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@accordion Good deal, but the cyclops logo thing is ugh, vegans though... Can anyone confirm that Drkshdw shoes come with a foamy rubber insole that says something like "dual sistem tecnology" on the bottom. I've only ever owned mainline, but i might have just made an ass of myself with a pair I bought off Failed.
My mainline ramones from last season are YKK
Ended up getting a 41.5 in the Sock Ramones, sized down half from a 42 in Geos. They fit perfect so everyone was half right, thanks for the sizing advice.
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Thanks everyone for the size advice, might just have to order from a place with a good return policy or ideally get somewhere I can try them on.
So, stick with a 42 like kunk said and I should be good?
What's the consensus on Sock Ramones sizing? I wear a 42 in Geos, Ramones, and Island Dunks, but have heard these feel a bit bigger due to the stretch. Also, someone should buy these, $1280 CAD for last season's Socks, size 44 only though:
Are these sold?
I would size up at least one, but I guess it depends on what you're used to considering that someone said TTS. I wear a medium in mall brand tees, a large in most fashion brands, and I need XL in JE.
oh snap! might have to grab a pair, thanks
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