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One play that is legit not being talked about in the aftermath of the onside kick, 2 pt conversion, interception slide, etc. was one of the plays that preceded the fake field goal. It was 3rd and 20 and GB rushed 2 while having one spy Russell Wilson. Instead of making WIlson scramble, he completed that deep pass to Baldwin that set up Seattle's first points of the game.
Give him a break! The guy's like 50. To him, yoga pants must be the equivalent of seeing the iPhone for the first time.
Alleged new promotional image for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice from the Hong Kong Licensing Show More like Fatman, am I right?
Burnett, the guy who slid immediately after the interception, spoke about it yesterday when asked and was saying how Peppers was motioning him to get down (replays showed this to be the case). There is not a good angle -- at least that I have seen -- but it looks to me the guy had 5-8 yards max before he'd be tackled by couple linemen. Would it have made a difference? Probably. But I thought there were more grueling missteps in that game than that particular play.
He's an honorary member of the Wu
Like it's been called by many, it is already known as the Douche Bowl. Brady & Belichick vs. Sherman, Carroll, Lynch. Non-supporters see it as an Alien vs. Predator situation (whoever wins, we LOSE)
Westbrook and chemistry should never be in the same sentence. If you made clones of Russ and use them all as your starting 5, that would be boss.
Bisco sounds like a black man's name.
My favourite is when he is pulling out the six shooters when his team is down 20 points
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