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That guy in the sleeping bag actually kinda looks like....
It's like Noah's ark weather right now
Damn this show has the most random casting. Principal Belding, Alex Mack, Lindsay from "Freaks & Geeks", Rory Gilmore, and now Neve Campbell. Weiner doing his best Tarantino to bring these 90s icons out of obscurity
Damn Rubio sloppy as hell
He gonna get some from Iggy tonight
L'Incandescent doesn't pop molly he rocks Tom Ford
That's one up Edina at least
Donate the money to charity.
Ehh, I don't see much of a problem with it personally. She's at that age when things are changing not only for her but the world in general. If you're talking weird, look no further than Glen. Now this kid is creepy and always has been
New Posts  All Forums: