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If Bucks force a Game 7...........I hate to agree with Bill but they might be the first 0-3 team to win a playoff series :\
Dude has no neck
Teague cold blooded
My favourite role was him on CIVIL WAR. Soooo good. I feel other than that, his role is to be picked on and teased (not in a malicious way) because he's kinda the little brother among gods, super-powered leaders, etc. Spidey always finds a way to flip it around on them though. Plus; they truly respect his skills, character, and leadership.
By the way, called it. East coast viewers FTL I was up till 1:40 I think. But what a finish.
Oh, I do enjoy him on the Avengers. What was it? The first story when Electro broke everybody out of the Raft? That was pretty good. He has good chemistry to with them. I just don't like associating him with any given team. Before the Avengers actually, you could argue he was as much a part of the Fantastic Four because of a lot of 90s crossovers involving him and the family.
Dude also rolled his ankle, taped it up, and came back in the game. Props. Pesky, pesky Bucks
Hahahaha dude's gotta be trollin at this point
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