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I understand the model if the NBA were to ever adopt it. I was just using the EPL comparison as an example of how little meaning an Eastern Conference game seems like these days. But imagine a world where the NBA would have no choice but to relegate the Lakers to the D-League with the likes of the Sixers
No offense to the East because I'm actually rooting for that conference to improve. But to take your EPL example, watching an Eastern Conference game nowadays is akin to watching relegated/second division clubs play. They're nice enough to watch I guess (and even entertaining if you're a supporter of the team playing), but the stakes are like, non-existent almost. Compare that to a high profile derby or El Clasico or what have you which is fun regardless of your...
Who cares why he got banned? Let's just be happy he's gone even if it's just for two weeks
Just don't act entitled when I ask you to take out the garbage.
Mavs - Grizzlies game was nuts Why does the Eastern Conference still exist at this point? Remove it and rename the league the WNBA (or something more fitting)
I would be more than happy to house you, Tagut. I have free wi-fi and all the Popeyes you can eat.
I can't say I'm entirely surprised. Countries who are tasked to host such events (Olympics, EURO, World Cup, etc.) are almost always rife with corruption and God knows what else. The only difference is the degree of said corruption. Money is usually pocketed by the host nation's organized crime, crooked police, politicians, and the like.
I want to be in between Bale and CR7, please
I get that being deliberately vicious is his shtick but...really?
Does anyone want to build a snowman?
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