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THose who have indicated their interest, please let know if you prefer the Uetam last or the simpson last. Several recent split toe GMTOs have been on the simpson last and they also look good, although a round last would be more of a traditional match.   aneuhauser (uetam preferred) esteban hiver maxwu822
It is not over yet. I am unfortunately going to bow out but i will still continue to administer this. If anyone has questions, post here or PM me and I will help to the best of my abilities. Right now, based on indicated interest, stands at 4. We need two more, confirm the total firm number of participants & emails and I will send this to Skoak to put up a GMTO link once we reach 6 confirmed interest. Thanks again.
Is it the normal width? I would go down a half size and take a 7.5UK in the simpson and uetam last. I'll let others chime in. 
I could never walk for miles in any of my dress shoes, including the well broken into ones.
Is that Bracken museum calf?
There is a two pencil method that help to guide the creases in place. Not sure if it works on used shoes. But creases on the left and right shoe can be different and for many reasons. It is hard to say from your photos whether you were deliberately bending them to capture it on camera. One reason they crease differently is that your feet could be slightly of a different size. Also they may tend to crease more if you have low volume feet and the shoes have higher instep or...
The shoe with the braided laces and leather tips. How do you remove the laces for cleaning or replacement?
The only downside i know of is cost and wastage, some makers pass the cost over to you especially on a seamless wholecut, which takes more work. One shoemaker tells me it has to sit longer in a last but for reasons i do not know. I like them alot. FWIW, Vass has refused to make me a pair of unseen "seamless heel" so it is not available as an option on all their models.
The former would be close. It is a place in Mallorca and i understand that it is pronounced as so-ye in its Catalan form. The natives on this board can probably confirm.
I would not recommend that in this instance. This would be too worn and I would take DW advise on this. Also Shell looks really bad after wet conditions, although the waterproofing quality remains. I use topies because half the time i cannot find a good cobbler to resole my shoes without sending them back to the original shoemaker. There are better shoes to use for inclement weather. Topies work if the floor is slightly slippery but if it is a downpour or heavy snow they...
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