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They'll find a way to choke away this lead, lets be real
Pitch Perfect 2!!!!!
You can bet if he made the game winner, he would have stayed, celebrated, and shook their hands. Instead, he choked and ran straight into the locker room like a little bitch
Not sure if I want to continue watching this HOU-LAL game or should hit up Netflix...... Btw, great last second play by LBJ Kid Nickels, hope you caught that
Retroactively, maybe......... but the entire world was the 12th man in that first Heatles year......Nowitzki ripped their and HROI's hearts out
I can see why people dislike current Houston Rockets but there are more hateable NBA teams throughout history (Bad Boys, LBJ Heatles, etc.).... Harden and Howard are annoying but watching them play doesn't fill me with rage like it does for other people apparently. /shrug
Daddario.....those tits deserve a place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe moreso than any random B-list C-list character
Saw the headline this morning and thought "What a disgrace to the awesome BAD BOYS".......who should really have more than 2 chips
She's besties with Karlie and Lily for the longest time. And she def has the build for it. This might be the best VSFS since 08.
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