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Whenever they show someone getting bitten on the cheek,, it disgusts me... And I'm really not all that surprised with what's going on with Carol. She's killed men, women, and children. It's starting to get to her but I like how she turns on KILL MODE when the moment calls for it. Wish we could say the same for Morgan....
This is going to end up like Arnold's The Last Stand.....
Didn't RedLetterMedia do a 90-minute review on why Indy movies don't work anymore? Not saying "senior citizen as action heroes" can't work (see: Harry Brown and The Debt) but yeah, what more can be done with the Indy franchise really?
Nothing against FIREFLY (one of the most enjoyable sci-fi shows in the past 20 years) but I feel like it had its chance what with the movie and comic books and novels... Mainstream appeal just wasn't there, I guess.
I've been reading and hearing other people's opinions. Some argue the bodies would have at least winced or let out a yelp,,, others say instant death...who really know unless we give it a shot?
Damn this talk of "Ultimate Spider-Man" makes me wanna get my old trades out of storage. One of my favs was the issue where it just had Peter and (black) Nick Fury talking. Bendis ruled.
Bulls lose again to the Spurs this time but at least they looked competitive without Jimmy.
Weren't they stabbing straight through the eyeball...?? I could be wrong
Still looks like it came out of a PS4 game....
Not gonna lie, when I saw the first screenshots, I shared JMR's opinion that it looks a bit too CGI. Not gonna jump to conclusions though, I'm sure it'll look better
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