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Imagine watching that movie high
They got a lot vets from The Wire. And of course the aforementioned Lemonde Bishop!
^^ Noob, you watched GOOD WIFE?? Woot!! There were stretches of that show where I said to myself, "This is the greatest thing on TV right now" -- with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones on the air. Anyway, Luke Cage looks legit. In the 3 episodes of JJ that I watched, he was the most interesting character.
I've seen them look decent on some fits but most of them were of Pharrell himself so.....
No V. I meant the old geezer raking Belichick through the coals.... Only thing I will agree on is keeping the Lombardi name as is. No matter how great, some things should remain. Otherwise I'd petition for the Michael Jordan Trophy.
Found the Rams/Eagles/Panthers/Seahawks fan.
Smalling went HAM
LOl didn't Melo wait for him at the team bus after that game or something
Prime KG was on another level. So easily ppl forget
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