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El_Argentino, I think you mean Abraham and not Eugene. Although Abe is starting to lose his marbles too. Wouldn't mind a sudden death for him either...
I hope Lincadecent came to the ukelele player's rescue.
Dear Show runners, Daryl and Carol are the only people I still care about at this point. Please start killing off some of these useless characters starting with Eugene, Sasha, every single kid and teenager that happens to pop up on screen, the black priest, the gay doctor, Deanna's son, Deanna, the guy who looks like The Weeknd, and Nicholas (again). Daryl, Carol, and that bad-ass barber from "Fear the Walking Dead" just star in their own show.
If the Pats win it again this year (potential perfect season, two-time back-to-back champs, Super Bowl 50, etc., etc.), I could see the Belichick-Brady era coming to an end. What a way to go too!
"Please Enter Room Number" is the bane of any Wi-Fi thief's existence.
Please post her in my "Girly Girls or Tomboy Hipsters??" threak......
Not this time, Eli McDorkface.
People still drive cars?
Anybody picking up the Moonrocks?
^ I would like to meet him and Rodney Mullen.
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