but since that particular media came and went as fast as Betamax, HDTV was then adopted to more conventional broadcasts, like cable and satellite transmissions. Jon. Laserdisc lasted significantly longer than Betamax. Laserdiscs were introduced in 1978 or 79 and were continually manufactured until 2002 and only died due to the...
Worked for me today...
Take them to a cobbler, he won't charge much to add a reinforced eyelet, and you won't risk ruining the shoe.
Raley, I have to disagree with johnnynorman, I'm going to say 38R, I too am just over 6' and weigh a bit more ( ok, 50# more) than you, have a slightly shorter inseam at 32" (so have a proportionally longer torso, unless you have an unusually long neck) and wear a 43R and always need to have the sleeves shortened about 2". With the measurements you gave, a R fit should hit you just perfectly - if it just covers your backside, you're in business - but the sleeves on a 38...
Looks pretty good. Thank God you talked him down from the folly of duck billed square toes ..
Quote: Quote: (dorian @ 23 July 2004, 11:19) obnoxious. humility is a quality one ought to have acquired either while being brought up in or while creating wealth. why not just say, "i'll try that now." (sorry, j, steve ) People in England do not have a superiority complex. I do realise that Americans do, after all, that is what their country is about - escaping from the British hieratical social standing system. I obviously did not...
It really depends on where you live - in the South and a portion of the Eastern Seaboard, it would be perfectly normal to see seersucker in a casual setting - especially if it's early evening and warm - elsewhere, I'm not so sure and will defer to others more versed in such things. I'd do it.
I have that exact same pair. Had them for 5-6 months now and they are wearing very well.
Quote: In that vein - for all you Nordstrom Rack shoppers out there - if you see any Santoni handmades in size 13, please let me know. Depending on the original price I might be able to make it worth your while to pick them up and sell them to me.. I'll keep an eye out as I plan on visiting a few Racks this afternoon, and like johnnynorman - no additional cost, we have to take care of our sartorial brothers.
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