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I like that he's rocking a chrome grill. He's on his Paul Wall
I don't want get to ahead of myself but when Duncan finally retires (which might be in another 10 years), Manu is gone, and Parker eventually leaves too; the thought of the Spurs led by Kawhi is so damn intriguing. What'll it look like? Will the LaMarcus Aldridge rumours come to fruition? LaMarcus, Kawhi, Green, Tiago...
^ In all seriousness, has your mind changed about Kawhi being a max player??
Haha yeah didn't even the forehead tat at first. Looks like a watermark.
Is RFX still alive? Did he have a heart attack after seeing that pic??
How much would it kill edmorel if Raymond Felton won a chip before Melo?
That Smirking Whore from Highgarden!
Amin on Lowe Post?? Oh, hell yes.
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