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There were talks that the Bulls were interested in acquiring him. That's one prospect down the drain smh
His homerism level doesn't seem any different to me. Every article and segment of his mentions the Pats, 2010 Celtics, TD Garden, etc. in some annoying capacity
Trouble in paradise with mrs. indesertum?
yay Greece! Bravo Elladara mou
Poor Melo. This summer was supposed to be his coming out party.
I shaved for the first time since January. I look ten years old. fml
He must have said something mean about Russians. Oh, wait. That was you!
Coaches should absolutely be given challenge flags (1-2 tops) but at the same time, the old school man in me is saying players might as well be running around in dresses if they want to complain about calls. I'm torn.
Ed, how do you feel about players who pump fake from the 3-point line, step inside the arc, and drain the mid-range shot?
New Posts  All Forums: