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^ Nice
Only reason I think of LeBron was cuz he hit one against Chi last year. It was the game right after Rose's actually (-_-) And look at all the shoving going around in those Reggie buzzer beaters. 90s ball for ya!
I'm admittedly not a Lakers fan so I'm not that knowledgeable about their history but has Kobe hit a shot like Fisher's 0.4 buzzer beater? When I think of clutch shots with under 10 seconds left in a playoff environment,, I immediately think of MJ, LeBron, CP3, and hell even D-Rose.
You're better off playing Counter-Strike on your own
If that happens, who is he going to eat apples in bed with?
In all honesty, where would you guys rank Kobe in your Top 10 list of all time? Because he doesn't even crack Top 5 for me....
Can't wait for the LBJ farewell tour. The boos will be epic
Shades of AEON FLOPX
Watch him come out of retirement to rectify that mistake.
Happy for the Rockets!!
New Posts  All Forums: