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Friday and no wimmenz.....
They probably will lock this kid down for the next 15 years of his life too
No doubt Thibs is a great coach and I wouldn't mind him playing more of a "defensive coordinator" role but minutes restrictions are just a reality in this NBA and he doesn't want to accept that. He grinded Deng and Noah to dust already and Butler is well on his way too. Re: Lebron, as talented as he is, I've lost all respect for him. In Game 5, when Dellavadova locked Taj's leg (which was a pretty dangerous thing to do considering Taj's history with leg injuries), the TV...
I think many teams would kill to have a Rose, Butler, Gibson, etc. on their team so in terms of talent; I believe they are fine. I think a drastic coaching change is definitely in order though.
Honestly, I don't want to rag on the guy again, but Noah is a huge culprit. Dude spends 90% of his minutes at the top of the key, asking for the ball, making sub-par bounce passes. It's painful
Yup. As much as I rooted for the Thibs-Noah era, it's time for a change.
Nothing against the actor but last time I saw him, he looked around 12 y/o
Woooo for shared universes!!
What do you know? Final nail in the coffin was a Noah pass....
Nice fan base Cleveland's got. I half-expected the Miami Heat middle finger lady to pop up.
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