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Belladonna rubbing his hands. Who's next on his hit list??
LOL at the shove by Dwight....you guys might be on to something....that was a heel move. Someone give him a steel chair.
Hahahaha I know right??? Dude's brain is leaking and they call it a laceration. Just like Curry's fall resulted in a "contusion"....
Oracle = CenturyLink Field of the NBA???
I think the anthology format works best with mystery, sci-fi, and supernatural genres. Just my humble opinion. I can't really think of a straight drama series that has adopted the format as it is a relatively new thing for TV after all... EDIT: "The Slap" on ABC maybe could be considered
Three quarters in, and Curry isn't making his typical shots (aside from that one-on-one with Dwight which was great!). WTF Klay
^ Interesting but I really like how it spanned decades and showed us how these characters changed thoughout the years. Sure, there were a bunch of clunkers (fat Betty????) but I think they did an overall good job.
Loved this. Classic Harden. I half-expected him to pull out the "cooking" celebration.
Would of have been so George RR to have them rape her in front of him. No Ghost Ex Machina
And I'd like to see how Steph is at this game. He played okay after the fall but hopefully it doesn't have any residual effects....
New Posts  All Forums: