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The actress who plays Eleven must be ecstatic that she will be bald for the next 5 years of her life
Hey Joff, let's make our own league! With blackjack and hookers!
Really sorry guys, will be pulling out. I've notified RL. Good luck!
Never really liked Krysten Ritter tbh but could just be me. Many of my friends and people I talk to seem to adore her.
For the record, I think ARROW's take on Deathstroke was awesome
^ Watch them cram jokes on jokes on jokes in this movie.
AKA The Next Tom Brady
I mean, wasn't the whole reason he made "Hush" because critics at the time were praising the show's dialogue and said it was the show's best aspect? He wanted to do something radically different and relied on visual shit to get the creepiness/humor/action across in that episode. The guy is like Tarantino in the way he talks (passionately) about his influences and makes them his own. And hell yes, his run on ASTONISHING was A+++++++ ^ Same for the art too!
Who doesn't love Spike?? James Marsters killed it as Brainiac in "Smallville" too.
Jimmy G gonna win me the first four games!
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