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French fries with a ketchup and mayo mix......yeahhhh man
Shawarma with ketchup!! Can I get a witness??
Last comment on the THAT scene. The CW show Reign (which is their answer to GoT) actually had a more disturbing, graphic rape scene. I repeat, a CW show.
Great call on the Mobb Deep promos. Black Eyed Peas ftl
Yup, called it, Javyn. This is now WALKING DEAD Threak Part II
Anyone else love ketchup with their eggs?? Can I get a witness
Only gripe with the rape scene: wasn't graphic enough.
He might as well be
How can you advocate such blasphemy???
Out of curiosity, how often does the dude get fined for flopping? Obviously, it's not be-all-end-all stat but if the league found him so bothersome, I'd think they'd make a way for his "acting" to go away.
New Posts  All Forums: