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Bad run-in with the ex 2 nights ago....
Louisville allegedly used escorts for basketball players, recruits, etc. This is absolutely shocking news
What's up with Luck???
With the talent on that roster,,, it's a shame that Tomlin can't ever seem to tap into its potential. Winnable game flushed down the toilet.
The Mike Vick Experience!!!
Just don't let Eli get to the playoffs.....
Either way, I'm hoping for a Falcons - Pats SB like I predicted last year. If not possible, I want to face the Cards.
The only team I gave a second thought to looking at the schedule were the Jets games. Division rival + quietly competent thus far + your theory of the occasional bad game = possible loss. I could see them dropping one @ Denver too because that defense is legit
Pats going to go undefeated in the regular season. I'm 88% sure.
Man, the hits keep on coming for this guy. :\
New Posts  All Forums: