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To be quite honest, wolverine don't have the best of quality control. All their soles, at least the 1k boots have never beem channeled afaik. There is no guarantee that your next pair of boots will look any better. Even the japanese who are so fastidious about quality have given up trying. Even a Rakuten seller had a disclaimer stating this loosely translated: "these are US handmade footwear and you can expect discrepancies between the left and right boots as well as...
No joke on the tarriffs. Even the great Nelson Mandela would squirm in his grave when he saw the custom bill. 
 Maybe as alleged, I am illiterate or can't fucking read but I don't know if any explanations to someone whose mind is closed to other opinions or suggestions would actually serve any real purpose other than a verbal target to latch onto for further debate or argument. One thing I realized with boot care and many other aspects of life is that there are so many ways to skin a cat. 
Please carry on what you do. You've made everyone's point evidently clear and I wish your business best of luck. 
Just get it from Nordstroms. Nobody should be out of money and still have to put up with shit. 
LOL, true that.
I just received a reply from Wolverine but I am no longer in the States. They said to send the shoes back for inspection but I feel it wouldn't make economical sense for me to send them halfway round the globe for this. It will probably end up as my shit-kicking boots in any case. However, I am still curious about the bumps and how to get rid of it.  Let me know how yours turn out. 
Very interested to hear what Wolverine or Horween have to say. Please update here. I contacted them via the online form but they have ignored my message. I still can't get rid of the bumps.
Gents,    Please could anyone advise what might be happening to my boots. My 1000 mile in Rust recently started developing goosebump like boils/ welts, microbumps all over the leather like a sick rash.    These were used about 2-4 times a month for only 6 months under normal urban conditions on asphalt. They have not been exposed to rain or snow even. Obenauf LP'ed twice, nothing more.    These are the shoes when I first got them. Leather was supple and...
New Posts  All Forums: