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Nicki looking fine AF
First things first,
Pau : Mirotic :: Rose : Brooks Now, let's see if Kobe gon go HAM to get those 30 points....actually, you know he ain't passing that ball until he passes MJ
If you like your Peter Parker looking like an UrbanOutfitters model, Andrew Garfield is definitely your guy
The reason Marvel wants to recast him (they want to distance themselves from Sony's version) and the reason I want to recast him (he sucks) may differ, but the end result is definitely what's best for the character.
The best response I've heard about tanking is when it was brought up to Coach K. He said it was downright unAmerican.
Better yet, have Stern give him a few pointers
By the looks of it, a lot of you can't seem to stomach living with your own mistakes. Taksies backsies bitches smh GreenFrog, you the real MVP for sticking with those sour belts
Tracy Wolfson is a dirty Cards fan......she can't hide it...
Back to back posts by BostonHedonist and Archetypal Yuppie
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