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It's your life. It's now or never. You ain't gonna live forever.
How many dames did you bed during that golden period? You were slaying beasts left and right back then!
+1Also, take a good hard look at the girl without the fat friend nearby. Chances are, she's not that hot and fattie merely was merely elevating her in the looks department.
Italian sausage.
I'm going to have pizza for lunch today. I'm so happy.
Doing number 2 anywhere other than your own abode is despicable.
I think the guy was just looking for a "good time".
Who doesn't love Jeremy Lin? Well, aside from the Knicks and the Rockets
Stop the presses! Our friends at Grantland claim that the Cavs have all the makings of a title contender! I'm hoping we get a repeat of 2011 Heat (or 2012 Lakers )
That worked real good for him last time
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