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Weren't there talks of him having a twin brother or playing an Obi-Wan type of role?? Anyway, in a movie with President Obama getting his head blown off and a chick with knife-legs,,,,, I'm not gonna overthink it.
As great as that crossover was, I still credit MJ for his defense on that. Look how close he still gets to the ball.
But he was a jackass, guys. Discussion over.
Iverson "okay"?.....okay.....
You know what would really send nerds over the edge? If DC goes ahead and hires Scott Gimple to helm one of their franchise properties.
^ Dale taught him well.
The backlash.....
The LGBT community will
YES!!!!! Scottie Pippen and Oscar so happy right now!!
^ Exactly. It'd be interesting if Michonne ends up being the one beaten, I think. Oh, and I forgot to add Rosita into the fold since she was captured with them but nobody really cares about her other than her fine ass.
New Posts  All Forums: