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Fuck, living on the wrong side of the globe. Now cigar is gone. Hope they can do another round with more colors like dark cognac, acorn, green, grey and blue shell. I believe that this japanese tannery offers those as well, based on some japanese shoes I've seen. 
I had my doubts about suede sneakers in the past but now I prefer sneakers in the order of suede, canvas then leather. 
Very well fitting suit, I hardly see people dress in brown quite as well as this. You definitely look like you could afford to pay the ticket. 
He will grow up to create his own wicked line of clothing called Stolen Childhood. 
You can go over them with your car. They are not reinforced and the CXL gives.
No man walks alone when he's got a son. 
If they offered elephant leather for boots, I would buy one in a heartbeat. I had an elephant leather belt that was indestructible and even torching it did not damage it at all.    Kangaroo is great too, my only issue is that they are thinner and can appear more wrinkly. I still have my kangaroo leather soccer boots from almost 20 years ago that I occasionally still use. They are one of the strongest leather by weight no doubt. In contrast, the Nike top of the range...
Quote: Originally Posted by Epaulet  Just to show you guys a comparison of the Forest vs. the Robert last: The Forest has a slightly higher toe box, the Robert has a stronger taper from the mid-foot to the toe. Sizing-wise, I'd say that they're roughly equivalent. But we can order the Forest in a wide fitting, and I've gotten very good feedback on the fit of the Forest last from our customers. We haven't run a makeup on the Robert last yet. This was originally...
Are you wearing socks or did you go commandos?
Make that two. I got mine directly from Carmina back then which offered the balmoral boot in the forest last, and i must say the forest last works very well on this boot, wouldnt change a thing.
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