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I think it's amusing how the stark difference in expectations leads to such immense differences in satisfaction levels. Although I understand your positions, for those of you who've been unhappy, listen to my experience and tell me if you'd feel any different to me considering...   My first few suit experiences when I was just out of high school was to buy the cheap on-sale rack items from my local mens-wear shop. For $100 (down from $200!!) you get a fit that sort...
I don't get it. Google Windsor and everything is like this (image). The fat end crosses over the skinny one (down to the left), then up behind, through the loop then back over the skinny end (back down to the left in the picture) before going behind... My fat end goes through the loop then over the fat side to the right (figure-8-ish). I maybe need to re-photograph with better lighting?
Ialso agreed. I was feeling a bit tongue-in-cheeky this morning when I decided to go with spread collar and fat-knot-skinny-tie
See, on the or hand, I agree with you, that appears to be the consensus on this forum... but on the other, as you said, you're new, and I'd be more inclined to take that advice from one of the regulars... I personally just can't help myself but to Windsor everything because I have an OCD preference for symmetry.
... maybe its 1.25-1.5" ... and yeah, I'm anorexic ... well, 63kg, I think that's 140pds? And 5'9
interesting. Time to delete these tie-tying apps, I'll take 3 of you guys over them any day of the week. Obvviously the developers don't know what they're talking about.
No, full Windsor doubles over itself, this method goes down across itself after the first time it gets pulled up from behind (pic 2-3). Any other suggestions?
I really struggle to put a dimple in my 1 inch ties...
Can someone tell me what this tie-tying method is called? I have been looking through some tie-tying apps on my phone and realised that none of the offerings really come close to matching the way I've been tying for the past 10 years.   Unfortunately, no one ever taught me this method of tie-tying, so I have no one to ask. My dad taught me the half-windsor and the four-in-hand, only my OCD need for perfect symmetry led me to develop this method - but I'm sure...
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