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^ Someone's gotta take the mantle now that the Heatles are no more.
WE ARE GROOT!! Willy already knows
It is the female Glengarry Glen Ross.
America Ferrera Says 'Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 3' Is in the Works Wooohoooo!!!
That series jumped the shark when they started including the likes of Kevin Smith.
Nate's last run in Chi basically put him back on the map IRRC. Was sad to see him go. He's def can be inconsistent but he would be a great addition to any bench.
Bulls ultimate demise has and always will be nagging injuries especially to the core of Gasol, Noah, Rose, and Gibson. They are a game behind the second seed so I wouldn't read that much into it. If they are still around 4-5 seed after the All-Star break, then I'd be a little worried.
When you realize the last post is by idnfl:
Haven't caught a Bulls game in a while because of football but nice to see Andrew Luck still pump faking behind the arc....
^ I'll admit it, I liked the guy. And I'm even kinda happy that his last TD pass was in a Pats uniform. Ha!
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