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Weather in RI is real fickle today :\ On the bright side, I love hearing the accents of blue-collar people I run into.
"Primer" is good. You should check out "Coherence". Not really time-loopey but still a solid sci-fi flick. And yeah, Fincher is great. I still think The Social Network is one of his underappreciated gems
Oh my. Yes, forgot about that one. Trippy. Loops on loops on loops, am I right? Love Ethan Hawke
Amy Winehouse YES! Would have been amaze balls
SPECTRE theme is going to kick ass if Adele comes back. Lana Del Rey could make a memorable Bond theme too.
I've posted about running before. I would even PM Thomas for tips and stuff. It's usually around the summer when I have that itch to run like a madman. Lot of hot chicks in athletic wear prancing around RI too so that helps
I see there are not a lot of Erudites in this forum.
I started running again. Feel very good and free.
No shame in that.
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