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GraphicNovelty's response: "Oh, cmon guys! Give emo Nightcrawler a chance. He looks so cuddly. You fanboys bitch about everything. frown.gif"
You don't know much about comics or taste if you consider that version of Nightcrawler acceptable.
That's gotta look worse than that Quicksilver pic that made it's rounds last year
^ I'm really wishing!!! Super excited!! (she said she filmed a "really, really traumatic scene" for S5....)
In fairness, the first Cap film was titled "Captain America: The First Avenger". But yeah, I personally don't associate Spidey as an Avenger. I don't care what Bendis says
Is it deplorable? Yes, BUT I can't even really fault him. Up until recently, studio heads never gave a flying fuck what fans/nerds/readers, etc. wanted. I mean, just look at the stories being told about producers and head honchos in Hollywood. There was that famous story Kevin Smith told that had the head of Warner Bros. demanded that Superman fight a mechanical spider. It's all about the bottom line to them. Fortunately, things are starting to turn for the better with...
If any of the following get into heat check mode, it could cause trouble for Chi: Jones, JR, or Miller (Kyrie is a given)
I'm sure they will miss him on the boards.
Oh, the same Bulls that handed GSW one of their only 2 losses at home? Okay.Not but really, GSW will be playing chess while the Bulls play checkers. It will be a sad sight.
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