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One of the surprising anecdotes that was brought up the other day was how OKC has been to the Conference Finals 4 out of the past 5 seasons. With a loaded West, that's just nuts. Just imagine if they played some semblance of intelligent basketball. smh I just hope Russ/KD don't become this generation's Stockton/Malone.
I think the most apt description is OKC played streetball and GSW is SPURS 2014 on steroids, crack, the fake 90210 drug euphoria, etc. Well, here's hoping Cavs get swept at least.
Speak for yourself!
Dion Waiters has never seen a shot he couldn't make.
No rape, no boobs (as far as I remember), and nary a hint of misogyny. EDIT: My man Argus Filch from the Harry Potter movies held it down this episode.
Disagree with your first point but I echo the rest of your sentiments.
Durant/Russ need to pull an Auerbach and say "Those balloons are staying up there for a long time." for Game 7
A&W for a change. I miss that in Montreal.
Their waffle fries are actually my favourite thing on the menu probs
New Posts  All Forums: