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Credit to LBJ but this in no way puts him in consideration for best player ever. Definitely an all-time great though but that was never up for debate even if he lost this finals.
Giroud is BAE
More than Larry Legend?? You dishonor the good name of the Celtics and New England as a whole.
Might as well throw in how Cavs with Kyrie and Love are a lesser team than LBJ only Cavs. lol
"I've decided to take my talents to the Los Angeles......"
Hahahaha this thread is devolving into the Quidditch/LARPing fiasco that hit the GoT threak. BTW, nothing I like more than seeing LBJ lose even if it comes in the service of GSW winning
THE LAND vs. THE CITY Whoever wins, we lose.
I am legit torn about this. I dislike LBJ with a passion and can't imagine the media, publicity, ball-licking that will come with him bringing a chip to "THE LAND". Then again, GSW winning would make them THE 73-9 GOLDEN STATE WARRIORS.PS:I did hear from "Mike & Mike" that even if Golden State were to sweep Cleveland, the 72-10 Bulls' win percentage would be a point higher. That kinda makes me happier.
I don't care about Captain Marvel. When are we going to get a live-action Power Girl?? I want to see justice done on the big-screen for her massive tittties. Kate Upton or Charlotte McKinney please
I wonder what would happen if OKC did end up eliminating Golden State. Would you guys have them beating the Cavs in the finals??
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