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I was responding to RFX's video preceding my post. The title reads "Draymond Green kicks at Allen Crabbe".
My body is so ready for that next Apes film. This series just keeps getting better.
Well, the suit's origins I don't really mind that much even though it is definitely a nitpick. Just hope they incorporate his IQ in there somehow. No more skatepark montages with Coldplay music played in the background.
Yes, Peter is quippy and awkward and all that but are they going to go in-depth with how intelligent he is? I know there was talk of how he managed to create the webbing back in CW but kid is genius level. He built a back door to the Iron Spidey suit for cryin out loud that even Tony didn't know about
Bruce Banner and Howard Stark Easter eggs:
I'm really trying to be positive because I loved the Power Rangers growing up (s/o to Tommy when he was still the Green Ranger),,,, but man, those Zords look horrendous. Are they even supposed to be dinosaurs?
Can't wait to see the Warriors win that Larry O Brian and Kevin Durant to be hoisting up the Finals MVP trophy in June. FOllowed by LBJ biting his fingernails while being dismissive in the post game conference
The only "kick" that looks like it was intentional IMO was the Steven Adams one last playoffs (and even that's a bit debatable too)
No trolling but in all seriousness, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. If you were his coach, how would you go about treating his unnatural/natural body movements? Assuming it is involuntary.
^ At least she's something to look at. Characters like Eugene, Olivia, Spencer, etc. need to be offed pronto.
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