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They must have been following this thread because she is crazy hot
Fuck this i'm watching TNMT
Chicago so disappointing.....smh
Sorry for the 49ers win, Lincandecent. I was rooting for New Orleans Bounty Hunters
Attack on Titan marathon rn
Give us a sample!
LOL they done messed up with Amy Adams for sure. I mean, if your Ma Kent is more attractive than your Lois Lane, that's a loss by all accounts At least WW is hot.
Actually, I may be a bit too hard on DC casting ladies. They definitely could have cast a Megan Fox type Victoria Secret model as Lois Lane. They instead chose the homely, mom Amy Adams. So, who knows? Viola Davis could be in the cards, hopefully
I hope they keep classic Amanda Waller as an obese, African-American woman. But she will probably look like Halle Berry
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