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Does she look as tomboy-ish in person?
Draymond would be a good fit for the Clips in more ways than one.
If you see Taylor Swift, tell her Jon says hi.
Tennessee's Asian population just went 0 to 1 real quick.
^ Is your fingerprint ID access not activated?
Holiday weight. Have to start controlling my intake.
And who wastes an awesome trick play for a game against the Eagles??? And of course the interception immediately afterwards pretty much hit the final nail in the coffin. Only bright spot I could think of was White who went over 100 yards. Poor man's Shane Vereen/Dion Lewis
We know we're a spoiled fanbase when losing 2 in a row is considered "end of the world" but gosh, losing to Chip Kelly??? C'mon, man
Has OP finally lost it??
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