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Bball was invented by Canadians. pause
Any of you handing out Butterfingers? PM me your address
Wait, hold up. The Fact Check Police or the Fact Check Mafia? And is it similar to the Miami Mafia that Jalen Rose is always blabbering about?
Yikes. Not even Indeserturms stats talk can extinguish this Kawhi mess. I blame Kendrick Perkins.
There was a point in the 4th quarter when the game was winding down and Charles said "These are the times when Carmelo should be demanding the ball". I was hesitant to agree with him but then again who else would you rather have the ball in crunch time? Lo and behold, few minutes later that he sinks the jumper over LeBron
For edmorel and the rest of the Knicks fans who might want to use it throughout the year:
First time I'm legit happy for a Knicks win Hope the Bulls do their thing tomorrow
Speaking of frontrunners, where is Edina with his Cavs jersey?
Tagut, how many times a week do you say "God bless ya, mami"?
New Posts  All Forums: