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Yeah I just switched the channel to TNT. Hoping they keep it up!
2OT nuts
Damn, these Spurs are nasty, boy
And dude is legit playing with one leg. Crazy
"Barbie Girl". Candidate for worst song ever?
Intentional Buffalo Bill reference??Who am I kidding. Of course it is.
Duncan toying with the DPoY. smh
Also, how does "hotness of the singer" affect these ratings?(for the record,, Rebecca Black does not gives me a chub...)
Nothing against him. Just seems kinda random. Movie seems packed as it is unless it's one of many, many, MANY cameos.The one sin that movie has committed is casting Jai Courtney. I really don't understand Hollywood's insistence in making Jai Courtney a thing.
Okay, I've been on the hype train for this movie for a while but Common?? Ehhh....
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