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'True Blood' actress to star in Marvel's 'Daredevil'via EWWillycheesesteak so happy rn
It pains me to say it but this collection looks much better than the shit he usually wears throughout the season (which isn't saying much).
That's literally what I meant.
She initially told me she bumped into Forest Whitaker. It was only when Predators was playing on FX did she realize her mistake.
Archie's soul will be traveling through time of dinosaurs and Middle Ages to get back to his body.
My user name being a reference to the Matrix films, I would greet Fishburne with "It's an honour." Would make me wet my pants if he replied, "No, the honour is mine." Ironic part is, my mom bumped into him on a plane to DC a few years ago. Said he was very chill.
Well, technically, yeah.
With all the tattoos players are covered in nowadays, I doubt a yellow tab is gonna bring in any look of prestige....
This just screams Drake to me.
Elizabeth Olsen and Scarlet Witch need to kiss. I'm sure Whedon could shoehorn that in there somewhere.
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