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Rosamund Pike carries that movie.
^ Which brings us back full circle. Love = Miller = Korver
I know I'm a spoiled Pats fan when I am taking AFC Championship wins for granted. But if GB taught us anything, Seattle is not immortal. Hope right there.
GB really shit the bed. I don't know what's worse: the botched onside kick or the 2 pt conversion.....
So, a white Ray Allen?
Oh, I agree. He's on his Joe Flacco tip going deep right now. I just found it funny because like Nil said, they could be up 3 TDs right now but that defense is staying stout
Not sure if Korver is one of those players as I haven't watched him enough to evaluate his defense. But dude is literally plug and play. He's a beast
I think it was ESPN or SI where I read a pretty interesting tidbit. If you look at their last few games going back to November, they went up against the following QBs: Drew Stanton, Ryan Lindley, Colin Kaepernick, Mark Sanchez, Kap again, Shaun Hill, and Cam Newton. Rodgers on one leg is better than all those QBs combined.
I'm not guaranteeing a Pats victory but what's up with the Colts these past few days? Bunch of players not making flights, inactives, rape charges, etc. Not the best timing is all I'm saying...
Glorified Mike Miller is what he is
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