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There is no claim of a fully canvassed suit. In fact, they go to great pains not to say that. A floating chest piece is approximately 1/3 of the upper front of the jacket. The facings were either not fused correctly or the fusible is of such low quality that it has shrunk from heat/steam applied by the first alterations tailor, assuming that it didn't come out of the box that way. Basically, this is a lower than department store/Jos A Bank suit at 4 x the money. And they...
Too much blue and too much pattern. White or cream shirt or a very pale pastel and the camel tie would work, depending on the fabric of the tie.
I too had a similar conundrum. I phoned customer service and found that the suits were coming from the Netherlands and would ship from New Jersey once they arrived in the US. The next day, they shipped and are scheduled to arrive Wednesday the 10th, a full 22 days after placing the order. So patience is the order of the day.
No, I find leather infinitely more comfortable. The forum has not died, but only those questions of interest are answered.
Actually, it can be done quite easily. Shortening the sleeves that far usually requires slimming down the sleeve and you can gain the extra fabric to recreate the vent. Still takes a relatively skilled alterations person, but not of the same level as shortening from the shoulder. I've done many of them myself and I'm not a tailor, though I am an experienced sewer and quilter.
tdolly, Herring went above and beyond for you. After six months, most retailers would have just said that is normal wear and tear. You are a completely unreasonable and out of line.
DHL will bill you after the fact for customs duties. They never forget to do so... anywhere between 3 and 10 weeks in most cases.
clearly not what was listed for sale. As previous posters have stated, it is printed, not embroidered, the copy is not correct and this is exactly what buyer protection is for.
A private sale site is one open only to subscribers - you have to be a member to shop, i.e. The Gilt Groupe, HauteLook, Zulily, MyHabit, etc
Late to the game, but decided to play today.... -a blue odd jacket. If you live in a two-season climate, then two, one for warmth and one for the cold - check x many -mid gray flannel pants -check -decent, non-chino khakis - check -at least one funky (but tasteful!) non-blue tweed jacket - check x many -a mid to dark gray worsted single-breasted suit - check -a navy worsted single breasted suit - check -a white FC shirt - check -several blue BC shirts, at least one BD...
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