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I would size up at least one, but I guess it depends on what you're used to considering that someone said TTS. I wear a medium in mall brand tees, a large in most fashion brands, and I need XL in JE.
oh snap! might have to grab a pair, thanks
The raincoats look great. Does anyone know what pants the model is wearing in the Plaster Fishtail pics?  
Brand new Viberg x Haven Scout Boot, only tried on indoors. Size 7.5 fits like a US8.5. - Rubberized Black Leather  - 2030 Last  - Vibram Gloxy Cut soles  - Stitchdown construction  - Made in Canada Will be shipped in Viberg box along with set of waxed laces. $55 shipping in North America, please contact me for an international destination.
Superdenim has a 15% off code that works on their Vibergs.
 Yup, that's me!
I've been wearing a minimalist 10 item wardrobe for the past 3+ months as part of a weird challenge I decided to do and I'm going to continue until June 2015. My only pair of footwear other than running shoes is a pair of 2030 Service Boots in brown chromexcel. They are holding up awesomely and even walking 5+ kms daily they have been very comfortable.    The heels are showing just a bit of wear with the raised strike pad almost completely worn down. The soles are...
  Apologies for the focus, but here's a pic I snapped of the Essex, Brown CXL, and Colour 8 CXL when I was at the factory a few weeks back. It's still hard to see in the photo, but in person the brown is noticeably different from the colour 8 in that it is clearly lacking the red tones. 
Looks cool, I like it. Wonder if they'll come out with the other work cloth colors.
I own the Debt B and have never handled the original Tokito, but from what I understand they are sized the same. I am usually a medium and sized up to a large in the Commander and it is still a very trim fit with only enough room for a thin sweater underneath. The size chart on End is pretty accurate, the problem you may have with the Commander is that the waist doesn't taper in so you may feel it is a bit billowy around the midsection if you are a skinny dude, not a...
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