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^ She is probably being fed these lines by some dude she is crushing on.
Fan hanging out with Sophie and Maisie during Comic-Con......luckiest dude......
LOL it actually is PSd Still hits the right notes though. I think the creator took cues from the promo image they released a few months back. The fake looks pretty in line with that
What about a guy's height relative to the depth of his anal canal?
^ Yup, apparently it's legit. It was taken at a Batman exhibit they are having showcasing Bruce's different suits throughout the years.
Looks like straight off the comic book come to life but in a good way
By taking off his pants?
I needed an excuse to post this. One of my favs. Thanks, Linkeandecsent
Yea, the ballistics and all that kevlar shit went too far. Was appropriate for the trilogy though. His suit in BEGINS was actually okay in my opinion, but obviously in retrospect, he looks more like Fatman He literally looked like SWATman by the time RISES came out
New Posts  All Forums: