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I have no idea if you are trolling but I will try to download a CBR later if I can find one
For someone worthy (so that rules out the cretins that inhabit this forum)
So,,,they ripping off the MARVEL ZOMBIES concept from 10 years ago??
Nope. She told me herself she's never done it so either she lied to me (which is very, very unlikely) or you yanking my chain
She just turned 18 in May. Excuse me for being protective
How many brawls do you guys think Lance will incite before he retires?? Du is only 23
I thought one of my little cousins was having sex because I follow her on IG and saw something....suspect. Thank god that wasn't the case.
Haven't listened to it lately because I haven't the time. They still do their power rankings? Who is no. 1? Reigns?
How many All Stars does LBJ need to win another championship?Not one, not two, not three....
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