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Attack on Titan marathon rn
Give us a sample!
LOL they done messed up with Amy Adams for sure. I mean, if your Ma Kent is more attractive than your Lois Lane, that's a loss by all accounts At least WW is hot.
Actually, I may be a bit too hard on DC casting ladies. They definitely could have cast a Megan Fox type Victoria Secret model as Lois Lane. They instead chose the homely, mom Amy Adams. So, who knows? Viola Davis could be in the cards, hopefully
I hope they keep classic Amanda Waller as an obese, African-American woman. But she will probably look like Halle Berry
If KD has enough energy to pump his fist and hop around on one leg, he should be able to come off the bench and shoot 3s
That actually sounds like the most promising DC project based solely on casting
Women Are Sharing Photos Of What They Wore When They Were CatcalledDamn, getting catcalled is the new ALS ice bucket challenge
San Antonio was blown out by 20 points? Yup, dynasty is over. Stick a fork in them. They're old
If the rims were lined with doughnuts, Raymond Felton could outrun John Wall
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