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^ C'mon. Not everyone is as experienced in cosplay sword fighting as you.
You root for the San Antonio Spurs, the Green Bay Packers, and the San Francisco Giants.It really isn't all that surprising that you've hitched a ride on the LeBron bandwagon.
Michael Rapaport podcasts only
Don't know about Dunn. Does he still live in Providence?? I wonder if he goes to the FOundry, Providence Place, Seekonk, etc.
I think a collective of Geoff Johns, a less drug induced Alan Moore, and the 80s version of Frank Miller could really work wonders for DCU.
^ I'm making the Durant Supersonics jersey my avatar
Let's go OKC! *puts on freshly bought Russ jersey* Before you guys call me a bandwagon fan,,, my dad's brother's second wife was born and raised in Oklahoma City so naturally I have a rooting interest in their sports teams.
Geoff Johns is indeed a living legend but no matter what they say,,, I hope they fully give these guys control and not be pussy footing around because of Synder's mess of a leadership
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