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I'm rooting for the Spurs but I wouldn't pencil them into the WCF just yet considering they still have OKC to get through. But yeah, when/if Steph comes back, teams are just gonna maul him to death. Maybe bang knees too. Whatever it takes to get him out of the game.
Why Dorne sucks can be summed up in one sentence: Not enough naked tits.
Cutting their losses it seems like to me...
Welcome to 2013
Speaking as a Bulls fan, I'd choose Pippen but like someone mentioned, Kawhi still has so much potential to get ahead of him. He's athletic AF too
My favourite scene in last night's ep:
Spending money to eat out. Can't stop
I'll be even more disappointed if they don't show off more of Sansa's body this season.
I remember the story circulating last year on why Harden suddenly became MVP-level was the Team USA scrimmages against Durant and Paul George. Him wanting to prove that he was just as good if not better than them. Let the man cook, for goodness sake. I don't know any of you who wouldn't welcome Harden to your team with open arms. If you say no, your pants are on fire. EDIT: Obviously I'm excluding teams with superstars already ala Cavs, GSW, etc.
In all seriousness, wasn't the wheelchair kid from GLEE able-bodied too? Another Hollywood white-washing
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