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You root for the San Antonio Spurs, the Green Bay Packers, and the San Francisco Giants.It really isn't all that surprising that you've hitched a ride on the LeBron bandwagon.
Michael Rapaport podcasts only
Don't know about Dunn. Does he still live in Providence?? I wonder if he goes to the FOundry, Providence Place, Seekonk, etc.
I think a collective of Geoff Johns, a less drug induced Alan Moore, and the 80s version of Frank Miller could really work wonders for DCU.
^ I'm making the Durant Supersonics jersey my avatar
Let's go OKC! *puts on freshly bought Russ jersey* Before you guys call me a bandwagon fan,,, my dad's brother's second wife was born and raised in Oklahoma City so naturally I have a rooting interest in their sports teams.
Geoff Johns is indeed a living legend but no matter what they say,,, I hope they fully give these guys control and not be pussy footing around because of Synder's mess of a leadership
Victoria Justice yes!!!
New Posts  All Forums: