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I wish I was single.
Really hoping the Bulls would end Cavs 17 home wins like they did with GSW.
Happy Easter!!
^ Hate to break it to you but that's not a stomach virus.
AJ Lee retiring.
I can't speak for anyone else but I don't find them hateable. A little annoying (like you said about Draymond) but I think they are harmless in that respect. So many people just coming out of the woodwork riding their jock like whoa, take it easy there. They haven't even reached the conference finals with this group yet. idk Re: Harden. He gets my MVP vote. "The Starters" podcast this morning kind of compared what Harden is doing to the 2001 Sixers which I never really...
Okay I listened to enough Lowe Post podcasts of him licking GSW's ballsack ("I was predicting last year they would be contenders..bla bla bla bla....no other team stands a chance....bla bla bla"). I officially want the Warriors to lose just so these bball specialists will be eating crow until October
Davis is the JJ Watt of the NBA!
Whoops. Forgot to add foodguy. jet would be too cool to hop on any other LA team than the Lakeshow. He would demand Kobe to put on pads and get in the slot.
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