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Anyone catch GOTHAM? I've been hearing good reviews but it's not that surprising considering ARROW is actually watchable.
It is a great showcase for Kristin Cavallari's husband
Because my football viewing extends past the World Cup.
He played for a Greek club for a while. He is good.
There's rumblings that the higher-ups hate showing Seahawk home games during prime time because they usually blow opponents out.
Holy shit...that was positively Tom Brady esque....bravo Peyton...where is IS
Peyton getting too old for this ish
Thank god Pats edged out the win. Can you imagine losing to the Raiders??
Are the Rams playing the Bombers?
New celeb leaks today. Kim K, Hope Solo, Vanessa Hudgens, and of course, more JLAW. EDIT: add AVril Lavigne and Kaley Cuoco on the list.....to think, I was supposed to spend the rest of the day outside.
New Posts  All Forums: