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Yeah as much as I love Ultra Boost, it's hilarious to me that they're consistently voted best running sneaker when a friend of mine has slipped on marble stairs from a light drizzle wearing his pair. smh
Never thought I would say this but I actually sorta miss Grantland.
Gosh, I must be in the minority because the one time I watched the Pats at Gillette, I had a great time. Not that I didn't run into some drunk assholes (esp at the concessions) but I feel like that's kind of expected for a football game. This isn't tennis or golf FFS
Oh my god...I cannot stand the "kickoff return, offense gets on the field, and commercial" sequence. That might be the most irritating break now that I think about it.
What are you talking about?? Celebrations when the team is down by 24 make it so much funnier!
Damn,,,, Shoreman copping Supreme?
Quick fixes: - Let the players enact their choreographed TD celebrations without penalty - Less commercials - More Erin Andrews
NFL and their restrictions on PRAC-TIS. That's why they have my boy Brady throwing to Gisele. smh
New Posts  All Forums: