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^ The fact that they are defensive juggernauts and the East is a toss-up, they could end up 7-8 seeds I think. Obviously, he was their best defender and the rise of the Cavs, Bulls, Wizards, Raps, etc. could keep them from qualifying next year. But who knows? Just a sad situation for a promising young guy. I forget he was MVP calibre a third of the season last year and willed that Pacers team to a game 6 against MIA
As if the East wasn't suffering already. Sad all around. Just all around sadness.
Still think Rose playing at all this summer is a bad idea but him making the team would be the best case scenario at this point. I was reading about his shitty inner circle compounded with how much he just wants play makes this whole ordeal a little more understandable.
No more "if the Wizards score over 100 points and win" you get 50% off your pizza deals....
Don't worry. Beal and KD are joining forces in 2016
Mutual friend of tagut
This is the Snyder Superman suit all over again I feel. Us purists are always going to prefer the classic color scheme, etc. but the landscape for comic book movies has been skewing towards a more muted colour palette (not even Captain America and Spidey are immune!). Everyone needs to be brooding
I don't think edmorel's going to like Grantland's front page article today: The Mecca in Decline Why doesn’t New York City produce elite NBA talent like it used to?
Can't wait until drinking urine is in fashion
Where does having their pic posted in WYHI threaks fall in the sexual harassment spectrum?
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