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Plus, you'd be making breakfast for two pretty much every morning. That's a good way to waste some eggs.
St. Louise hates homo sapiens
GreenFrog, take note.
Let's light it up (light it up, light it up)
Aight thanks for the help, homies
I am in the XS-S range so honestly, I don't think I could go wrong with either 36 or 38. Might just go with the 38 though in the event of weight gain
Hmm...fit looks good if not a little "too perfect" for my taste, if that makes sense. Would you still consider getting a 38 if given another go round?
Where exactly does it feel slim? Arms, body, or just overall? I do prefer a slouchy fit with knits but not to the point that it looks like I borrowed it from my older brother
Winter is coming and I need a new knit. 5'7, 130 Should I go for 36 or 38 in the 6A?
New Posts  All Forums: