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They basically went the Star Trek route
From what I remember, Logan had bone claws while he was sex-ing the mob boss' daughter when he was sent back in time.Not sure how the upcoming DEADPOOL movie will fit into this too considering it's the same actor (Fox and casting lol)
As much as it pains me, I consider Origins Wolverine canon too. Only because they reference Kayla Silverfox in The Wolverine (her voice can be heard while Logan is unconscious). Not to mention it has Pat Stewart as well. They kind of effed it up with Emma Frost though (Emma Frost Origins and Emma Frost First Class).
Yes, sir
At least it isn't Terminator-level time travel
I'm heading to Rhode Island this weekend. Finna make a BJ's run if anyone is interested in joining me
I always thought personally Apocalypse is more suited in animated form. I feel the same way about Thanos and Darkseid.
Wasn't sure if Munn could pull off the look but she looks hot. Fact
Nice. I hope you are eating a croissant while sporting such duds
Do you wear Lacoste or Ralph Lauren Polo?
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