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If you're really stressed, some self-love does wonders.
Lincadecent, how are you liking Nick Fowles??
Go Chelsea (aka the racists)
A lot of you barely speak English.
^ Especially for the public region.
Ah, yes. The Conne Diet should do trick.
"Pitch Perfect" > "Pitch Perfect 2" Hailee Steinfeld was the only good addition to the sequel.
He will make a better X-Wing pilot than a gangster IMO
Pizza Friday!
I'm actually surprised to hear the relatively positive RG3 viewpoints on this board (everywhere else devolves into blaming him solely for the team's errors....one ESPN top comment even put the onus on black QBs as a whole..) I pretty much agree with you guys though. I'm not making any excuses for the guy but what could have been if he was in a capable organization. Hell, I'll settle for a decent O-line...
New Posts  All Forums: