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Captain Kirk, you will be missed(ish)
^ I don't know what's worse. GSW bandwagon fans or Under Armour bandwagon fans......
Skip TLOP. There are maybe 3-4 decent tracks (of which were released before the actual album). Really thought that after Yeezus, he'd come back with a classic. smh
Speaking of which, Carl really knows how to take a shot to the face, doesn't he? /HerbertfromFamilyGUy
I'd like Sam's mom to give me a hand job, if you know what i mean. Oh wait....
^ Wrong. They had hearing problems afterwards. /ComicBookGuy
Third time's the charm! [[SPOILER]] And I'm so happy about Carl going full-pirate like in the comics!! Only wish now is Rick gets his hand chopped off Willy gets what I'm sayin
I've counted 9 travels in this game so far
Exactly. Elite NBA athletes bricking shots and going for crazy in-game dunks. it's a glorified shoot-around basically.
All-Star Game fucking awesome rn
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