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I guess third world is where it's at.. I find Singapore one of the most civilized places on earth.. if that's 3rd world, sign me up
Quote: Originally Posted by KObalto I get a lot of compliments on my clothes from friends and strangers alike and I enjoy it. When I see a well-dressed guy, I do the same. +1
it's an early custom fit... and before that they were called slim fit with the same 'locker loop' label. I have a half dozen or so, sourced from Polo, Bloomingdale's and Macy's
I'd prefer a much lighter shade of brown for Summer. I associate dark brown more with Autumn. Cutting the tassels off would absolutely ruin the shoe. Why not find a nice pair of canvas espadrilles or other more appropriate summertime wear?
Quote: Originally Posted by pledge Thank you, Tom. FWIW, I've also heard that it runs "shorter" (or was it "longer"?) as well, whatever that means. hmmm.... not my experience. I find they are exactly the same with one exception.. the 888 has a squared off toebox and the 82 is rounded... sole to sole.. they match in every dimension.
Quote: Originally Posted by pledge I'll bump this question. No one at EG seems to be able to consistently answer this question. I find it fits very much like the 888
Size 9 and 9.5.. sadly nothing of interest to me at all this year... ALL SHOES ARE £420.00 (£365.00 TAX-FREE) UNLESS MARKED OTHERWISE, PLUS SHIPPING. Size 9 Sale Shoes 9 D Oxfords CADOGAN CHESTNUT 202 PELHAM BLACK 888 PLYMOUTH BLACK 82 Derbys ELMSLEY COFFEE 202 Loafers WIGMORE BLACK 606 Size 9 E Oxfords SAXMUNDHAM BLACK 888 x 2 SOUTHWOLD BLACK 888 CANTERBURY BLACK 202 RUSSELL CHESTNUT 82 - £400.00 (£348.00 tax-free) LICHFIELD BURNT...
I wear them, I pack them, I carry them on. I'm not going without just because I'm traveling. The one exception is when I head to Hawaii for vacation... then I wear a pair.. but only pack the necessary trees and bags... as I am mostly barefooted or in flip flops at the beach.
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