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As much as I throw shade at GSW, it's mind-boggling that this is their first back-to-back losses this season
Oh cmon! You cannot be serious. What happened to him flexing his muscles during that "Legacy Game" yelling IM BACK!! ?We are not going to fall for that "not 100%" excuse are we??
Went from Swiss knife to plastic spork real quick
Steven Adams went Tom Brady lol
Oscar Robertson was right. Just put a big guy on him!
^ That's probably the most likely scenario but I don't know. Hodor "holding the door" just came off as an empty gesture to me because it appears like the heroes have no means of escape either way...
Lol that's not even "Clone Saga" dumb. This Steve Rogers reveal might take the cake, I think.
Okay, semi-serious question not regarding rape/Sansa/Dany's tits but what good was holding the door really going to do? As far as I can tell, the chick was on foot dragging Bran on a rickshaw in a heavy snowstorm. Holding the door buys them at most.. a couple extra meters??
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