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When you have so many hot women, it's hard to concentrate.
Please report anyone who is impersonating me on FB. I only have a keek, instagram, twitter, WhatsApp, and Viber.
What about the USOS?
Yeah, the unfortunate thing with NBA is unlike NFL, there is hardly any parity. Let's be real, 8th 7th 6th 5th 4th seed won't get you anywhere. It's championship or bust. Sadly, Pacers and Bulls will be a mere footnote to the Heat Big 3 era unless they can win a chip of their own in the foreseeable future.
True but I'm more concerned for Hibbert and West (who is very integral not only for on the court but off the court leadership as well). Their bench is pretty bad too...almost Clips bad if not worse. They will be competitive but I don't see them getting a chip in the next 3-4 years.
Hmmm....I haven't been following them admittedly but I thought they were in full-on tank mode. You want to talk about window closing, that Pacer team might be it.
^ What I like about Barnwell and Mays is that they're football geeks and they embrace it. Lowe, like I said, comes off like a super serious dude. Almost solemn. I don't want to sound like I'm bashing him though. He's obviously really knowledgeable about bball. Starters is like bball nerds unleashed. The Australian guy is hilarious! I kind of stopped listening to NBA AFTER DARK.....I get the appeal but it gets annoying to me after a while. Same with Pop the Trunk which is...
Is Paul George coming back? What's the story?
The sad thing is, stans will line up in droves which will result in Ye claiming this as a victory against NIKE. smhhhhhh
Nike be on some petty shit if they release Y1 and Y2 but that would be great They are above that kind of crap though. They don't need to worry about Yeezus when they got MJ, KD, LeBron, Kobe, Tiger, Fed, Sharapova,,,the list goes on Kanye gotta take a seat
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