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My experience matches yours completely. St. Crispin wins hands down on all points. For the small price difference there is a world of difference in the experience.
The GAP brands ( GAP, Banana Republic, and Old Navy) and their respective Factory Stores and Outlets have a pretty wide variety of 100% cotton choices. Picked up 2 pair from the Banana Republic Factory Store for right around $35 - sale ends Monday
ummmm... they aren't tailors... those gentlemen are members of the forum and relatively frequent posters in the various fit threads.
Suede is quite easy to stretch. Just wetting with water (not dripping wet and not just damp, but evenly moist) and wearing them around the house will do in. Wear them until they are dry. Alternatively, there are many commercial preparations available to aid the stretching process, and any competent cobbler can stretch the toe box for you for a few dollars. Shoes should be snug, but not uncomfortably so, this goes double for suede. Suede will stretch quite a bit over time....
As I wrote, Royal Mail/Parcel Force... so yes ParcelForce. I much prefer it as the shipment typically gets to me 2-4 days sooner than UPS or DHL, FedEx is about the same time as RM/P. I prefer to pay slightly more upfront for ParcelForce and not get hit with a bill for twice as much in "brokerage fees" a month or two later. With all of them, customs and duties in the US may or may not be assessed, and that is not an issue. Speed and quality of service are. At least in my...
Prince Michael has never given a damn about what anyone thinks of anything he does. He is a very interesting man, and his wife, Princess Michael, has much the same attitude. I have had the pleasure to make their highness' acquaintance, and they are always amazingly gracious and he, in particular, quite funny.
That is Prince Michael of Kent, not the Duke, his brother Prince Edward.
That's strange, I just had another vendor ship AS Moore in Cherry UK9, Lasted Trees, 4 tins of polish, suede cleaner and a horsehair bush via Royal Mail/Parcel Force. My last shipment from Edward Green was 2 pair of shoes and trees, also Royal Mail. Wonder how they manage it.
Link is right there at the bottom of the signature. The line that
In Alden price territory, I'd prefer this In AE territory, this or this All are as well constructed or better at the same price point. All are sleeker in both last and welt. All have single leather soles, which is much preferred in a dress/formal...
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