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To all you lawyers,,, what do you think Hernandez life will be like behind bars? I read a few stories stating he's actually living pretty cushy. Not sure how much this sentencing will change that.
Jubal Early is my favourite FF character.
Haha I know but the fact that Rose is in all likelihood going to be playing in a playoff series after so long is good enough for me. I'm a realistic (read: pessimistic) Bulls fan.
The movie, while okay, felt a bit too commercial and a studio film IMO...the series treads the line a little better in that respect
Go get 'em, Celtics! Here's to another ring-less year for King Balding!
Well, at least you're not trolling Tina Turner fan sites.
Hold up, I thought you ran the KISS fan site..
It's rated 15+, dude. Not XXX...sadly..
Sorry to hear that, Larry.
Who let idnfl Jr. on the loose again?
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