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Great great episode. Met all my expectations. Women offered as sexual peace offerings? Check! Threats of rape? Check! A naked Mother of Dragons? DOUBLE check!
Donnie so happy he's part of the real MARVEL movie universe now
Poor Adrianne Palicki can't catch a break. She still hot though.....
^ I always thought that they would ride off into the sunset together but when you just won 67 games, have a great duo in Kawhi and LMA, good pieces like Danny Green/Boban/etc.; I can't see Pop walking away so easily. Duncan too for that matter but I guess we will have to wait
Yeah, whoever said the bench didn't come up for this series for SAS, I have to agree partially. Were the Diaw and Mills ever planning to show up??? And while Timmy hasn't been as bad as been said in this thread, he either needs to come off the bench next season or retire. Still love me some Manu personally. Don't want to overreact but they need to pursue a PG this season. Acquiring LMA and David West worked wonders for the reg season but come playoffs, not as much....
Credit to Russ
LOL this thread rocks While we're on the subject, does anyone have any experience playing actual Quidditch that they are not telling us??
Waste of a Danny Green game. Too many mid-range shots that weren't being converted (seriously, what was Tony thinking? he knows better than to go Hero Ball in the last few seconds....) LMA also has to bring it next game. Otherwise, we may as well have seen Duncan's last game in SA
Depp hasn't done anything worthwhile in a few years now IMO BLACK MASS was laughable before anyone brings that up
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