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One of my favourite "universes" in DC is when Joe Chill ends up killing Bruce instead of his parents. This results in Thomas Wayne becoming Batman and Martha to turn into the Joker.
Never really followed Dr. Strange when I used to read comics but always just thought he was a pretty cool dude. When he would appear in other books, he would always be on some trippy shit. IIRC, he did a nice thing for Peter when he brought him to the afterlife to talk to Uncle Ben.
To those who have already watched it, how "origin-y" is it? Judging from the trailers,, seems like the film is basically one whole training montage with the big boss fight at the end...
Ezekiel's monologue was
That panel reads like something from Archie comics lmao My money is on her being a cyborg
Considering that it's AMC's cash cow (so much so that they made a spin-off while their flagship show is still on the air), I'm betting we'll get to at least Season 10.
As much as I still enjoy this show, I really think it needs an endgame. We're 7 years into this thing and it really is the same old formula at this point. It doesn't help that the comics are still ongoing and that the ratings are still setting records somehow. Just don't want it to end up like Supernatural or XFILES....
Yes, you've stated multiple times how you feel about it. I've read the story and thought it was a fun read. School kids getting blown up, Johnny Storm getting a bottle smashed over his head at a nightclub, Spider-Man revealing his secret identity, etc. It wasn't perfect but I've read worse "major" events.
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