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LOL I really dislike LBJ but you really put the hate in #hatehard
^ That last line in his piece
Since Delly and JR have suddenly gotten cold, they need another Hakeem like performance by Mozgov and LBJ needs 40+ pts again. TT also has to get EVERY single rebound. Oh, and GSW has to revert to pussyfooting around and not making their shots for CLE to get back into this series.
I still prefer the Game 3 play where he ran off three Cavs players and drilled the 3 over Mozgov's outstretched hand (and getting knocked down in the process).
As you are a GSW fan, how thankful are you for David Lee tho
Iggy still the most consistent player for the 4th game in a row
LOL of course it was
Absolutely love her. She is on my bucket list of celebrities to meet.
This post proceeds with a stately flow; no Dickensian flamboyance or Thackerayan japery.
Holy crap that Harley Quinn clip was messed up
New Posts  All Forums: