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I Snapchat with Lasbar all the time and no penis pics are involved. And don't think I don't see you guys viewing my stories.
Doesn't he know you have to wash the sheets first?
The Asians (read: 90% membership) likely do not use razors at all
Dudley Boyz back in the WWE!! Fuck yeah!!
Blue is the Warmest Colour
Joe is blackmailing Samantha for ditching him. He is threatening to show the other bachelors/bachelorettes her text telling him, "Get a rose any way you can.."
Joe in Bachelor in Paradise really annoying me rn
^ Not the American version I hope
I suggest: - The Shield - Breaking Bad - The Office UK version Honourable mentions // guilty pleasures (stick to the first two seasons maybe): - 24 - Lost - Dexter
^ Yeah, we never got to see events from that perspective. And the thing I like about the characters is, none of them are hardened cops/sheriffs/SWAT members.
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