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The only "kick" that looks like it was intentional IMO was the Steven Adams one last playoffs (and even that's a bit debatable too)
No trolling but in all seriousness, let's give him the benefit of the doubt. If you were his coach, how would you go about treating his unnatural/natural body movements? Assuming it is involuntary.
^ At least she's something to look at. Characters like Eugene, Olivia, Spencer, etc. need to be offed pronto.
^ It's probable but I just don't see it. I'm sure there are instances where you were knocked off-balance and manage to stick a landing with one foot and maintained some form of stability. Could be the angle too
^ I don't think that video is the best example. It looks to me that as Green is jumping, Crabbe (who does a decent job at defending him btw) knocks him off-balance. His "kick" seems more like a precursor to him falling but he regains his balance at the last second.
With regards to Green, some bodies just work differently. I never saw anyone anyone complaining about Marion's weird shooting form or Kobe/Dirk's leg kicks.
Yeah I think it was Bill Simmons who threw out the idea that Belichick knows the playoffs are basically a crapshoot to a certain extent. Just get there (home field is obv a plus). People can argue the AFC being the weaker conference, AFC EAst being a shitty division, etc. for the why the Pats continue these deep playoff runs but still mind-bottling how stellar this franchise is.
IMO LBJ should win but would be more deserving of the award if he won it all last year (with Love and Kyrie injured). That to me, would be a more "single-handed" victory. And no one ever credits my man JR on that play
Yeah I forgot sports too. Off topic but I don't really get into NBA until maybe the Xmas games (but of course I'll watch some marquee match-ups). It's all NFL until Feb pretty much
The episode may have been your standard TWD filler but holy moses Tara is thick in all the right places. Those melons bouncing up and down while she ran from her captors was Sadly she suffers from "white girl no ass" syndrome.
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