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Happy for the Rockets!!
Horns gets it.
The media and critics are obviously Marvel fanboys being paid by Disney under the table. No way this movie is better than BvS.
We're still going to see the spider biting him and Uncle Ben getting shot. I'm 100% certain on that.
They were scrubs as far as I'm concerned
I guess when I read this, I thought we were on the same boat about JJ. Oh, well. With DD s2 finished and CIVIL WAR still a month away, I'll see if I can stomach some more.
HBO is the only place where the rape is consistent and great production values
The only thing I'm hoping for is more rape.
86 Bears actually allowed fewer points than their historic 85 counter-part. I always liked that stat.
Wait.....what? I thought we all unanimously decided JJ was boring garbage....jkAll this talk is making me revisit it. I stopped watching 4 eps in...
New Posts  All Forums: