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Because more man hours are put into making the product. I appreciate that. Simple as that. I won't be baited to whip the dead horse.
I would be interested in a racing green isham or a pearl grey St James II GMTO if it can be done before the price increment. I dun wear boots much even in winter, unless I am shoveling snow. If it gets too close to St Crispin in price, I'd rather take a hand welted shoe.
How's Saint Crispin's leather compared to G&G?
I've always wondered what they do to shoes after they do this. Now I know.
The same "issue" happens to Bonafe, EG, and G&G. And have seen it with StC too. That is no big deal TBH. Museum calf is also more prone to this than french box calf. I don't believe it is batch or quality problem.
That briefcase is a winner right there. Would you mind taking pictures of the interior when you get them?
I did not know that they have to be on the same last. Both are trickers, perhaps this is not the best thread to ask, I apologize for riding on Farhad's poor experience with a reseller.Your post seems to allude that I am a cheapskate but my purpose is just to minimize wastage, I prefer not to throw something away if it can still be used. Also, i am just keen to know this aspect of shoe repairs. I will check with Richard of shoehealer.Nonetheless, thank you for your reply....
Not to detract from the main issue here but I am genuinely curious if the dainite outsole can still be re-used on another pair of shoes or would the stitching and removal caused it be unusable on the next pair. The reason I am asking is I have a pair of shoes that is due for resole (i'd like them in dainite) and another new pair on a dainite sole that i would like removed and replaced with a commando sole. I would like to reuse the dainite on the old shoe.
Emails of all confirmed participants have now been submitted to Skoaktiebolaget.
Saphir has a boat load of products under their range. Lexol and Bick4 is widely available in the States and conditions very well without the "European premium". Saphir creams and polish are good but if not available, alternatives are not bad choices.Renovateur is not a pure conditioning product, it strips off old waxes so you can build it up again. There are conditioning agents in it but I don't get why it is being constantly pushed as the gold standard for conditioning...
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