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I could watch Ken Jeong talk about basketball 24/7
I was never invited to any parties in HS or uni
I grew up in Athens, El Argentino. Don't worry if you don't grasp the craziness of Greek soccer.
"all that ass" He will be missed
^ The ratings of this year's premiere were the lowest since 2008 apparently. I don't know, the show has been soap opera-ish for a while now. I think the show is at its best when they have an intriguing season-long arc and execute it the best way possible as opposed to just letting things happen around the characters. Last season felt particularly aimless.
I remember like about 10 years ago, AEK had beaten Real Madrid. I think it was a CL match don't remember. The next day, a bunch of my friends abandoned PAO and Olympiakos and started rooting for them
Panathinaikos G13!!
Don't forget to take me in the fallout shelter. I've been bitten but since I haven't turned in a few hours, I think I'm good.
That could have been a can of Sprite and still would have the same effect
My stance on him softened after I heard he decked Bieber. Turns out that wasn't true so yeah. I don't know. Does he still stare down guys after he dunks on them? That used to be one of his irritating qualities aside from his shitty commercials
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