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She got a boob job. But a nice, subtle one. Not Tagut levels
Bella Thorne looked really good in that picture in the article.
I miss the womens World Cup
I would like to go hunting with Conne, lasbar, and Foo.
Careful. SF is anti-tobacco....
He shits on their teams every time already. Hence, the "hate".
Greek frappes are the best!
Here's a list of key players (read: starters) that were plagued with injuries the season the Pats made the AFC Championship game last year:- Steven Ridley- Tommy Kelly- Jerod Mayo- Danny Amendola- Vince Wilfork- Aaron Dobson- Aqib Talib- Rob GronkowskiOn the other hand, Eli "The Clutch" Manning has "ESPY-winner-Greatest-Catch-of-All-Time-Except-It-Really-Wasn't" Odell Beckham and led his team to another consecutive losing season.
Correct and despite that,,, Pats were still 1 drive away from winning two more.But yeah sure, Eli is the mayor of Clutchville. All hail Doofy Face
Lucky catches ≠ clutch But hey, props to him for making 2 whole SB appearances
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