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It's very funny to see how people keep saying short-sleeve shirts are impossible after obvious examples of perfectly chic short-sleeve looks have been shown.    
  I like the low-class boys' style better. Less stuffy
It happened the same to me     I have a faux leather jacket from Zara and it looks nice and fits great. It costed around 50€.   But if you ask in this forum they will always point you to luxury garments.     Just trust what you see
 It could be a good idea then to go be measured by some profesional tailor I was aiming at Tailorstore, they are Swedish and are very informative about fabric quality. They allow you to order fabric samples
A polyester "sheepskin" coat... is it a hopeless no-no?
 When I want to buy a shirt I usually go shopping to places like Zara, H&M, Jack&Jones in the hope I find something I like: colour, fabric, collar, shape, length, and so on. That's sometimes a pain in the neck.I'm beginning to think that it would be much more simple (and not much more expensive) to order them custom made online. Being custom, you solve the problem of not being sure if the size fits you. Thank you for the links
 If the measurements are correct I think the result can't go very much astray. I've been reading threads about people ordering custom shirts online and there are generally satisfied (depends on the online firm)And once you find a place that is ok, it's just a matter of ordering again with different types of fabric or colours (I'm thinking of shirts). Of course there will always be people so finicky that nothing less than a tenth of an inch is accurate enough for them. But...
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