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Los Angeles Lakers 2004: Part 2
Is it confirmed that Fisk is returning though considering what happened to him last season? He took huge chunks of episodes and the season with his story.
They invented the game, so....
Nailed it. I mean, sai'd it.
You guys got rid of the red "U"????? SMH
Novak and Serena win... :|
All of them not named Neo.
Maria advances!
Next, I will ask "Guys, the hot next door neighbour wants to suck my pen0r. What do I do?" The replies will be: ter --> Cmon now, Neo. The pen0r isn't used for that purpose. Treat this girl with respect. lawyderdad -> In my day, we bought dames flowers and took them out to see talking pictures. What is this world coming to? Harvey -> Neo, hit the books. Education should be your priority.
Is it true DJ left cuz Chris Paul wasn't giving him high fives?
New Posts  All Forums: