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Forget security. Remember when you could wait at the terminal with your loved ones without purchasing a ticket?
Just found out how out of wack the NFC South is. I mean, I knew it was messed up but it's hilarious how the Falcons are still in it.
We are supposed to agree with someone that doesn't pay enough attention to the show he is criticizing. Bravo.
GSW can clear the room with David Lee $15 m contract coming off apparently...haven't really looked into but still interesting
Really hopes that happens. People talking about him moving to GSW as if that team wasn't talented enough already
LOL those people are laughable. I had one dude who had a birthday last week and conveniently posted a status update "Hey friends, hope you a great morning and be positive!"
The potato wedges at Famous Dave's are very tasty
The worse type of people eat potato salad: babies and dogs
Just no one say potato salad. Worse than egg salad yuck
Baked potatoes are the least interesting iteration of the potato imo It goes: French fries, mashed, crisps, skins, boiled with soup..............................................................all the way at the end is raw potato and baked
New Posts  All Forums: