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Absolutely love her. She is on my bucket list of celebrities to meet.
This post proceeds with a stately flow; no Dickensian flamboyance or Thackerayan japery.
Holy crap that Harley Quinn clip was messed up
^ Oh okay, gotcha. Yeah, that would make sense. More often than not, LeBron basically walks the ball up the court, settles at the key, and does LeBron things. Rinse and repeat. But like I said, defensively, they've been pretty solid. They just need get out of this funk offensively. I think stats show CLE actually has a higher 3pt % rn.....that's unacceptable
^ You basically telling them to trap/double/etc. LBJ?? I'm iffy on that personally. The last thing I was is a downpour by the likes of Shump, JR, Jones, and yes even Mike Miller. I honestly don't think it's the defense that's the problem. Offensively, they look lost (till that late surge last night) and aren't making open shots.
Their bench in general feels like it's regressed a bit since Game 1. Iggy is their best (most consistent) player rn
Yeah yeah....it's still FUCK LEBRON till I die (Kid Nickels gets it)
Is there any more useless a talking head than Steve Javie??
GAME 4 adjustments - Treat Delly like Irving - Play David Lee more - MAKE YOUR DAMN SHOTS
My god. Throw in the towel. This is a massacre.
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