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The more GF posts about his hip exploits, the more I am convinced he is a younger Piob. One day, the two will meet to close the loop.
Drinks and hookers are on Harvey tomorrow??
Gahhhh.... why am I surrounded by old people?!?! I'm gonna WhatsApp Conne
I imagine Lincancdecnt as the Christian Grey of SF
Maybe he told them he was willing to take well below the max for the good of the team. And promised plenty of women and rest days.
Sometimes, players rest.
Conne's got a flabby gut and wears orthotics. Make no mistake, he still slays the puss
Damn, really puts things in perspective. Conne and I are the last of the young bucks. Last of the Mohicans.
Did Kwilk design that?
I think, in a way, Isobella was all of our moms.
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