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Conne and I are going to the midnight screening
Most of all, Butler doesn't take shit from no one
I would love if they made it in the vein of "Reservoir Dogs" and lock the Sinister Six in a warehouse somewhere after a run-in with Spider-Man and the cops
^ Yup, Love would have been perfect and there were talks before FA that if Chicago couldn't get Melo, Love was the next logical choice offensively
Ohhh shittt I sense a Stats Off coming
Have you seen him play? If this deal goes through, Pop is getting his second thumb ring next year.
You might be referring to Jennifer Aniston's moons.
Jesus seems to at least be equal to or better than Love on defense. Not to mention, he shouldered a 12 man roster to the promised land, retired, then came back better than ever
LBJ not content playing with infinite ammo. He needs infinite lives too
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