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If there were a "First Team All Wu-Tang", Tony Allen and Josh Smith would be perennial candidates.
Don't forget Tony Allen! "First Team ALL DEFENSE!!"
So happy for the Grizz win. Conley looked like a Terminator out there. It's only one game but hopefully it'll shut up all the podcasters who claimed that even with a healthy Conley, Memphis didn't have a chance. Shoutout to the Bulls back in Jan
Austin stay playing for his father's approval.
Yeah, IF (huge, huge IF) Chicago manage to win the series, they will be dead exhausted lol
- When Mike Miller made his 3 early in the first half, I feared him going 2012 Heat mode. - Pau is proving to be the X-factor for the Bulls right now. He went 5 for 5 at one point with his mid-range. - Thibs went with Kirk instead of Snell again. He wasn't his usual horrible self though surprisingly - And yes, agree with BroSport. Dunleavy low-key Bulls MVP haha
Now, I can breathe again.
GoT gets the edge because of tits
Short answer: "After Earth"
You're better than that, javyn! Don't let this thread become "Walking Dead v2.0" with all the "Oh man, the characters are so stupid. Zombies are so easy to kill. I could kill a dozen using only chopsticks."
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