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Hate to be "that" guy but where is the DD??
Imagine if the chick on the other end of the walkie talkie was like "We have a Morgan and chubby doctor here...." I bet they wouldn't mind all that much
Where is jet? GSW just have to lose 4 more times
JMRouse after seeing GODS OF EGYPT: "Well, guys. I admire them for trying to use Egyptian history and culture as a vehicle for a blockbuster. Sure, the trailer looked like a steaming pile of poo but the film itself wasn't that offensive. Better than the The Mummy Returns but definitely not better than The Mummy. I have faith that a sequel will do the material justice."
I'm a huge Melissa McCarthy fan and even I think that looks bad bad bad
Jalen actually said something similar in a podcast a few days ago. Something along the lines of "Are these teams even trying? These are professional athletes getting paid big money and they seem content to let the Warriors beat them on the way to making history."Seriously though, I've made my peace with them breaking the record. My only hope is they don't win the chip.....
New (old) Kendrick is superb as usual.
Bahhh I wouldn't give two shits if Morgan is killed. I mean, he was interesting when we saw him after the TERMINUS arc but yeah, his SchTICK is getting tired.
The prob is that no one will really give a shit if Abe bites it. Not that he's on the level of useless as a Eugene or Spencer but if Negan is gonna make an impact, it has to be: A) Daryl B) Glenn C) Maggie D) Carl (highly doubt it) It's gonna be such a cop-out if he ends up killing someone like Rosita or Carl's gf.....
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