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The Millenium Falcon shot has been more or less confirmed by now right? If not, that's still a 95% chance appearing. It might not be "in your face flying" but maybe something subtle like have it hidden under a tarp or something idk.. Definitely gonna have a lightsabre ignite at one point. I think they'll hold on to actual lightsabre duel footage until the Super Bowl at least.
Fuck, I'm gaining so much weight this week
I'll say this much. If there's ever a Marvel VS DC videogame, they know who to contact for cutscenes
Not worried. He was benched last year too towards the end of the season. At least, that's what RGIII fans are saying.
Plot synopsis says the park has been operating without incident for 20 years.
IMO, I can kind of understand the dislike because the suspension of disbelief for the park to have been operating for years without incident is a lot to ask. The slow key piano theme was a little cheesy too. But w/ev. Looks fun and I'm gonna watch it at least twice (unless it really is a steaming pile of Triceratops dung)
I'm not worried. Willy will have posted it on here within minutes.
Hey Archie, I'm visiting my sis in RI and they took me to my first Pats game today. Was awesome!! Holding Detroit to field goals was so good. Unstoppable Pats
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