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Yes because athletes never go back on their word
Riley moves to Lakers. Acquires Kevin Love this year. Acquires Kevin Durant in 2016. Acquires Westbrook in 2017. Lakeshow is back
Old Man Riverwalk is so-bad-it's-good territory imo
^ I know we like to shit on him for a lot of his views on basketball (among other things) but when an individual is just that jaded, there's clearly some serious issues beneath the surface. I mean, this is the type of person that views players as robots who have 2 modes (either play HARD all the damn time despite injury, disagreeable monetary compensation, age, etc. OR ELSE you're a scrub and not worth my time). Not to mention the constant "woe is me" attitude. We've all...
I made those exact points 5 months ago.
Sarah Polley was awesome in Dawn of the Dead.
Obviously, we are not privy to see how these guys act 24/7 behind closed doors but based on Floyd's criminal charges alone, he seems like a genuine dick to me. I understand his bad guy persona is a business strategy. I'm also sure neither ter nor tycoon condone his countless criminal convictions (hopefully) and focus solely on his boxing. I guess it's just easier for some people to disassociate an athlete's personal life from his in-ring talent.
Ehhhhh,,, the guy has 3 chips. That's not a bad career imo....longevity is obviously a different story
Okay just went through quick skimming of comments on Blog a Bull. People already calling for him to just cut the pesky meniscus already like Russ and Bledsoe. Their argument being, he tried repairing it the past two surgeries to ensure health but since they basically didn't work, better to remove it altogether at this point. Faster recovery time for playoffs too (wishful thinking of course) The issue would be convincing Rose to do it in the first place.
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