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No tennis fans....
DAAAAAAAMN you guys old AF #dakotarubeweinthis
^ Unless he tears his ACL in the first game..... Hoping that doesn't happen btw but if last year taught us anything,,,,,, injuries are coming
Senior citizen discount cards don't really count.
I bet none of y'all still get carded though. Take a seat.
LOL weren't there articles that claimed dude doesn't drink? Kinda like Brady who is on a super strict diet and all that. But I can't imagine how much of a bigger jerk he'd be if he was drunk. You're more likely to get a mellow Kobe with some kush!
Honestly, just treat Kobe like the old, drunk guy that he is. Wait for him to tire out or hurt his hip,, whichever comes first. LAL aren't going anywhere next year so this Twitter drama is the least of their concerns
Germany advancing. :|
Oh, no! What's Kobe gonna do? Compare him to toilet paper?
Billy Gunn is a coach. LOL
New Posts  All Forums: