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I think tone is the key part of it. GoTG (my fav Marvel film) is kinda silly but it balances things well so I personally loved the dance at the end. But CW seems more sombre so we'll see....
Yes, that is a good point. Disney is going to milk that access to Spider-Man until there is nothing but bones like the Adversary did to the Blue Fairy (shout-out to FABLES fans). I don't want him cracking stupid jokes in something as serious as CW to be honest. Not saying humour is bad but too much in something like this will be jarring in my opinion
Sorry, man. Didn't mean for it as an attack on your taste. You're free to like whatever you please. To this day, there are lots of people who enjoyed the Star Wars prequels. I don't think any less of them or their taste.
I don't know, man. Didn't you admit to liking BvS a few pages back??
LOL well it's widely known he hates CIVIL WAR in general but the running joke is that he loves 90% of CMB out there
Was there any doubt that it would get glowing reviews??
Spurs have built-in reasons to lose and win in their last game against GSW I think. WIN = To go undefeated at home LOSE = Kerr is a Pop disciple so don't think he would care at all of him breaking the record. And Larry, the thing that makes Jordan uncool now isn't so much the 90s style dad jeans but the Crying Jordan face.
Pretty sure it was supposed to be Obama. There was an important scene of Sam Jackson talking to him in the White House IIRC
My question is, how does someone like Negan be able to recruit like hundreds of dudes to fight for him?? Not moreso his method but WHERE did he find all these dudes? I'm a huge JDM fan so I'd be a Savior for sure. Just saying
IF the Warriors don't break the record, I just hope they don't go into sour grapes mode and be like "Nahh,,, we didn't want it anyway. We're focused on what really matters, bla bla bla" Own up to it. Because we all know if they do end up breaking 72-10, all this "we're bored" talk will go by the wayside.
New Posts  All Forums: