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^ idk....just wasn't the feeling the actor who portrayed him. Well, that and his extended relationship with Andrea was just insufferable.
Where does Tomlin rank in active coaches?? Cant think of a bigger troll of a coach in the league
Yes Negan please. The TV Gov was kind of a letdown
y'all n-words can't tell me nothin
Wonder what Beth is up to. Probably turned into a sex slave by now
All of this talk about Rams winning by "luck" (not by their own accord) is insulting to L'incandescent.
Tell us how you really feel, bud
America's Team for this day and age should be the Packers. I am a huge fan of their quarterback (the first gay Super Bowl MVP....no Michael Sam)
Surprised there aren't any Cowboys fans in these parts. Y'all should be coming out of the woodwork. Hell, I would if I was supporting the former America's Team
I'm sure you can email Ann Taylor for a special order.
New Posts  All Forums: