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LOl didn't Melo wait for him at the team bus after that game or something
Prime KG was on another level. So easily ppl forget
Not to be mean but kinda seems like Bill was stuck with the rejects (I.E. Juliet, the annoying producer Tate)...I don't know. Haven't really checked out the Ringer website itself,, just listen to his main podcast.
Didn't Tony Romo Brady Bledsoe?
Oh, okay. Yeah, I checked their archives on the site and found this: via HYPEBEAST
I think I might have seen some black boost sole on Hypebeast the other day or could be some custom joints...not sure
Lol...I can't really complain though. They are still, without a doubt, the comfiest things I've put on my feet (aside from my puffy bunny slippers in the winter)
Them beating the Texans with a third string QB last night doesn't make you think that already?
Jacoby Brissett is going to require surgery.... WTFFFF Edelman time??
RFX, you have any experience with the CONTINENTAL sole on the white UB 2.0?? Any difference with regards to traction on those?
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