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Oh and don't wanna spoil it for you J but River Tam makes an appearance too. Forgot to mention that chick from WOLVERINE and Slade's girl back in the island too. Oliver's Playboy lvl 90000
LOL truuuuuuue....Barry on that Beta Male swag Only comparable chick on FLASH is probably Danielle Panabaker (crushed on her for the longest time). ARROW stay winning with Sara, Laurelle, WIlla Holland, Felicity, that weird stalker wannabe archer, that girl from Spartacus, and my all time fav Helena Bertinelli aka HUNTRESS aka GAWDESS And that's just off the top
I just started FLASH recently because I don't want to go into the cross-over episode with ARROW and be lost. I much prefer the tone of ARROW, for the record. Plus, there are lot more hotter chicks in ARROW than in FLASH (as far as I've seen).
^^ David Goyer at the helm though......?? Guessing you gonna cop, RFX?? PROMO: Pick Up A New Vision of Evil in “Batman Vol. 3: Death of the Family Book and The Joker Mask Set” and Become The Joker, Literally
The hottest comic strip females in order: 1. Dennis' mom 2. Dagwood's wife 3. Haggar the Horrible's daughter
Being a Heat fan, HRoi knows a lot about bandwagon fans. No, but he's right. Same thing with there being Lakers and Yankees "fans". Probably never step foot in these cities but the team is doing awesome so why not support the winners they think? And with the Cowboys/Pats comparison, it's defo a generational thing too. Lot of Cowboys fans who grew up in that 90s era still cheer for them now (unfortunately....)
NE offense played pretty poor for the most part. D really stepped it up this game. Just gotta hold on to that No. 1 seed
Sucks living in Virginia when I'm subjected to these kinds of Skins games......wish I was living in the state of New England.....
Japanese KitKat :3
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