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^ Pretty much. There have also been rumours floating around as far back as last summer where certain players were taking under-the-table, "handshake" deals that would help benefit the cap situation.
Speaking of underwhelming finales, I think I have to add Battlestar Galactica to the list (Starbuck is an angel...or something...??).
Don't they have like seven free agents this year and well over the cap??
Heroes first season was as enjoyable as any first season I think I can remember. Such wasted potential
- I torrented the first few episodes of The Returned last summer. It was quite good but I never got around to finishing it as I couldn't find the next episodes online. - I'm an unabashed fan of Lost and Dexter. I should have been more clear as I didn't necessarily mean to avoid the show's entire run but the last couple of episodes I think kind of fell flat. Those two shows have excellent seasons though (especially Lost S1, Dex S1 and the one with Trinity) - I have not...
Shows/finales to stay away from: - Dexter - Nip/Tuck - Lost
To you guys who have watched the Clips in person, any truth to Bill Simmons' theory that they hate each other? He brings it up every other podcast.
You and I might be in the minority because I thought it should have ended after S4. I always thought the final season was somewhat fan service-y.
Yeah, it really is hard for any show regardless of quality to keep its footing toward the final run. BB threw in Nazis and The Wire had that weird fake serial killer plot. Anyway, I hope Mad Men ends in a dignified fashion.
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