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Steven Adams went Tom Brady lol
Oscar Robertson was right. Just put a big guy on him!
^ That's probably the most likely scenario but I don't know. Hodor "holding the door" just came off as an empty gesture to me because it appears like the heroes have no means of escape either way...
Lol that's not even "Clone Saga" dumb. This Steve Rogers reveal might take the cake, I think.
Okay, semi-serious question not regarding rape/Sansa/Dany's tits but what good was holding the door really going to do? As far as I can tell, the chick was on foot dragging Bran on a rickshaw in a heavy snowstorm. Holding the door buys them at most.. a couple extra meters??
These games are definitely making up for a lacklustre first and second round of playoffs. OKC vs Toronto (as crazy as that may sound) would be nuts
Harvey, don't tell me you didn't like Brian Cox in X2! Brian Cox is magnificent in everything!
I think it's as simple as Green playing by the "call your foul" rules.
Cmon, X2 had its moments. Nightcrawler attacking the White House still one of my favourite scenes in any CBM. And sure it was a little too on-the-nose but when dealing with the X-Men, all the racial/sexual allegory kinda comes with the territory.
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