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The metal polish would be more gentle than a file. Once this has happened, you will have to oil it if you ever want to put it away for long term storage. I should add that it is not rust. If indeed they are brass.
Those metal polish cream should get rid of it. If not, a fine sandpaper and some mineral oil.
I'd be interested in the GMTO if it was saddle shell instead of number 8. 
Those that received shoes without sizes marked, did you specify the sizes you wanted or did you give measurements of your feet instead?
Wtf, i thought the buckles were either brass or stainless steel. I'd understand if the shine is lost but rusting on buckles is totally unacceptable. It doesn't even happen on Kenneth Coles provided they last that long.
Thanks, i was just curious because I thought it went ahead without a pre-deposit listing on Skoab website since it's a waste more people couldn't join. I have to many burgundy colored shoes. Should be a cracking gmto on the rain last. Glad you guys were able to pull it off, anyone in for a split toe derby should definitely check this out.
Does it mean there is still a chance to get in on this?
yes sir it certainly would, but where's the fun in that.
In the same vein, can one choose Swedish post for the free shipping above 8000sek?
The gumlite sole really takes a lot of weight off the footwear and are very comfortable. I'm not sure about durability though, they are better than the white soles that's for sure. 
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