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I said visually.
Nerds, don't hate me but I thought visually, Prometheus wasn't terrible.
Can't wait to watch 73-9 get eliminated tonight!
Don't remind me
I just don't want to see any more DRAKE (-_-)
^ Seems like that's right up Harvey's alley And SAINT OF KILLERS >>>>>>>>>>> every villain ever
I absolutely refuse to use spoilers on perhaps the dumbest, attention-grabbing ploy Marvel has used in recent years. #sorrynotsorry
"OG Russ Squad" on StyleForum is RFX, HRoi (i think,, not sure) and me. Him going berzerker last year when KD was injured was amazing to behold!
If you really think about it though, Cap always supposed to be a reflection of America. Him coming out as gay would be the ultimate American thing to do in this day and age. Him coming out as Hydra just makes no sense.
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