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My god, CIVIL WAR was great. It rivals "Guardians of the Galaxy" as my favourite MCU film. Everything was great. Pacing, action, dialogue, cheesy/funny scenes at the right time, etc. And Spider-Man?!! My goodness, give this kid a franchise. Please. Like right now. The huge fight scene at the airport was on par with Battle of NY in terms of awesomeness. And when everything was explained, it wasn't as convoluted as I thought it would be. No boring ass speeches to...
Great great game by Tony Parker. Mama, there goes that (French) man!!
Then Thibs got a hold of him!Miss them on the Bulls!!
Or rape!
If I am not mistaken, there were no boobs or puss in this ep, correct? HORNS, help me out
Indesterum, in all seriousness, are you a GSW bandwagon fan or are you just embodying the typical bandwagoner?
Danny Green is competent IMO against Durant but obviously it's pick-your-poison when Russ is on the floor too. Hopefully, the three days break some wonders for the creaky Spurs squad
The Second Round??
Icy-Hot Green is back
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