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Man, the Shield-Evolution match in Extreme Rules was great. Forgive the lame reference, but I never really "believed in the Shield" (especially when they were coming up) but the past feuds with the Wyatts and Evo really turned me on to them. Breaking them up was kind of wtf but that's WWE for ya!
With Bryan and Punk out, this is the only reason I watch WWE these days: I don't blame Jerry for catching a peek
Damn, I thought this was going to be about MITB
This is just how I see it from the information that has been given so far. Marvel basically said, "Sony, you have Spider-Man. Fox, you get Fantastic Four and X-Men. And as for us, we keep everything else. Everyone clear? Okay." Honestly, aside from the needless Quicksilver/Scarlet Witch fuck-up, these three companies stay in their own lane and have clear visions for their respective properties. Again, my personal belief is that DC has no clear goal for their franchises...
He has achieved his life goals already
I was browsing through my usual GIF sites and lo and behold, they have one of Sixers drafting Embiid while the camera cuts to Simmons looking all (internally?) smug since he kept professing it was the smartest move days, hours, minutes prior
I'm not nuanced enough to critique shooting form like you guys but he definitely benefited from better looks because watching him while he was CHI compared to SA, he still mostly shoots off-balance, off the dribble, wonky looking jumpers etc.
Lol what a cop out - "But sir, won't it cause continuity issues to have 2-3 actors play the same character simultaneously across different mediums?" - "Nope! You see, there's this thing called the multi-verse that essentially allows us to do whatever the fuck we want."
Willy and I are Asian so we have proclivity for giant robots beating the shit out of giant monsters
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