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I'mma have to pull a pB and ask, "Who are these guys??"
Whoever it is, I'm just glad all these established/emerging stars are getting consideration or at least in discussion. Agreed with the Anthony Davis nomination which is coming from a Butler supporter. But like JJ Watt, it doesn't help if his team doesn't make the playoffs.
Sequel to END OF DAYS??
Ninja edit fail. Not surprised.
The Kobester has 50 million reasons to keep chucking up that ball.
Let's wait and see. That new TV deal is set to kick in next year.
Read that Grantland article this morning. TL;DR version is basically as accomplished as Kobe is; in 10-20 years, he won't be spoken in the same regard as the Dirks, Duncans, Magics
Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cuz they shuttin' down errbody outchea
Pictured: idnfl & RFX
Bunch of overweight 40 year olds talking about how they would bone girls half their age.... PS - Shout out to the homie Conne. GIRLS viewing party this weekend
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