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You guys talkin about Arabs? We need some input from Lasbar
Apparently, he's playing poorly "on purpose". He's deliberately playing shitty to teach his team a lesson....or something? LeBron James Is Letting His Teammates Fail On Purpose, And It's Getting Messy
LeBron could shoot an old lady 47 times and Windhorst would claim it was self-defense
The Lakeshow won't be denied
I'm still waiting for brothersport and idnfl to chime in. This page will be the Great Wall of Text
Yeah, watching the replay of the Rockets-Heat game on NBATV right now. It's raining 3s
Yeah, wasn't meaning to pile on the Lakers, just seems like a tricky pass regardless of the personnel that's all. It's a guy running towards the outside, literally whipping the ball around 3-4 players (often with their hands extended resulting in potential turnovers). Sure, it doesnt require AI handling but that's hard to pull off
I doubt anyone on the Lakers has the ball handling to even think about attempting that pass. I've actually seen a few players try it this year. Most of the passes are deflected out of bounds by the opposing team.
She's from MTL so I'm guessing you all would.
smh....y'all hatin on doughnuts and mac & cheese...and you call yourselves American
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