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The guy has gone off the deep end IMO http://instagram.com/p/y46dH2EUCQ/?modal=true http://instagram.com/p/y45x-DEUBE/?modal=true Somebody call Nate Van Hook
^ Haha exactly, I thought it was just me. With Bill -- when he makes outrageous statements -- you can tell it's somewhat tongue-in-cheek knowing that at the end of the day, the media and analysts AKA Grantland can't predict the future. Lowe just comes off as taking things waaaaay too seriously. As in-depth as his articles are, they bore me after a while. The NFL guys on Grantland are good, I think. They do a good job having fun with the content while tackling the Xs and Os.
^ Dude, you should watch clips on Youtube. Lucas proposes all these garbage ideas like "Indiana Jones and The Saucer Men" & "Indiana Jones And The Attack of the Giant Ants" and Spielberg is just like... George Lucas practically begged him to make CRYSTAL SKULL until Spielberg finally gave up. I find it no surprise that Disney did not want Lucas ideas for the new STAR WARS. I think I might sound fan boyish here but I think a director that balances intriguing,...
^ Your numbers are a little off. Cloud Atlas budget: $100 million Jupiter Ascending budget: $176 million Avatar: Last Airbender budget: $150 million After Earth budget: $130 million They are basically even past decade. I agree with you though that they are very different filmmakers (M. Night makes superb smaller budget films) but when Hollywood is giving you that much cash to make movies, you are splitting hairs I think. George Lucas is given way too much credit for...
^ No more a fluke than M. Night Shyamalan after Sixth Sense or George Lucas after Star Wars IMO. I have to give Wachowski props for at least pushing some original material amid all the remakes, reboots, sequels, prequels, etc. out there. They are very ambitious and you can tell there is some genuine love in their set designs, creature creations, and world buiding as opposed to the generic "city being attacked" set pieces we see from Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich.
^ Yeah he was on "The Starters" one night and he played throughout the entire show,, no joke. His rendition of "Don't Tell 'Em" is great
Has anyone noticed how Zach Lowe has a tendency to always ask a variation of.... "Blake and CP3 aren't playing that well this season, is it just me?" "Atlanta is going on this unbelievable tear throughout the NBA, am I seeing things?" "I could be wrong but the Thunder might not make the playoffs, does that seem likely?"
Yeah, I remember asking you guys if the Clips look like they hate one another in person. RFX had some interesting things to say about the topic IIRC.
**Cue the 40y/o-and-over crowd** "Who is Taylor Swift?" "Who is Pharrell?" "Why am I wearing a diaper?" "Who said that?"
Yeah, it's very misleading. Just wanted to get your thoughts as I love her. Thanks!
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