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How long does St Crispin MTO take and is full payment required upfront?
They have wide sizes, just not large sizes. Japanese feet tend to be smaller and wider, just not EEE sizes. 
The no MTO surcharge has certainly got me considering an MTO split-toe from Saint Crispin instead of the two English brands. I wonder how well they replicate that split toe.
It depends, sometimes within 24 hours, other times up to a week. 
Get the StC Devil Chukkas while waiting for the Shanklin. 
They can't increase production anymore than they already do. It's hard enough trying to sew the upper under the moonlight while searching for human blood to feed and fending themselves from werewolves.
I wonder how strictly they enforce the sale to end users. The last time i went I could've sworn it was an insider and their relatives who had called bagsy or there was an agreement for resellers to purchase the lot of them as there was nothing much left for those who made the trip there.
There won't be any GMTO as they only carry seconds. Slightly disappointed. 
They list two prices there. One is for within EU, the other is ex-VAT. Can't get more straightforward than this.
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