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I hate millenials as much as the next guy but I gotta admit, they have the hottest girls
HBO is remastering THE WIRE into glorious HD and marathoning them Viewing party at my crib....all the regular peeps are invited
From my understanding, it's for people who actually have breasts. Edina could probably shed some more light on this topic.
That's what she screamed in between thrusts......also, I gave her a nice surprise on her back
Conga line....yes....that's exactly what I meant
^ For a better day, find someone you could turn around and accomplish many tasks with. Your back might still hurt but something of value will come out of it.
Banged Kate Upton last night. She sent me nudes if you clowns wants proof.
How is that manly exactly?
My parents never make me pay rent. Conne is welcome anytime.
New Posts  All Forums: