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LBJ: I'm the best player in the world. It's as simple as that. 24 hours later.... LBJ: I don't really care for individual awards. This is for the team. I'm all about team.
^ Can't stand him. Him and Stephen A. are insufferable to listen to
^ Do you own any pink minks by any chance?
^^^^ No rape in this ep but Cersei Walk of Shame scene more than made up for it. So so so good.By the way, how is it that none of you nerds mentioned the Terminator Frankenstein Mt Kingsguard? He was on some Trinidad James shitMy only wish for next season:
Word is, "sources" close to the voters say LBJ is the front-runner win OR lose. Barring another flurry by Steph in Game 6,, in all likelihood, James is gonna receive the award. At the end of the day though, you want the MVP or you want the ring? Definition of bittersweet really.
I don't want to sound all Stephen A./Sports Guy take but it is the Finals. A hell of a lot more pressure on bigger stage. It can get to guys especially when the experience isn't there. GSW and Kerr have admitted as much in media throughout the series. I remember Games 1-3, Warriors weren't hitting open shots with defenders nowhere near them. And obviously, talent is a huge factor too.LBJ doesn't have the luxury of a Ray Allen or young Mike Miller anymore
I could see a scenario where they would give it to LBJ. Kinda like a consolation prize basically. Twenty-five years from now, we'll be saying "Oh, the 2015 Finals? That's the year LeBron won Finals MVP but still ended up losing."
If Kyrie played defense as well as he did in Game 1 throughout the series, would be even more epic.
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