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Thought you meant [[SPOILER]]
"If I were a GM; I would never allow my players to obscure their black, masculine features."
Fact is, Spider-Man is the face of Marvel and Disney would move heaven and earth to shoe-horn him into the current MCU. It does kind of suck though that a huge chunk of character's movies are being pushed to make way for it. Would they like to have back X-Men and F4? Definitely but Spidey is the golden goose egg. Regarding Fox and Marvel relationship like RFX mentioned, they are ridding the comics of mutants and rebranding a bunch of them into Inhumans (which Marvel has...
^ Yup, just read excerpts from the interview. "This isn't about elitism, this isn't about separatism." Followed by..... "The shoes come out this Saturday. There are only 9,000. They're $350." dead
I'm going to be a homer right now as always but Butler is in the conversation after LBJ I think.
Conne and I singing along to Natialie Imbruglia's Torn
Everyday a fashion show for Russy
And it helps that Fox is holding some properties like X-Men and F4 that have pretty rich universes of characters, settings, concepts etc. Time-travel and going across the universe. Spider-Man is very limited.
Have you tried Urban Outfitters?
^ Are you talking about Hawaiian shirts ala Magnum PI???
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