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All jokes aside, I actually like Cousins (enough for me pick him and J. Reed up in fantasy!) but with a mediocre run game, it doesn't help his situation. I miss Alfred Morris.
I know where the Kirk Cousins haters at.In Washington.
"Strength in Numbers"
- William Belichick
Should have just had Riley laying the rings on the table. Lot more imposing...
Everything DC puts out "looks" good. Whenever characters start talking and acting out plot points is another story......
I will be joining Skitlets and indestrum on the GSW bandwagon. Ordering my Durant jersey and Curry 2 Luxs. CHoo chooo!!
Bill Simmons made a comment in his recent podcast about welcoming Rex Ryan to the BS Company after he gets sacked in Week 5
Thank god for Carlos Hyde
Monday Night so boring without Tirico
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