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Yeah, it's very misleading. Just wanted to get your thoughts as I love her. Thanks!
Did you see that "Pharrell judging Taylor Swift" vine, why?
Sadly, I think they are the official release as they are being hyped everywhere right now (only have to go on Kardashian/Jenner instagrams to see the boxes being shipped already....) I liked this guy's comment about the shoes: "If these are the designs he presented to fashion houses no wonder he got no help."
Ehh, agree to disagree. Talent wise, I think Clips edge them. They got multiple all-stars in Blake and CP3 alone. Jamal Crawford multiple 6th Man of the Year. DeAndre a beast on the boards. And not to mention a championship winning coach in Doc. That's as super as you can get, I think.
^^ Lowry?? Do you mean Conley? And no way am I saying Grizz are like under-the-radar made up of scrubs or anything but the fact is, like Brosport said they are seasoned vets. Gasol is 30, Randolph is 33, and Tony Allen is 33. It would just be nice to see them win a chip before they get too old for good.
Yeah I've been rooting for Memphis for a minute. Wouldn't mind Dirk going out with one more too.
Let's say for argument's sake, the Clips do make the playoffs but they end up being knocked out first round. Do we officially close the window for this team or is just the misfortune of being in the West? Would be really great if a team like Memphis and Atlanta end winning the chip over the super teams of Blake&CP,,Dwight&Harden,,,OKC (again!!)
We are all Patriots, my friend
Hate Lincandecents moments of lucidity......really kills the illusion...... -.-
Hawks are great and all but I don't want to hear about how they are the Spurs East. It's just kind of an insult to the real Spurs. When they start hanging up some banners, maybe.
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