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Hands down, that's the best celeb story I ever remember. Always remember.
Bring back Blade!!
Ah, I see. Objectively speaking though, barring any serious injuries to GSW, I don't see how they don't hand LeBron his fourth finals loss.
He's such a badass character if done right. Not sure how he'll translate on the big screen though. He always reminded me of a more dick-ish Thor. I guess kind of like a Loki in that case.
Curious as I was zoning in and out of the game,,, is LBJ legit injured?? Reggie and Webber were going on about how he was playing injured (?)
I personally prefer classic F4 to any other version but the Ultimate iteration was quite fun. My favourite story was when they awoke Namor. Speaking of Namor, who owns his rights??
"The Shield" still has the best finale trophy.
He will probably ride off into the sunset and come out with "Space Jam 2" with Kevin James playing the Wayne Knight character. ESPN offices will collectively cream their pants shortly thereafter.
I had no idea he was involved with the Dredd reboot and 28 Days Later. We need more of him and Rian Johnsons in Hollywood
I think "Antman" "MI" will do well critically and box office as they have good track records in recent years. Will wait to hear reviews of F4 though. I will watch "Jurassic World" out of obligation to my 5 year old self but not expecting a good movie. Might just re-watch MAD MAX again.
New Posts  All Forums: