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I'd like to think that he'll learn from this situation but "manly" men can be a stubborn bunch. Idk...I can't believe no one on his coaching staff had the foresight or the balls to say "Foul. We absolutely cannot, under any circumstances, let the team with the highest three-point % jack up a 3."
So far we've had 4 overtimes (one of them going 2 OT). But I think last year's feeling isn't quite there because the records are lopsided (3-0 for Cavs, GSW, Bulls). Fortunately, we still have Spurs-Clips coming up!
The reality is, they were going to lose this series anyway. Just would have been nice for them to steal one. It's funny because Bulls-Bucks game tonight was kinda similar with Chicago making a come back 20 points down. Is the first round awesomeness back??
I mean, I understand letting a sub-par offensive team milk the clock but this is GSW we're talking about. Concede the two free throws, you're still up 2, and GSW will have no choice but to foul you back when you get the ball.
Can anyone tell me why New Orleans did not intentionally foul Golden State before Curry buried the 3 (I'm talking about the first one he made,, not the buzzer beater)? NO were up at least two possessions with less than 24 seconds on the clock. Why not play the foul game at that point?
Yeah I just switched the channel to TNT. Hoping they keep it up!
2OT nuts
Damn, these Spurs are nasty, boy
And dude is legit playing with one leg. Crazy
"Barbie Girl". Candidate for worst song ever?
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