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Hate Lincandecents moments of lucidity......really kills the illusion...... -.-
Hawks are great and all but I don't want to hear about how they are the Spurs East. It's just kind of an insult to the real Spurs. When they start hanging up some banners, maybe.
I really would like to see Pelicans make it. Would be a great consolation if the Brow doesn't get MVP
Wouldn't it nuts if OKC and Clips don't make it?
^ It's quite possible these are unfinished as I remember him rocking an all-black pair of the Yeezy 2 and a white sole, black upper Yeezy 2 a few months before the official colorways dropped. Regardless, I'm not a fan of this latest iteration thus far.
Now that NFL is over, I get more time to watch footie. Good match West Ham - Man U. Did you catch it Lasbar?
The grey bondage KVAs I got from Snowman look inifinitely nicer tbh
So, they are kind of like DX?
In all seriousness, if you dig equestrian, chances are high that you're hot. IE Audrey Hepburn, Kate Upton, Dennis Quaid
The YEezy 3 looks wack corny......dude should of stuck with Nike
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