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It seems like Brothersport is the real LBJ apologist on here believing that LeBron went to back Cleveland out of the kindness of his heart. Not the fact that he'd be surrounded by Danny Granger (bad blood since Indy days; injury risk) and McRoberts (who gave him a clothesline not too long ago). Do I even have to mention Wade, Haslem, Birdman, etc.?? Cavs are at the top right now to make the Finals next year btw. I wonder, is it because of LeBron or that amazing roster the...
It is pretty crazy that Cleveland hasn't won anything in 50 years. I hadn't realize it's been half a century..
Btw, you read SImmons' GOD LOVES CLEVELAND article yet, indie? Unsurprisingly, my favourite part was the Jordan section.
I always figured HRoi was the LBJ apologist on here
Gonne be weird seeing Rihanna and Justin Bieber at Cavs games now
What is with all of this saviour of basketball/ return of the King crap?? Why don't people call it what it is? He left an aging Heat team for a younger, more promising core in the Cavs. The team he left Miami for just happens to be his home town.
Happy to hear that, Bhowie. Even for a minute, you experienced how I feel most days of my life.
You don't think he took an easier path when he teamed up with Wade and Bosh in 2010?
Sweep: Part 2?
Why'd he have to go back to Cleveland? Now we can't make that joke of "Not one, not two, not three" teams he ends up playing for ....
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