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Holy shit..... That was some Pats SB goodness
GSW looked fine against ATL last night. Very happy for that
I wouldn't be as worried if the opposing team had a so-so offense. I mean, Brady threw multiple picks against Seattle in the last SB but Pats still managed to get the W But turning it over to an offense as talented as ATL,,,,, that's just horrible.
Yup, this is what I was afraid of. One costly turnover is enough to significantly swing momentum this game. TWO costly turnovers though? That's pretty much a seal of victory......
EQTs sitting in the stores near me. Would be a different story if Kanye was spotted wearing 'em
Checking in for the Super Bowl I always wanted. Hoping for a Pats win, of course, but a win is def not guaranteed. Would have been great to see Gronk and Gonzalez on the field though.
I know I'm in the minority but I always just thought of the first Blade Runner as okay. It never really blew me away or anything like that. It had some neat visuals and the performances were good but overall, I just wasn't a huge fan. I'm more excited about this solely because of Villeneuve
Yeezy Boost 350 V2 - Black/White $550 ==> $450 all in Brand New with Box and Receipt US 8 - UK 7 1/2 - EU 41 1/3
The good thing is, there is practically a Yeezy release every month now! You'll hit big soon enough!
First round bye: "We have to stop meeting like this!"
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