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^ When were you charged for the shoes?
I can see why you would want to go for boots given a tall stature but there is no need to go for bulbous toes regardless, just nothing too pointy, which means most American trad brands should fit, as would UK country style boots from Trickers. Trust me, you have a problem that I would love to have. I am very short and yet my feet are larger than average and that is a worse problem. Clown shoes on a midget makes donald duck look like a runway model. I have several boots but...
I have been following this thread but due to my poor comprehension skills, I still do not understand how ordering from Meermin works as of recent.    Am I correct to say that Meermin works on a just in time/ made upon order basis and that they require a deposit first and then full payment once the shoes are ready to ship? I am refering to shoes that are in their online catalog, not MTOs.    Since meermin appears active here, could I also suggest more suede colors and...
I would echo the recommendation on chukkas, even though it is not your first choice. Go unlined.    The red wing iron ranger you picture wears quite warm. I have a pair. I also own the original Wolverine 1000 mile which feels lighter and cooler, although some people find the White Pine version more breathable. Captoes are going to be thicker and less breathable, all things equal. There are also Italian style hiking style boots made on vibram outsoles that are lighter. I...
The iron ranger fits narrower. Lengthwise the are similar. Off the box, my 1Ks were much more comfortable but red wings are better made IMHO.
To be quite honest, wolverine don't have the best of quality control. All their soles, at least the 1k boots have never beem channeled afaik. There is no guarantee that your next pair of boots will look any better. Even the japanese who are so fastidious about quality have given up trying. Even a Rakuten seller had a disclaimer stating this loosely translated: "these are US handmade footwear and you can expect discrepancies between the left and right boots as well as...
No joke on the tarriffs. Even the great Nelson Mandela would squirm in his grave when he saw the custom bill. 
 Maybe as alleged, I am illiterate or can't fucking read but I don't know if any explanations to someone whose mind is closed to other opinions or suggestions would actually serve any real purpose other than a verbal target to latch onto for further debate or argument. One thing I realized with boot care and many other aspects of life is that there are so many ways to skin a cat. 
Please carry on what you do. You've made everyone's point evidently clear and I wish your business best of luck. 
Just get it from Nordstroms. Nobody should be out of money and still have to put up with shit. 
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