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Has anybody seen the upside down patch inside of a Denim Roper Jacket before? Is this an error?    Thoughts? Comments? 
I think MrTamborineMan may owe me a cool $20 for finding the jeans. Correct me if I'm wrong....
They are skateboarding jeans by Altamont. He has them in a stone was and in a black wash. I'm about the same dimensions as him and I'm pretty sure he has the Wilshire fit too
How do you guys rock the laces on your trench boots? Uncut, not laced through the top eyelet, and wrapped around once? Or do you trim them? If you do trim them, how much so? This is my first pair of quality work boots and want the correct fit. Also, was wondering what these bad boys look like broken in so far! Just curious as to how my boots will look in the future with proper conditioning!
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