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Avoid salty foods and alcoholic beverages
Portugal looking feisty. I quite fancy Ronaldo's new haircut too
She kinda reminds me of Rosita actually. I swear, they could be sisters.
For the love of god, please stop quoting that POS Every time he posts, he proves more and more that the only thing he understands about basketball is that the ball goes in the hoop (he probably has trouble comprehending that aspect of the game too, if we're being honest).
Don't you mean "Needless Markup"?
"I was talking about 2K15. You can do that in 2K15."
In a post-apocalypse, yeah
I'm still convinced he hired Jalen Rose out of affirmative action moreso than actual qualifications. He does nothing but shout non-sequiturs and spout rash generalizations. Reminds me of a certain someone on this very forum.
Zach Lowe and JJ Redick? That podcast could not have been any whiter if Mike Dunleavy was also somehow involved.
I liked how they killed off their token jailbait character (Beth) and replaced her 2 episodes later with a younger model (Enid).
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