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Depp hasn't done anything worthwhile in a few years now IMO BLACK MASS was laughable before anyone brings that up
LeBron - Durant: Part 2
Spurs IF IF they can somehow force a Game 7 and win that,,,, God have mercy on their souls against Steph and co....
**Cue a LeBron James tweet/stupid comment to try and divert the attention back to him**
Shame on you, Portland! I was just about to start snatching up apparel and rocking a Dame jersey!
Sounds like Singer's version of X-Men: The Last Stand
IIRC, they made a lot of significant changes when they adapted A&D to the big-screen. I remember liking the film though.
Felicity Jones
Guardians of the Galaxy is my "favourite" MCU film but that doesn't necessarily make it the "best" if you know what I mean. I really enjoyed the wacky characters, the banter, the set pieces, the soundtrack, etc. It felt like the essence of comic books come to life. Those are all personal preferences.Other posters will be quick to champion Iron Man and Captain America: Winter Soldier as superior films than GotG and I ain't mad at that.Civil War, to me, is a nice combination...
I only really like the LEGO colourway (OG) and the all black Japanese NMD. The rest are kind of meh.
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