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I know I'm in the minority but I always just thought of the first Blade Runner as okay. It never really blew me away or anything like that. It had some neat visuals and the performances were good but overall, I just wasn't a huge fan. I'm more excited about this solely because of Villeneuve
Yeezy Boost 350 V2 - Black/White $550 all in (Message me. I'm open to offers) Brand New with Box and Receipt US 8 - UK 7 1/2 - EU 41 1/3
The good thing is, there is practically a Yeezy release every month now! You'll hit big soon enough!
First round bye: "We have to stop meeting like this!"
First round bye: "We have to stop meeting like this!"
Managed to score 4 out of 5. They are the cleanest colourway of the black 350 V2s imo
We got him now!
Do you mean tolerable??
They are about the same with 1.0 UB (haven't owned 2.0 or 3.0), I would say. Since I didn't keep the 350v2 for long, I did read there's a break-in period of about 2-3 wears and you should be good. Yeah, man. It's crazy but I have to give Adidas/Ye some props. His collab with them is releasing far more amounts than the Nike Air Yeezys ever did.
I'll give Spider-Man 4 a chance just because I think it looks way more promising than the Andrew Garfield ones. Plus, it has Tony Stark and Birdman. You're right about the Transformers crap though. I barely remember the last one.
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