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And with regards to beating a dead horse with DC product,,, the only stuff I can kind of enjoy nowadays from them since I don't really buy comics like I used to are the animated films. However, even they have kind of fallen off at this point. I haven't watched The Killing Joke yet.
^ Yeah, that's true. The more crazy shit like the constant gratuitous bloodbaths and [[SPOILER]] would definitely raise some eyebrows. But the other stuff like vampires, angels, and Hell are kind run-of-the-mill at this point with shows like True Blood, Supernatural, and Buffy having tread those waters already. That's just my opinion. I do enjoy the show though.
Thank god for the women though!
Not to sound anti-DC because I really am not....but if "Suicide Squad" ends up being terrible (I'm talking BvS levels of terrible), I think I'm done with DCU movies in the cinema. I mean, I'll still torrent the shit out of them but no longer am I shelling out 50 bucks a year for a mediocre product. And it sucks because Wonder Woman is my favourite comic book character
Rose noooo!!!!!! :\ My god. We get a broken down Calderon, mediocre rookie, and Lopez. SMH SMH Bulls front office!
Do you think Steph will ever have his "Hey, is that John Candy?" moment?
Obligatory "how many more years does LBJ have??" to acquire more chips??
To me, that's all that really needs to be said really.And it is still strange to me how LeBron still hasn't won a DPoY, by the way.
Clearly, the "more RINGS = better player" defense is faulty, to say the least. And FYI, I wouldn't be heralding Bill Russell. I would be championing Robert Horry because all basketball before the year I was born doesn't count, everyone knows that. So, the argument is "Best Player Ever". Like I said earlier, LBJ is an all-time great but doesn't top MJ (he easily tops Kobe though, sorry Jet). Both LeBron and MJ are/were excellent athletes, smart, carried teams, and did it...
You pretty much answered your question already.But in all seriousness, 6 out of 6 out of 6 for MJ. Bulls never went to a Game 7 in the finals. Never faced elimination.LBJ is great. Still consider him the greatest player active right now (I never gave Steph that distinction despite back-to-back MVPs). And who is to say LBJ cannot eventually top MJ GOAT. But with a losing Finals record, he's still the Maid of Honour at best.
New Posts  All Forums: