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IF the Warriors don't break the record, I just hope they don't go into sour grapes mode and be like "Nahh,,, we didn't want it anyway. We're focused on what really matters, bla bla bla" Own up to it. Because we all know if they do end up breaking 72-10, all this "we're bored" talk will go by the wayside.
Weren't there talks of him having a twin brother or playing an Obi-Wan type of role?? Anyway, in a movie with President Obama getting his head blown off and a chick with knife-legs,,,,, I'm not gonna overthink it.
As great as that crossover was, I still credit MJ for his defense on that. Look how close he still gets to the ball.
But he was a jackass, guys. Discussion over.
Iverson "okay"?.....okay.....
You know what would really send nerds over the edge? If DC goes ahead and hires Scott Gimple to helm one of their franchise properties.
^ Dale taught him well.
The backlash.....
The LGBT community will
YES!!!!! Scottie Pippen and Oscar so happy right now!!
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