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Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Kinda agree with HROY. Unless it's stories by the JR Smiths and Michael Vicks of the world, don't bother.
He wants it to be good though. And he's invested 5 years of life, dammit!
What does she think of pumpkin spice lattes?
Well, unless you've patrolled the Batman thread for the past 5 years spewing your anti-Bats spiel on every page, not quite the same. But I get it.
It's mostly just lefty. I kinda get why he bitches (and it's not because of the "logical" reasons he proposes after every episode). It's just the fact that it's a popular show and what better way to stand out than to constantly complain/hate/bitch about it?
I would trade all of those planned films to get a decent live-action Archie and Friends adaptation.
Great article on Joakim Noah on Grantland today. Been a bball fan for as long as I can remember but one gives it to me quite like this guy.
Americans are deceptively strong. They are just soft and doughy tbh
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