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$8 shipping within US only Both are RL Rugby (discontinued) OCBDs. Good condition, worn lightly. Oxfords are blue and white $20 each Both are size Medium Purchases through paypal
+$8 shipping within US Good condition, only worn occasionally for a month. Still dark indigo
so at a crossroads here. i'm normally a small in uniqlo button downs, and a medium in uniqlo t-shirts. currently im @ 5'9 153lb 39chest 31waist.   however, the button-ups have become pretty snug at the moment b/c of lifting. theyre especially tight around the bicep, thinking about sizing up on some OCBDs to a medium.   my main issue is that im worried about if they'll flare dramatically around the waist. anyone have any experience in the size difference between...
ordered a polo, along with some premium cotton and airism tees. hoping they get here by wednesday (4 business days) b/c im leaving my apartment for a month. wouldnt have been an issue normally, but a wildfire is messing up the fedex route
so purchased a pair of those $9.90 relaxed twill shorts. excellent quality and fit for such a cheap price, you can't beat it. my only complaint is that I ordered a small with the measurements of the chino shorts in mind (31.5 waist) but these have a 28.5 waist. fits a little tight as I have a 31 waist, so going to exchange them for a medium which also has a 31 waist. its not visible in the website photos, but these shorts also have the lace inside the waistband you can...
im liking those national geographic collab t-shirts
i was looking into rpmwest, what concerns me is they don't give the upper thigh measurement as shown in blue owl/blue in green/etc, but rather 2 inches below the crotch. thigh space is an concern for me
finally, I was just thinking that this forum could use a uniqlo thread
another thread asking about how Levis fit in comparison to other jeans? hurray!!
kinda pissed im on crutches, ruined my bulk and fitness goals. my squats and DLs are gonna dwindle away to nothing. however on a more positive note, maybe crutching a mile to the gym everyday in 85 degree weather will just get my upper body cut
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