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They look like spatter from a fountain pen
il bisonte *15$ savings for local sf pick-up *bison leather *vibrant linen interior *unique 'large' brand stamp *195$ original retail * 4 3/8" x 3"
how much? I'm assuming you're not going to sell it for the same amount shown on the thrift store price tag.
Nanamica Ink Blue Wind Parka * best deal for local San Francisco pick-up * worn 8-10 times, virtually no signs of wear * 490$ original retail * versatile 3-season jacket * made of Pertex 65/35 Bayhead Cloth (additional photos gladly provided upon request)
... and over time, as you wear and care for them, the shoes will develop a patina that will help to make inconsistencies less noticeable.  
Two Weeks ago, I got a pair (size 9.) at the Alden store, downtown San Francisco-- tried size 9d during the process
Boston native, living in the Bay Area Craftsman of everyday leather goods Drawn to the well-made, hearty qualities of Alden shoes Thought I was obsessed... until I found this thread.
digga- it sounds like you're trying to force the Alden issue. Maybe you'd be better served trying another brand that doesn't require your making comfort sacrifices.
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