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But is he a max player though??
I'd lean more towards the former. Danny Green made a great block on Steph behind the 3 point line at one point.And yeah, I don't know what else you could have asked from LaMarcus in this game considering he scored just 5 points in their first meeting with GS (26 in last night's match-up). He wasn't lights out but that's what you need from him if they are going to get past the Warriors
Wooot! Congrats SA and its fans Great game by LaMarcus and usual superb play by Kawhi. Defense on point
Wait, is Rose Bryne a mutant now?? Wth
And like Boba Fett escaping certain death. I'm sure expanded universe has him surviving drifting in space with little oxygen and no ships nearby.
If you think the mutants got it bad, try being an Inhuman in the MCU
Did not know this. That's nuts. All the reason for me rooting for the Spurs.
Whenever they show someone getting bitten on the cheek,, it disgusts me... And I'm really not all that surprised with what's going on with Carol. She's killed men, women, and children. It's starting to get to her but I like how she turns on KILL MODE when the moment calls for it. Wish we could say the same for Morgan....
This is going to end up like Arnold's The Last Stand.....
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