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Wow, first time I agree with Ter. Where is the pictures?
Do you speak any other languages besides English, SR?
How is your diet going?
You guys are all going to get bad karma
Alanis Morrissette taught me everything I need to know about irony. #90skid
Legit bush or do they use merkins?
Judging by the posts, there's a lot of hatred towards women today.
Zach Lowe's podcast with Mark Cuban was good until it devolved into a 30 minute plug for Cyber Dust.
That's why I said last year's AFC Championship game (which they lost to Denver) not this year's.The reason I brought up that list is despite the injuries, not only did they make the playoffs, they were also one game away from the SB. Eli and co. on the other hand, are given pardons by the NY yahoos on this board because....reasons.
New Posts  All Forums: